Possible gluten intolerance?

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I'm not sure if I'm in the right section, but on Friday night I had very bad abdominal pains, and then on Sunday night I had diarrhoea so Bad couldn't go to work on Monday morning. I couldn't go in today either as its still quite bad. However last year I went to the doctors with possible wheat/gluten allergy as I had pains but no diarrhoea. But I think this could possibly gluton related now, do you think this is possible? As I thought I had stomach flu so I was eating things like white bread and White rice which would inflame my stomach.

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    Hi Lucy, it sounds like irritable bowel and you may find that for a while you need to cut out foods you suspect could be upsetting you. It may not be forever just until your gut settles down . My main culprit is dairy which can be challenging as I don't eat meat . Peppermint oil capsules can help or rubbing neat p oil on to your bare tum ( only a drop or two . Hope it settles soon Issy 
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    As issy said, it could be IBS, Lucy. Dairy is a good one to cut out since lactase is sometimes the first thing to go when the gut is inflamed (even from the flu).  But, don't cut out gluten based on what you're telling us. You said you've suspected issues with gluten and went to the Dr. - did you have testing done?  You need to have a steady diet of gluten to have accurate test results. 

    Issy's peppermint suggestions is also a good one - studies have shown that peppermint tea (and probably the oil itself) is a proven way to sooth gut inflammation. My son's GI doctor suggested this when he was 4 months into a GF diet after Coeliac diagnosis. He's only 7 and has no interest in tea, peppermint or otherwise, but it was a valid suggestion. 

    So, my questions are what tests did you have and with what results...and why would white rice inflame your stomach?

    Good luck!

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      When I went to the doctors I had a glucose test done and one for my thyroids as I have a fast metabolism. But they all came bsck normal. What tests would doctors of been able to do?

      Sorry I meant I thought it was a stomach bug so I was eating white rich to try and help my stomach get better. This is my fourth day of having these pains so I'm not sure if it is related to gluten or not.

      Last year I had a time where I would eat pasta and my stomach would swell up but it would never really hurt that much neither have I ever had diarhhorea with it. It would be gone in a few hours. That would happen every 6 months or so, so I would stop eating pasta for a week then it would be fine. I've been eating foods with gluten in the past few weeks before this and it was only last weekend I started feeling like this.

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      There is a blood test for Celiac Disease. It's not perfect, but it's a start. My younger son was tested when I took him to a rheumatologist - he had joint pain, head aches, fatigue and we couldn't get rid of his eczema (sorry to say it's STILL there...). She tested him for loads of things and called when the results came in to refer us to a GI doc. That's when he had an endoscopy with biopsies and Coeliac was confirmed. We had to take our older son at that point, and his blood work was normal, so they stop the testing at that.

      My bloodwork was normal and I have IBS. So, testing would have stopped, BUT I was found deficient in B12 and D, plus there's a family history so now I'm to go for endscopy/biopsies.  I hadn't been to a GI doc in ages, just doing like you do and adjusting/avoiding what I eat but he suspects CD or a gut overgrowth he can treat (dysbiosis is what he called it).  So, see a doctor who can pinpoint what ever is happening in your case and treat you from there...sounds like you need some extra care.

      White rice shouldn't have gluten. I think you can continue to eat it. Some people don't tolerate any grains well...but rice and what we consider "gluten" are different issues. You may want to keep a food diary to see what affects you and how.

      Good luck!! smile

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      I used to drink milk reguarly before this no problem, but haven't had any since Saturday. I suffer from anxiety so I have a cup of hot chocolate with milk at night to help but I'm not sure if I should have some tonight or will it flare up my stomach again?

      I did think it was Ibs at first because before this I would be constipated then fine, but I never have diarhhorea think the last time I had it was a few years ago when I was sick! But the pain now is upper abdominal and I either stop it by a hot water bottle or I have to go to the toilet to make it stop. But I have to go every 1.5 hours so it gets a bit annoying.

      I hope your biopsy goes okay! And you get it sorted out and your son too! Thank you for your help.

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    I am suspicious about gluten - it's a weird long chain chemical that makes cakes and bread stick together. I believe GM and other messing around has made gluten a foreign substance to my digestion. I suspect it of dragging other chemicals into the blood stream which cause damage. 

    Now pigeons used to love wheat but these days they are not too sure about it.

    i have stopped wheat and gluten and have taken off weight without trying.

    Substitutes for wheat? Their are a lot of good things to eat - potato, porridge, rice 

    Yup, so I say try life without gluten and see how good it is.

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      Pretty sure there isn't GMO wheat in the food supply.  Not that the U.S. wouldn't grow it - I'm sure they would!  But, then the countries we rely on to buy our wheat wouldn't have it!  So, corn seems to be GM, rice contains arsenic and wheat's a safe bet for those who tolerate gluten, believe it or not...

      As for chemicals, well - I'll bet wheat is grown with pesticides. I'm not saying you're off base to suspect that something is wrong. But, it's not GM.  If by porridge you mean oats, that is often cross-contiminated with wheat gluten by the way it's grown and milled/processed. Not all oats, though.

      Good luck with your diet and your clean eating message is a good one.

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