Possible hypoglycaemic?

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Hi all! Just wanted to see if anyone has had similar symptoms to me and if you had some advice.

For 3 years now I've been suffering from tiredness, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, shakiness, lack of coordination and concentration and occasional vomiting and fainting. 

More recently I've been suffering from blurred vision and inability to think and speak clearly (stuttering and slurring words) and extreme thirst. I drink water constantly but always feel thirsty and have just grown use to it. 

After starting a full time job (a really great job!) I've been getting way worse, I think because unlike when I was studying I can't just come home after being out for a few hours and sleep like I feel I need to! I've been missing work and getting sent home after having funny attacks of the all the symptoms above. 

I saw a doctor and had a blood test and couldn't believe it when he said I was fine and its just stress. But I am not stressed! 

A friend of mine who is a nurse told me to test my blood sugar so for 2 weeks I have. In the morning I'm anywhere from 3.2 mmol/L to 4.8 mmol/L. Most days I am getting numbers around 3.2-4.8 mmol/L after meals, I've spent a lot of time in the 3's and even got a 2.7mmol/L reading last week just before lunch, needless to say I felt horrific.

Has anyone else suffered from this? Any advice? I'm seeing another doctor Friday morning to show my results after he advised I continue monitoring my blood sugar for another week. I'm worried he won't be helpful as so far all doctors have brushed me off, saying I have eating disorders, I'm depressed or pregnant, I am none of these! I had blood work done recently but all came back fine, which I find confusing as a 2.7mmol/L is not fine! 

Any help or advice greatly appreciate, thank you so much! x

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    Hi kittyl

    something is not right, if you are getting no satisfaction from your gp go to your surgery and as to speak to the practice manager and tell him/her exactly what you told us.

    you need to do it a.s.a.p because if you are diabetic with those kind of numbers. DANGEROUS...

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    I share all UR symptoms & it can be any no. of thing ,including low or high blood suger. Hyperglycemia, pre insulin resistant or diabetis.all considered system is diseases .

    A annual physical can involve blood test which may or may not lead to further blood tests and evaluations. In my case I have autoimmune diseases many types ot arthritis and FM  and hip implant causing other issues. I wanted to share this with u and let u know how important it is to contine UR search for recovery. I know it's hard and u can do it. I can identify what UR goin thru. UR body is so tired and u feel frustrating & don't give up. Know that u can feel better u can find the answer and there is support for u . 

    (( hugs))



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    Have you actually been tested for diabetes?  Hypos are usually associated with diabetics but it seems there are several things that can cause hypos without the person being  diabetic:-

    Excessive alcohol consumption. Drinking heavily without eating can block your liver from releasing stored glucose into your bloodstream, causing hypoglycemia.

    Some critical illnesses. Severe illnesses of the liver, such as severe hepatitis. Disorders of the kidney, which can keep your body from properly excreting medications, can affect glucose levels due to a buildup of those medications. Long-term starvation, as may occur in the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, can result in the depletion of substances your body needs in gluconeogenesis, causing hypoglycemia.

     A rare tumor of the pancreas (insulinoma) may cause overproduction of insulin, resulting in hypoglycemia. Other tumors may result in excessive production of insulin-like substances. Or the tumors themselves may use up too much glucose. Enlargement of beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin (nesidioblastosis) may result in excessive insulin release, causing hypoglycemia. People who've undergone gastric bypass surgery are at risk of this condition.

    Endocrine deficiencies. Certain disorders of the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland can result in a deficiency of key hormones that regulate glucose production.

    As you can see, there are quite a lot!  When you see your doctor on Friday try not to be fobbed off with his opinion that it's just stress, that certainly doesn't sound like stress to me.


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    Hello Kittyl, I was wondering if you had received a diagnosis.Having read about your symptoms I can see several simiarities between what you dealt/are dealing with and what my girl friend is dealing with.

    Specifically, her symptoms are anxiety, loss of hearing and sight, disorientation, dizziness, low blood sugar and feeling faint. 

    Her blood sugar was calculated to be 3.2 a couple of days ago, despite eating normally throughout the day. The doctors ruled out diabetes following a blood test and a urine test. However, she is not enjoying normal health and it is effecting her confidence and she feels she may have to give up work for fear of fainting during her commute.

    Any advice would be welcome. Many thanks.

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      Please ask your doctor for an HBA1c haemoglobin test.

      That will sort out whether you are pre-diabetic, diabetic or neither.

      In any event it is most unusual to have BG so low, unless of course you are not including enough carbohydrates in your diet and take strenuous exercise, which could also be an answer.

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