Possible Lyme Disease?

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Good Morning

First of all, I find reading your stories on this forum fascenating but sad. Sad at how much chasing you have to do to get someone to believe you or test you and how much your GP's dismiss what you're thinking. In a way, I've also felt this partly over time.

I want to tell you what I've been feeling and see what you think.

So, I'm 26, Male. Live on the Isle of Man. Always been a particularly healthy human. Not been to the doctor in about 7 years and never really had anything wrong with me. Slightly overweight (probably due to alcohol) but always had excellent eyesight, never really got ill etc. etc.I have had a history of palpatations since the age of 19.

Around Christmas Day 2015 I noticed a slight shift in my vision. Like just a bit of dizziness. This contnued to flick in and out. 26th January 2016, I had a few beers watching the football. Following morning I was walking to work thinking how dizzy I was. It was awful! That morning i started getting a racing heartrate. I knew this wasn't normal and went to A&E. By the time they did the ECG it had settled down back to normal. Went to my GP, did some blood tests, said I had low iron, given some pills. The next few days I felt awful, no energy, dizzy.

Over the next month, the symptoms persisted (dizziness, feeling generally awful, my vision looked as though I'd had about 10 pints). I was signed off from work for just over 2 weeks and put on propanolol (beta blocker) being treated for anxiety! While I was off I went for a walk to the chemist to pick up my latest dose of pills. On the way back up the hill I began to feel very dizzy again. A couple of hours later I got this racing heartrate that I'd had in January. Again I went to A&E who did an ECG but again the heartrate had reverted to normal.

Went back to my GP who increased my dosage of propanolol. More blood tests indicated slightly low Vitamin D.

By now, I noticed that when I was looking at the sky I could see black objects moving round as well. This was dismissed as nothing. Being at work was now getting worse as sitting in a room of lights staring at a screen was just making me more dizzy. I'd also noticed I'd started bleeding slightly when going to the toilet now. Was referred to the hospital to get this checked out.

End of March, the same thing happened again with my heartrate. Back to A&E. This time it was captured and diagnosed with Paroxsymal Atrial Fribrillation. Put on Bisoprolol 5mg. Started getting this horrendous acid reflux soon after which is being treated with lanzoprasole.

Shortly after being put on Bisoprolol I developed this awful headache / feeling more tired / more dizzy etc. After seeing the cardiologist my bisoprolol was reduced to 2.5mg and the headache got slightly better. Tiredenss / dizziness didn't though.

Had my rear end checked out in the hospital with a colonoscapy and was told I had Piles which was a relief.

The dizziness and vision issues persist however. The doctors try to put this down to my heartrate. However, as far as I'm aware i've only had 4 episodes of AF this year. What about the rest of the time!? A 5 day heart monitor showed my heart was perfectly in rhythmn that time and yet I still felt awful.

Start of November 2016, I wasn't feeling too bad. Went to go out in the car to watch the firework. 20 seconds later something weird happened and I lost all sort of spacial awareness. I could see, but I just felt like I couldn't feel where the ground was. Managed to stop the car and walk to a friends house. I was unable to walk straight and felt like I needed to lie down. Went back to hopsital had bloods and an MRI Scan done of my head. these both came back 'perfectly normal' and I was discharged.

Went back to my GP who has referred me to the ENT Clinic. I'm due to be getting the dizziness / balance tests done in the next couple of weeks. I haven't had another episode of this since this time. I was put on betahistine when I was discharged which doesn't make any difference to my dizziness at all.

January 2017 I had an ablation carried out on my heart which appears to have gone well.

For the past few months I generally wake up multiple times a night and in the morning feel just as tired as when I go to sleep. I've also started having random muscle twitches that go on until I stretch out the muscle.

Some days I wake up and I don't feel too bad. Virtually every day I go for an hour / two hour walk and can manage it with ease. The only thing that bothers me is the dizziness / tired feeling.

What's weird is, I know that if I have a few pints ( I had quite a bit on New Year's Eve) then I think I start to feel ok again (until the alcohol wears off).

So, to sum up all the above here's what I know:

Dizziness / blurred vision - occured since December 2015 - now a daily almost permanent 24/7 thing

Eye Floaters / black objects in the sky - Occured daily since about February 2016

Feeling generally awful & tired

Feeling awful sat in a room full of lights / staring at a screen

Muscle twitching

Headaches - In a particular place, always the lower right of my head

Managed to develop a heart issue (which has hopefully been cleared now)

I'm on 6 different pills each day in the morning at the moment (Bisoprolol / Betahistine / Vitamin D / Magnesium / Lanzoprasole / Fish Oils)

In my head, I just have this bad feeling there's something more wrong. I don't feel like I'm getting any worse as such but there must be something causing these persistant symptoms ? I know i had this rash on my thigh but I can't remember how long ago it was and I can't remember what shape it was (I don't think it was a bullseye shape though or I'd remember). I just remember this pink patch being there but thought nothing of it.

I'm due to come off the Bisoprolol next week and I know side effects of bisoprolol can be what I've been feeling, but I'm almost certain they've been going on longer than since when I've been taking it.

Does the above sound like possible Lyme Disease?

I'm interested to see what happens when I stop the bisoprolol next week. I'm also due to be going back to my GP in a couple of weeks. I want to request being referred to a neurologist ( I can use my BUPA cover for that), and a test for Lyme Disease (which I know isn't fool proof).

I just want my life back! I'm waking up at least twice a night. Every morning I wake up and just dread the feelings that I know are going to appear almost instantly after.

I have managed to go on holiday twice over the past few months. I know that while I've been away and having a few beers I have generally felt fine and don't recall seeing the floating objects and also had more energy.

From the stores that some of you have written it can't be lyme disease as I'm generally fine apart from this dizziness / vision / tired issue?

Arghh so confused

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    hello Andrew, I had same symptoms since February 2016 and now am sort of ok.

    I will surely advise you to get your eyes checked as retinal tear can cause floaters. Mine are still there but, with time I don't pay much attention to them.

    When Vit D is low, health is badly affected, try taking supplements.

    Have you ever been bitten by a tick? Do you go camping often? If not, then most probably you might be suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. have you gone through some emotional trauma during the past months?

    Have faith, you will be ok


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      Thak Rachhna

      Forgot to say that after February's instance of being admitted to A&E I went to get my eyes checked by a consultant at the hospital and also at the optician. They both said there was no issues.

      I don't recall being bitten by a tick ever. I have had both my grandad's die in the past 6 months, but this all began earlier than that.

      I know what you mean. It's the worry and stress that probably isn't helping. I just feel generally dizzy / eye floaters / visual snow almost all day every day sad

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      Hi, sorry for lateness. How are you today? Hope much better.

      Lyme disease happens only if you are bitten by a tick which has this virus dear. Have you got a brain MRI? Possibly you might be having migraines with aura, but the cause of floaters should be ruled out, Have you had your eyes dilated?

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      No problem at all

      No different really. Felt particularly bad this afternoon. The visual thing has been a problem for 15 months.

      Weridly, this week I shut my eyes to go to bed and my left eye lid starts flickering which is new

      I had a brain MRI in November when I was admitted to A&E. They said it was 'normal' without providing further details. I had my eyes dialated in February 16 after being referred to the opthamologist. He also said everything was normal.

      Proper getting to me all this

      Due to the ENT people tomororw afternoon for the dizziness / balance tests, I don't expect them to find anything however.

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      Hello Andrew, as you said you do get headaches, have you ever noticed if your vision get distorted after a headache or vice versa?  When i was admitted, doctors exclude the possibily of MS and told that am having migraine with aura.  If despite all the test doctors could not find anything, then probably there is not.  Try to do some relaxation also, free your mind of all these health issues, I know its hard, but do try.
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      Thank you for this smile

      I've noticed that the more I've been working my self up about things, the worse I've been getting..

      When I relax I definately feel much better.

      The vision issues seem worse when my head gets sore / when i move my head round a lot.. The back of my head / bottom of the skull seems quite sore when I move my head in a certain way. I'm going to get a head / neck / back massage on Saturday just to try to relax that area really. I'm due to be going back to my GP a week on Monday so I'll mention this too and see what he thinks.

      Definately feeling a lot happier at the moment though

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