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For the last month I have been experiencing symptoms of Lyme's disease.


Neck ache pain

Chest ache pain

Upper back ache pain

Random Shooting pains all over body

Brain fog

Shakiness some mornings

Muscle twitching

Lump in throat/sore throat pain

I recently went into the doctor after a trip to the er (scared I was going to have a heart attack)

The following was done and all came back perfectly normal:

Complete blood count

Thyroid blood test

SED blood test

Chest X-ray


I have had the blood test for Lyme's done and am still awaiting results. I have no memory of having a tick bite or a rash but am constantly in the Wisconsin north woods and would not be surprised if I had a tick bite and did not realize. I am also aware this test is not the most accurate and is just a starting point. I was curious on my complete blood count test my white blood cells came back perfect. Wouldn't these be elevated if I had Lyme's or does this not play into it?

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    Go back to Dr and ask for one months Doxycycline to be started now. and taken as 200mg  as once daily or possibly twice a day (amountis debateable).

    If tests take too long then valuable time is being wasted.

    You cannot afford the time.

    Lyme treated immediately by antibiotics  has a good chance of cure

    Delay causes damage.

    Blood tests etc will come back neg from the hospital as this bacteria cannot be detected easily. Needs special testing unavailable most places as yet.

    You have the symptoms.

    Even the Lyme test may come back neg as antibodies/ antigens may not yet have been made.

    you don't need to have had a tick- mouse mites carry different borellia spirochetes.

    Ledum Palustre (wild rosemary)a homeopathic little white tablet 30c will do if you can't get 200 c has been found effective in curing Lyme in dogs and humans(google) 

    But do get your Dr tostart you on antibiotic now. 

    It can be taken along with antibiotic(check with homeopath first).


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    Forgot to say,

    Drink plent water with lemon juice.

    Cut carbs as carbs/sugars feed the bacteria.

    You will find that hundredsof Lyme patients have clear blood tests/ x rays /scans etc etc. because the bacteria hides in cells etc

    Hopefully it is not Lyme but better be safe than sorry.

    I take Ledum every day. 

    My Lyme test came back neg.

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    Alright so new update! Finally got the doc to prescribe doxycycline after arguing about how the test is very inaccurate. I am on my first dose today and will update this as needed. I'm really hoping this will help me out. My muscle pain is largely centered on the left side of my chest and back and randomly keeps freaking me out worried it could be heart related. I think that is just some anxiety as my heart has checked out well at the er and all my blood tests have been perfect. I have good days and bad days. A lot of times when I think I feel good enough to go out and do an activity I go out and after a while feel very worn out and more achy. Almost flu like symptoms with brain fog included. Anyone else feel this way? Also I know everyone is different but how long did it take you on the antibiotics to have a noticeable change? If this is Lyme's I've probably only had it for around a month so I would assume my recovery shouldn't be too long?

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      If it's lyme- and it sounds very like it to me and I have many of those things- then hopeefully the month on Doxy will cure it and you will be spared teh misery of long term illness.

      Remember dairy products should not really be taken with Doxy as the calcium in them interacts wrongly/

      Hope they cure you.

      You might find you have a very dry throat .

      Any test for Lyme done too early will show negativeas teh antigens/antibodies take some weeks to develop.

      Some days you'll feel better than others.

      Guess you wait till you finish the course and wait some more and hopefully you will feel a lot better.

      I've never had antibiotics. My test was negative therefore i haven't got Lyme- but I know I have.  Blood tests  etc all good.

      I've used natural antibiotics and a whole battery of pills and potions that have been advised in books or on websites.

      It's cost me several  thousands of pounds which i don't have but I couldn't go on living feeling as I did  

      In Lyme one's heart dseems to do odd things. The pulse races and jumps or misses a beat. Naturally it causes great anxiety but my heart, like yours is fine.

      We all mostly have those symptoms you mention.

      Try not to worry too much as given early the antibiotics should work for you..

      You might feel worse before you are better but rest assured you will get better.




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      You are more than welcome.

      It was brave of you to insist on Doxy and good of the Dr to agree.

      We know our own bodies better than anyone.

      Be sure to take probiotics(tablets) while on Doxy  because antibiotics destroy the gut bacteria that we need and you have oto get them into production again Once you are off Doxy then take organic yoghurts with the lactobacillus etc in them

      Since Lyme bacteria affect all the organs you will have odd symptons anywhere and everywhere.

      Any severe pain that causes fever  needs to be checked.

      .The limbs twitching I found very frightening and the having to sit up and gasp for breath in the night.

      It all seems to be a part of this disease as does the very sore soles of the feet ( and heels)l I found Dr Organic Hemp Cream useful for the sore feet.

      In fact hemp seeds added to your smoothies   are also good forLyme.

      Don't forget the lemons. Grate the zest  and flesh  into  green veg / avocado smoothies, and squeeze the juice into a glass of drinking  water.. Lemons are a natural antibiotic. Cut back on carbs and sugars as they feed the Lyme bacteria.


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