Possible Neurological Problem?

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Hi guys, I'm 23 years old with some very troubling symptoms since March, especially lately. 

Whenever I go to sleep, I wake up shortly feeling drugged, seeing patterns & having thoughts that make absolutely no sense. I engage with these thoughts in the moment because it's like I'm completely out of my mind for a time. At some point, I end up realizing that my thoughts aren't making sense & I don't know why I'm interacting with them. Sometimes I stay awake because I'm scared of going back to sleep & other times I do actually go back to sleep & don't have another episode.

I go through each day feeling as if part of my brain is shut off from my surroundings, it's really hard to explain. The best way I can explain it is that it feels like I'm not really taking in or absorbing my surroundings, I feel kind of detached or something. 

A few weeks ago, I was struggling with waking up in the middle of the night feeling as though I was dreaming while awake. It felt like I was having some type of out of body experience, it was very scary. It was like my mind completely shut off but my eyes were open.

Even now when I wake up from sleeping, I feel disoriented & like my mind is shut off while my eyes are open. I also can't sleep longer than 2 or 3 hours at a time.

I've also been experiencing weird head sensations, kind of like some type of head pressure or tightness. It feels as though my head might explode or something. Then there's the head pain in different parts of my head, it's not your typical headache though.

I also have pain in my arms, neck, legs & chest.

Does this sound like I might have some type of neurological problem? I don't know what to do because while I do have a primary care doctor, I can't just call him whenever I want. He's not available like that. Plus, he's kind of passive or something toward me. My next appointment with him is in July & that's just a follow up appointment for the meds he gave me ( which I stopped taking because they made my pain worse. )

I've been really scared since March that something very life threatening is going on with me & there seems to be nothing that anyone can or will do about it. I went to the ER for the third or fourth time yesterday for chest pain & they told me everything was normal. 

While this may sound dramatic to people, I've actually been trying to get myself to accept death soon because I really do feel like I'm slowly dying.

Sorry for all the writing & thank you to anyone & everyone who might read this & reply. <3

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    Hi there,

    Sorry you are going through these unexplicabale to you experiences.

    I am not a professional but wonder if you could be having anxiety attacks.

    I had similar experiences while having anxiety attacks.

    And always thought the worse.

    Hope you have people that are close to you you can talk with.

    Try to keep calm, relax, treat yourself and maybe keep a diary of your symptoms and experiences.  Take it with you when you consult your doc.

    Good of you to share.  I care and, many other people care but might not have had the chance to read your posting.  You aren't alone for sure.

    There are other people going through similar experiences who won't post.

    So,take good care of yourself and let us know how you are doing.

    Big hug,



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      Hello, thank you so much for your reply. <3

      I do have a history of anxiety & panic attacks but I'm almost 100% sure this isn't it. I know what anxiety/panic attacks feel like for me & they don't feel anything like this. 

      I don't tend to type down every symptom I have so maybe that throws people off & I apologize for that. It's just so much to type, especially when you have to explain in detail each thing you're going through. 

      I'm not a dramatic type of person, I don't tend to make things out to be worse than they are.

      I decided that I'm going to try not to talk about my suffering anymore to anyone except for people on here & on similar sites.

      I try to keep as calm as I can but it's extremely hard when you know something is terribly wrong but don't know what it is. 

      I don't think my doctor really cares that much to be honest. He said something to me along the lines of "I don't really WANT to hear all your symptoms.." after I asked him if he wanted to hear everything. Now I know some people have their own way of being funny so maybe it was a joke or something but it really doesn't matter. I don't like the doctor I have right now, I feel like he's passive & I feel like he didn't check me out thoroughly. 

      I know I'm not alone when I come to places like these. I just feel alone in real life because quite frankly, I am. No one else around me is going through what I'm going through. Being alone isn't necessarily my problem though, getting the sense that no one REALLY cares & knowing that no one can or will do anything about it is what bothers me a lot. However, I know that whining & complaining won't do anything. I just thought I'd express myself here.

      Thank you so much again for your message. <3

      ((( Hugs )))

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    It is sad but true that some doctors don't respond well and leaving  you feeling delpleted and scared. I've had strange symptoms in my lifetime that couldn't be explained and my suggestion is that if you are a able to go to another doctor I would do that asap. I've had to do that with my neurological problems and you know yourself better than anyone else. I've gone to seminars and been told don't be afraid to advocate for yourself, seek 2nd, 3rd opinions, if you have anyone that can refer you to a caring doctor you can use, use the resources to keep trying to find someone that can help you.  Most everyone has had disappointing results with doctors at some time, but you are the customer and have a right to expect someone not to be condescending to you and search for answers.


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      Thank you so much for replying & for being understanding. <3

      If I could ask, what kind of neurological disorder do you have if you have one?

      The problem is that I don't have any insurance so my options are extremely limited. The doctor I have now is part of a program that I'm with for uninsured people but I'm going to leave. It would be no different if I left & that's a problem that I'm able to say that. I'll just try to get with someone else but it's very difficult.

      You're absolutely right. I have a right to search for answers & help without negativity in any way. I'm sorry to say but I really don't like my doctor at all. 

      The least some doctors could do is give their patients a referral to see a specialist, even if it's just for peace of mind for the patient. 

      I hate being so helpless.

      Thank you again. <3

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    I'm not an expert but suggest you look uo "hypnopompic hallucination" . Despite the title they are normal events but can be very alarming  and can cause sufferers to panic. Worth thinking about....

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      Thank you smile

      I looked it up & what frightens me is that brain lesions are a cause for hypnopompic hallucinations. I understand that anxiety, stress & other things can cause them as well but when I combine it with other things that I've been going through, the outlook isn't good at all. I have symptoms of having a brain lesion & I can't do anything about it right now.

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    Do you still struggle with this? I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms of you currently

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