Possible Noctornal Panics?

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Since my allergic reaction (I posted about a rash the other day and got it checked out to find out that it was an allergic reaction) I've been having problems sleeping. 

The first issue arrived on the night after going to the hospital (I didn't sleep that night due to being at the hospital, but I slept during the morning past 7am). I couldn't sleep for a while that night, I had small chest pains when I tried sleeping. I can't entirely recall how they were keeping me up, but they did. I do recall that sinking feeling in my chest occasionally however. 

Last night I had a funny night and could not sleep to save my life! I was becoming quite irritated. Every time I tried sleeping that sinking feeling stopped me. Or I was awoken by strange things.

• First my right arm became very cold, then pins and needles occurred and then it just went numb pretty much. It was not in a strange position, it was at my side. 

• Second thing, I fell asleep. Then a sound woke me up, that sound when a telly goes fuzzy, but it was a sudden sharp burst. Then I had a tightness around my chest area. 

• Third I was woken up by a pain in my left shoulder. It was very random. Next thing I knew it there was no pain(about 5-10 minutes after), but an ache was left which also faded eventually. 

• Then I had a dull pain in the left side of my head. Felt like a single heart beat. It didn't hurt, but it woke me up. 

• I also remember trying to get myself to calm down about something after waking, which worked. 

Then apart from those I've been getting pains in my chest area. Mainly the left side but sometimes the right side. Normally the sinking feeling happens in the centre (or feels as though it does). 

Tonight (it's 2:15am) I've fell asleep twice and woken up in a panic. Not severe, I did have the ability to tell myself to calm down after waking on both occasions but it didn't work how I'd hoped so I didn't calm down straight away, but luckily I wasn't in a severe panic so it didn't last long and I didn't feel like I was in any danger or anything. 

First time it happened tonight, I had a feeling that it might after last night. Then I thought, okay, we'll see if it happens again (investigating) and I tried getting back to sleep, I fell asleep and woke up (a bit worse than before) with the same feeling of panic. The second time I noticed my heart was beating faster, but not too fast. 

The day before last night I did have pulpitations where my heart was beating super fast and hard after taking medication. Also when I went to the hospital about the allergy they gave me an injection and I ended up passing out. 

I'm thinking it's all to do with anxiety building up maybe?

Although the chest pains are occurring throughout the day, I feel as though they're more active in the night, especially in the dark. When day time arrives, I sleep fine... I'm having an ECG and blood tests on Friday so hopefully I'll get some answers.

Sorry for the essay. But hopefully someone has the will to read this haha 

Thanks anyway, 


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    Hi Pandora 

    I too have the chest pains and have had them since my first anxiety attack. But not sinking feeling. I also have shoulder pain, lower back pain, light headed, dizziness, pounding heart beat, rapid and slow heart beats, numbness of my left arm and acheing feeling, as for sleeping at night that's virtually impossible at times like to night.  I also suffer from high blood pressure which is a constant worry for me..... Been in hospital 5 times and had 4 ECG's and every thing is fit and healthy. My chest pain according to the doctor at hospital is sprained ribs from me leaning forward when I'm sat down. And all this started back in march with a polip in my left ear with a underlaying ear infection. I'm now stuck suffering from anxiety attacks after having a really back attack about a month ago. To the point now where I'm constantly thinking some thing terribly is going to happen or I'm going to die........so I know how you feel and how worrying it can get....I'm going to see my doctor in the morning to see what can be done. So I'll post an update 

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      I hope you're doctor manages to help you out. Sounds so serious, I don't know how you feel since I would consider my symptoms to be minor, hopefully not the start of something serious... Especially if it interferes with my sleep -.- 

      I really do hope that you're able to get the help that you need and I'm generally interested to know how you get on in the morning. 

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      I'm hoping they can too. I am seriously warn out not only physically but mentally too. But all the physical pains are just normal pains but my anxiety and thoughts rushing round my head make them some thing are not. My appetite as suffered but I'm drinking plenty of fluids and eating little when I can. I will gladly keep you up to date and share any advice I am given. 
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      Yeah, it's not good mentally, especially if you're losing a lot of sleep. Need sleep to function well. I think a lot of people with panic attacks end up having to do a lot of self help. 

      Yeah okay thanks, keep me posted smile 

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     I get these symptoms before my period, have done for 10 years since hitting 40!

    Very scary,but made the connection myself after ending up in A and E a couple of times early hours of morning.Had ECGs all good

    Also i find some foods triggered it, anything spicy,red wine, chocolate.

    Sometimes thyroid problems can cause it too,blood tests will show that.

    It always helps me, not to lie there, I get up make myself a cup of tea and read about symptoms on internet, comforting to know we're not alone when its AM!

    I dont know how old you are, but I read about perimenopause symptoms and it ticks 


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      I'm 22 so don't know if premenopaus is the answer haha although, not impossible, but very unlikely :P 

      I'm currently on the last stages of my period, but I won't rule that out. 

      I think, that maybe I should see what happens if I stop eating certain things. I'm trying to lose weight, but it's been hard so I haven't been eating healthily really, so I think eating healthy might help a bit since I'll be in a better mood if I do? But we'll see.

      Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to get out of bed and wake myself up. The second time it happened last night I did literally go back to sleep to see if it happened again, which it did. I thought it was so strange that although it was my choice to allow this, to investigate whether it happened again, practically expecting it, yet I still wake up in a panic. I so think that the recent events might have something to do with it ie the allergic reaction, passing out at hospital, heart palpitations after medication; I think they may have triggered something ha or maybe not. I hope that it's all a one off as I've had trouble sleeping the past 4 nights -.- 

      There are those that say that looking up symptoms isn't a good idea, but I think it can be helpful sometimes. Especially when you can talk on a forum with people that have similar experiences to you.

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    Maybe this is anxiety causing all the pain around the body.  Nerves can do strange things.  Have you tried relaxation techniques when going to bed?


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      Yeah, possibly. I didn't have a panick last night though, and at the same time pains in my chest became rare so maybe they are linked. 

      I don't do anything relaxing before bed. Although on the night of my last panic (it wasn't a big panic) a day ago I did read, but it didn't seem to make me feel any different. Possibly because my eyes and head were aching. I'm thinking about doing yoga before bed though. I have an app on my phone.

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