Possible Ovarian Cyst

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Hey everyone! I am new to this board as I just found it tonight. I have been reading through a lot of your posts and it's helping me relax while I wait for an ultrasound this week.

I am on a birth control that makes me have 1 period everyone 3 months because ever since I hit puberty I always had very painful periods. I am 24 now turning 25 this upcoming April.

My last two menstrual cycles have been extremely painful. One day before my period and the 1st day of my period, I get this sharp stabbing cramp/pain on my left side where my ovary is. 

My last period which was 3 weeks ago was the worst period I think I've ever had. It was light/medium like it always is but the pain had me in tears. I almost passed out and I couldn't hold anything down, so I couldn't eat or drink anything other than water.

I went to my doctor yesterday because ever since my last period I have had some discomfort and light cramps there. I also have this full filling there as well. 

I don't have a lot of pain but it does hurt from time to time and she said it definitely sounds like a cyst and I have an ultrasound scheduled for this upcoming Friday. 

I'm pretty nervous and it sounds like when ovarian cysts give women trouble that it's likely they may need surgery. 

I have the worst anxiety towards not knowing right now and then the emotional aspect to it is also killing me. I just keep thinking worse case scenario and it doesn't help that I do suffer from anxiety and things like this just make me worry 24/7.

I tend to find the only thing that helps the pain is my heating pad and taking really hot baths. It's to the point where I always have to take my heating pad to work with me. 

I would love to know if any of you have felt this type of pain/discomfort or any words of wisdom!


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    Yes does sound like a cyst! I had extreme pain one time didnt know what it was but turned out to be a 4cm cyst on my right ovary it sucked. Usually if its smaller than 5 cm they dont operate just watch it. Little ones can cause pain too. I had pain last month it was another cyst this time measuring 2.3 cm. Try a castor oil pack or something like that i heard that works with cyst. Hope you get into feeling better!
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      This definitely helps ease my mind! Thank you so much for replying. 

      I'm also going to try out the castor oil pack. I just googled it and it sounds like something that would really help me out. 

      I am hoping that the cyst is small and no surgery will be needed. I'm trying to deal with the little cramps and stay away from any pain medications because I don't like taking tons of medicine.

      So, heating pad, Midol, baths and now castor oil pack it is!

      I hope your cyst stop giving you pain and they continue to shrink! 

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      Np. I was scared when they told me my cyst size but when it shrinked i was like ok much better. But it may be a polycystic ovary because that one always have a cyst not my left one. Are you on the pill? I heard those prevent cysts. But i neber been to good with taking them so i had the nexplanon and those cause cyst to form as well. Hopefully its not big but the bigger it is youd prob have some abdominal doscomfort and constipation. Also it can hurt if a cyst burst. So dont be surprised if they dont find one. Good luck smile
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      What do they normal do for a polycystic ovary? Do they just keep an eye out for anything abnormal? I know my mom has suffered from cysts on her ovaries when she was younger and her right one always gave her the most trouble and had the most cysts coming and going.

      I am on the pill. I take Introvale and thankfully haven't had any issues with it. I only get my period once every three months, which is very nice. So, I'm really hoping they don't want to switch it to something else because my body takes a long time to adjust to new birth control methods! 

      I'm glad that you replied because I don't currently have any friends who have had this problem, so I've just been in my own mind freaking out and not having anyone to talk to about it! 

      I might hop over to Target and see if they have any of that oil because I've been cramping a bit tonight.

      I took two midol and took a hot bath and now i'm laying on the couch with my heating pad but it's still bothering me. redface

      I would sit in the bath for hours if I could haha. 

      I'll keep you updated with what my doctor finds! 

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      Not really because the cyst wont go away unfortunately. I should of known since i always had painful periods that would take 2 or 3 months to come. But since i had my baby i need bc to stop my periods because they went whack after having her. It also took me a year to get pregnant. Not that i was trying i was told i would prob not be able to conceive so i thought i would be okay (never do that)lol. That is nice im on the depo shot rn and i havent had spotting so far but i didnt like it i had body ache for 2 weeks from it it was no fun. Im sorry. That sounds terrible. The midol should kick in if not take a higher dose of ibuprofen it helped me. Yeah most girls have cyst but they usually dont cause problems i guess were the unlucky ones lol. And yes please do!
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      I ended up in the ER the other night with severe pelvic pain on my left side where my doctor suspected I have a cyst. They did a transvaginal ultrasound and it came back perfectly normal. They found no cysts at all and said that my ovaries are a healthy size and so is my uterus. The next day I was in pain all over my stomach. I sucked it up but at 11 last night I woke up and my stomach was so bloated that I looked pregnant and I was in a lot of pain. So I went back to the ER and they remembered me and took me back to get a cat scan. The cat scan came back perfectly normal, so they hooked me up to an IV and had fluids put in me and some other medication. The doctor told me that I need to get into my OB asap and have the surgery to test for endometriosis. Sigh. 

      It's not something I want to do because I know there isn't really anything to be done for endometriosis but I'll see what my OB says about it!


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    Hi! I've been experiencing symptoms similiar to yours, though maybe less intense. Please don't stress yourself out, it does sound as though you may have a cyst, but there are treatments available other than surgery if it's not in the large range. Heat is great for them, using a heating pad or hot water bottle can help suppress the pain. Epsom salt baths can also be very beneficial and relaxing. I've been drinking green tea nightly, althought I don't know if there's any connection between that and the cyst, it has brought down my pain level. I'm sorry you have to go through this sad Update when you go to the doctor! Hope it gets better soon.

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      Thank you so much for the recommendations. I will definitely try adding some Epsom salt to my baths. Baths seem to be the one thing that really calms the pain. 

      My heating pad has become my best friend at this point haha.

      I am so sorry that you have been going through similar pain. I know that peppermint tea has helped my cramps and eases the pain, so that might be good to try out!

      I don't know if you have Bio-freeze but I have also been rubbing that on my stomach near where it hurts and it helps take the pain as well.

      Keep me updated with how your symptoms are!

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