Possible PE? worried. Any help please?

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Hi there, I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out concerning some symptoms I may be having. 

In the past two months I have been having very bad symptoms concerning my back head and chest.

i have had alot of chest pain on my  right side and on my left including my back just underneath my shoulder blade

Last month and a half I went to ER terrified that I have a PE. They did an ECG, ECHO, Stress Test, D dimer ( twice ) and a chest xray and said that everything came back clear. 

Fast forward to today and I still have horrible symptoms I have a migraine for over two weeks now and chest fullness. On my right side i feel like tiny little pinches on the right side of my chest that come and go, and ive developed a cough w/ no fever. 

I am tired all the time and short of breath sometimes. I am wondering if i could have a PE now? Or if they would have seen it last month when i had all these tests done. They did not send me for a ct scan as I am extremely low risk, I dont smoke anymore, I am not on birth control. I dont have a family history and i havent travelled.

Does anythong think i could still have a pe. Should i demand a ct scan of my lungs.?

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    hi Natasha

    I’m not a doctor so I can’t give medical advice. But like all of us on here have gained an insight into these conditions 

    have you looked up wells formula and asked them if they are aware of the NICE guidelines for testing for PE etc. it sounds like you are on the border line of 3 whereas they say 4 however what’s you heart rate like, test your pulse if greater than 100 that’s adds more points and if your breathing rate has increased then that adds more, if your oxygen stats were below 95 that’s adds points.

    take the leaflet to your doctors where it states have you been coughing for 3 weeks or more etc.

    yes request a ct x-rays don’t show PE

    D Dimer can have false positives

    the pain under your left should worries me as that is an area females get pain when the heart isn’t feeling too good

    Go and see someone, my son didn’t fit any of the categories   but he still had the problem and I have read about so many others don’t fit the categories   

    ​Good luck

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    I am prone to getting dvt and pe. I am on medication for this condition.

    I hope you have not got this condition. Please do not look for PE - if you have got it, you will find out soon enough. i'm sorry.


    I am not a doctor,

    Blood clots are a natural occurence within the body.

    Pls have a look at this common herbal treatment Ginkgo Biloba.

    Can you please tell me/or someone neutral more about yourself. 

    take care.

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    Hi everyone

    Thank u so much for responding as the fear has been great. I have had so many tests done for a PE that doctors do not want to do a CT as they have no reason to believe that I would have one 

    Although d dimers give a false positive very rarely do they give a false negative and because I have had the bloodwork done twice with the same result they are not concerned. 

    Its hard though because it is my bodyand and I am the one having these horrible symptoms. I am 29 years old and I am terrified it could be a heart attack just waiting around the corner. 

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      Hi, I hope you have got your symptoms

      diagnosed and under control.I had similar symptoms and got fobbed off at the Dr's, who said I had INDEGESTION!

      It was only after going A&E that I was told I actually had Pulmonary Embolism's in my Lungs! I have broken bones and ligaments before but the pain associated with PE was by far the WORST Pain I have ever felt. I still

      suffer from similar pains to what I had right at the very start. I am nearly 16month down the line and feel no better. Stil wake

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      up with bad heads, get out of breath easily, have a constant pinching feeling, have sharp stabby pains and find it hard to sleep because of a feeling of pinching and tightness when lying down.

      There seems to be very little help off the Dr's and NHS regarding PE. NO1 should have to suffer or have a crappy quality of life because of lack of knowledge or incompetence!!!

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      hi messedAbout,

      I'm sorry to hear you have them pains - if the pains are to do with breathing at night - maybe sleep in a raised position with feet up...I've just read about Pleurisy after PE on this forum...fortunately for me at the mo' I have not got it.

      If a few doctors in the NHS get PE, then there would be more information and support for Pulmonary Embolism patients.

      The doctors may not be motivated in finding the cause- not enough test subjects/'guinea pigs'...so they follow NICE guidelines and treatment/s and will be referred to other specialists, anxiety dr's, respiratory dr's, blood dr's, muscle dr's, endocrine dr's etc...

      You know the feeling of having a lump in your throat...I've got that in my chest. I've had different pains and i'llnesses in my life, PE pain is up there with stomach ulcers, flu and toothache, -it is a lot scarier. (In the past, i've had pneumonia, hepatitus b, anxiety, depression, stress, blunt force trauma, internal injuries/bruising, frozen shoulder, cracked the odd bone...) - i am such a mess!

      PE knocked me for 6 - 'its just not cricket'. Every heartbeat, every breath, constantly reminded... etc...as we know too well.

      take care...


      Just sounding out...

      I have also been on rivaroxyban for approx 10months. Starting in May 14. During September - October I guestimate I took 36 days to take a 28 day prescription. + 3 days heavy intensive/impact work - we could assume this as a starting point to investigate my large PE episode.

      I have got my head around my condition and I am determined to face PE head on and solve it. I have a daughter and nephew to think about; should my condition be hereditary.

      ...spring soon, i've decided it's time for me to try and strengthen my heart, and I have just ordered a 'home multigym' [should be doing free weights or tension exercies...getting old and lazy].... and should arrived in a few weeks. I have no inclination to do impact exercises...yet...and will continue to take anticoagulants until my 6month review & echo scan...

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      Thanks for your reply.

      I sleep asif I am sat up because any lower and the pain gets worse.

      This is making my neck ache like mad!

      Last time at the Dr's he said my lung linings were probably inflamed?!

      All I hope is I get better but that feels unlikely so far neutral

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      think this clotting malarky takes time m8, stay safe - chill, be calm n careful.


      In my imagination

      i think the clots dissolve in their own time until blood flow returns or gets rerouted. there maybe areas in our body that have been deprived of oxygenated blood - resulting in dead tissue/scarring...things happen...

      also, I have an idea that once a clot is reduced sufficiently, blood flow restored - the clot forms a skin around itself and anchors to the walls of the blood vessel (until a significant external force does something to it - imo).

       this is where moving about, exercise/ coughing early on is like a bad trip - I get very sensitive about things and my only concern is breathing - shallow breaths/ deep breaths/ combination of the two/ whatever!

      I used to sit up at night and try to sleep. Some nights, I'll be lucky to get 2hrs - but then I would mong out during the day and catch 15mins here and there...better than nothing...


      I am a believer in science/biology and life energy. I let the medicine do the work and trust my blood in my body is not going to clot any more.

      >>>>The doctors should invent a 'dvt/pe powerflush*' (see central heating*) for our veins and arteries!!!!!! - and then identify root causes for clotting...>>>>


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      I agree with ya m8.

      I am like a walkin zombie.

      Breathing is always shallow because its the only way there is no discomfort.

      Coughing, laughing & sneezing gives me sharp pains and I feel my heart beating fast most of the time & have a dull ache and pinching in my side aaif under my ribs & under my shoulderblade.

      Done my head in being told 1thing by a Dr or Nurse only to be told by another Dr or Nurse something diffrent.

      This forum has been more use than the NHS

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