Possible pelvic floor dysfunction/other pelvic floor problem?

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I've been dealing with some really stressful symptoms for the past two months now. It all started the day after I had an extremely stressful and unexpected event happened to me (which was preceded by a couple months of stress about another problem), so I think it may have been triggered by all that stress and anxiety. I literally woke up that morning and started experiencing the symptoms. After suffering for this long I have come to the conclusion that my pelvic floor is probably the root of my symptoms. I have been to urgent care twice (when I thought I was dealing with a UTI), and then a gynecologist, urine tests came back negative all three times but even when I was given antibiotics anyway it didn't help. Just saw a urologist for the first time, finally, yesterday. They did an ultrasound and said everything there looked fine (so I don't have a kidney stone causing the symptoms, which the gynecologist suspected), and sent a urine sample to the lab, so I haven't heard back about the sample yet but I'm sure it is negative.

My main symptom is the feeling that I need to pee literally all the time. Every second of every day I feel the urge to urinate but even after I go, I have no real relief. It wakes me up multiple times a night, only for me to pass relatively small amounts of urine. Obviously this is extremely frustrating and has had a serious negative effect on my mood and social life as well as my sleep. Plus, I am a college student and the spring semester is about to start, but going to class will be very unpleasant feeling like I have to pee the whole time.

On top of the urinary symptoms, I have been dealing with constipation this whole time as well. Before these symptoms started, I was very regular (even when I was dealing with stress - so stress isn't usually a trigger for constipation for me). I started having pretty bad constipation the same day the bladder problems began. That problem has improved somewhat since it started, but I'm still far from regular and I feel that the only reason it has gotten better is that I started eating prunes every day.

In addition, the past week or so I have noticed a bit of pain. It doesn't happen every day and usually is relatively mild, but sometimes is worse. The pain appears in my pelvic area around where my bladder is (although I don't know if the pain is in the bladder itself) when I tense the muscles down there to use the bathroom, and if I continue to push the pain gets worse and seems to spread a bit towards my rectum.

Basically, what I am hoping to find out by sharing all this information is this: To those of you reading who have dealt with pelvic floor problems, does it seem possible that pelvic floor dysfunction (or another pelvic floor issue?) could be what I am dealing with? Should I go to a urologist to try to be tested/diagnosed or would a urogynecologist be better, or another kind of specialist? And, if I am dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction, what kind of treatments have you found most helpful?

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    Rachael -- Yes, this could be pelvic floor dysfunction.  Check out "Myofascial Pelvic Pain Syndrome"  which can be brought on for a variety of reasons -- and can include pelvic and rectal pain.   The non-stop need to pee can also be a part of this. (Although if it is accompanied by UTI like symptoms it could have interstitial cystitis connections. ) 

    Myofascial Pelvic Pain is not exactly unknown but because it is a constellation of symptoms doctors want to pull it apart and treat each separately -- when it can include urinary, vaginal, uterine, rectal and abdominal issues.   See if you can find a uro-gynecologist who may be able to point you in the right direction.

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      Thank you! I will have to look into that. I'm a bit relieved to have someone acknowledge that this could be the problem because after what feels like forever with these symptoms I think this is the cause that makes the most sense. I'm not really having any UTI like symptoms so hopefully I don't need to worry about IC.

      I'm seeing a urogynecologist in a couple weeks. Hopefully I will get some answers then. Thanks again, I appreciate your reply.

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    Rachel, I have been where you are. I have (had) an overactive pelvic floor caused by me clenching my muscles down there from stress and also just from trying not to let my stomach just be itself.  I had a stressful event in my life 5 months ago cause me to clench even more (I didn’t even know I was doing it)) and the resulting muscle spasm caused pain, burning, pressure and anxiety

    A doctor finally diagnosed me with pelvic floor dysfunction and sent me to pelvic floor physical therapy.

    This has saved me. I was experiencing pain every night, and with my PT’s help I am out of pain and getting better.

    I still have a way to go, but I’m getting there.

    I can’t recommend pelvic floor pt enough. It sounds weird, and it is kinda different, but people who do it are angels. I love my therapist. 

    A couple months ago, I thought I’d never feel good again. I was wrong! 

    I hope you can get some help soon 😊

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      Thank you! This gives me some hope. I still am not entirely sure my problem is pelvic floor dysfunction but I honestly don't know what else it could be. I am glad you are feeling better and hope I will be soon too.

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      Hello, I didn’t realize your reply was three years old, so I don’t know if you’ll see this. I am 55 and I think this has something to do with post menopause, but what I find ironic here is I went through something to horrifically stressful, as you and the other girl, in November 2020 and this illness started a month ago. it started out feeling like my left lower side was being cauterized, they diagnosed me with a mild case of diverticulitis in the ER. What a nightmare the past weeks have been. it just struck me the other day, the word prolapse, I see your gynecologist tomorrow and I’m praying to God she can help me. i’m not even so sure they didn’t completely misdiagnosed the diverticulitis. because what are the odds of both of these things happening at the same time. I have been under a horrible amount of stress in the last year for specifically the last several months. I also read where a decrease in estrogen can cause PFD, and five years post menopause and I feel like I’m completely falling apart. if anybody out there can give me any suggestions I will try appreciate it. I did read several articles on the pelvic floor therapy and I’ve already started the exercises they showed online. Does anybody know if Kiegle exercises really do help, I think I read that those Kiegle exercises don’t really help. The symptoms I have been having seem like a cornucopia of pain and confusion ! thank you for your time !

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      Hi susana2017

      hope you dont mind me asking but when you say pressure did you have pressure in your oelvc & abdominal area too ?


      maryann x

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    Hi Rachel,

    One thing I was wondering - if you press onto your lower abdomen just above your pubic bone, around where your bladder/uterus is, do you have tenderness?

    And do you have tenderness if you suddenly release the pressure in that area i.e. rebound tenderness?

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    Hey Rachel!

    I'm experiencing the same symptoms as well! They came on suddenly and I'm wondering if you found the solution to yours?

    Not sure if you ever check this board any more but I thought I'd give it a shot!

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      I am currently going through this so you’re not alone ! I go to the gynecologist tomorrow. It sounds like the pelvic floor therapy is the best solution. Also if you consume caffeine, stop it immediately, I just read today where caffeine can exasperate PFD. I usually don’t consume it but I did today and let me tell you the difference is everything, bad news bears! I also have found that a heating pad helps greatly on the stomach/pelvis... I also have a full length warming pad the kind that Massage Therapists use for their table. I put that on my mattress and it’s amazing how much it helps with the pain. I hope you also know you’re not supposed to lift heavy things, that completely makes it worse and exasperates it. I also found when laying down if you take a pillow and put it just beneath your glutes, that seems to help as well. Have you googled exercises to do, I started doing them and they seem to help. if I’m reading correctly, are you in your 20s, you seem so young to have this, I'm sorry ! Hang in there!

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    i experienced my symtoms and found no an answer. im a 30 year old male who enjoys the gym, low body fat and a healthy bmi. 6 months ago I experienced burning above my penis inside my pubic bone, constant urination and when i go i wee small amounts and takss 10 seconds to come out. I had numerous urine tests after doctors appointments and my urine is clear, I had a cystoscopy which was clear apart from a slightly enlarged prostate. I have been sent off for an ultrasound on my kidneys but I have already had this done for another reason a month ago which came back clear. the urininolgist has stated its an overactive bladder as I wee small amounts with strong urgency.

    i have noticed when I walk or lift heavy I need to wee answer it burns more

    when i sit if I don't lean back it puts pressure down there and burns, when I wee the pain goes until I next need a wee

    it started when I was pushing my wee out harder even though I didn't really need too...now I can't go gym as it makes symtoms worse. I wake in the morning and it's fine I don't wee in the night. coffee does make it worse..did you get a answers


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