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Pelvic Pain and Disorders

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  • carol7212 3

    Pelvic pain ultrasound

    This morning I had a pelvic ultrasound done at the hospital. I found it strange that this time around the tech kept asking me to cough. Ive had pelvic ultrasounds done in the past but I don't recall being asked to cough during it. She also asked me if I took hormones which also is a new question....

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  • Nosila1982 2

    Lower abdominal pain and painful sex

    In 34 years old and 13 years ago I had an abortion which in return gave me pid. The pid was eventually diagnosed around 2 years later. During this time, I had painful intercourse, constant pain and discharge. (was diagnosed with laparoscopy) this was treated, but the painful intercourse never went away....

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  • Shelly85 1

    Extreme pelvic pain left side

    Hello I've been having left sided pelvic pain for the last 2 months . I've had bloods done and urine checked and they are both always clear. I had an internal ultrasound done yesterday and nothing showed up there either. The pain has got so bad this last week I can barely walk . The pain is only...

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  • alison 64461 2

    left sided pelvic pain and congestion

    For the past four and a half months, I have been experiencing pain in my lower left side of the pelvis. Not a bad pain but uncomfortable. It started at the same time I had a few loose bowel movements but they returned to normal very quickly. Sometimes it is more like an ache low in the pelvis, similar...

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  • colleen44033 1
  • ray63269 3

    Cpps really is a pain

    Hi I have had cps . Most symptoms have cleared up but I'm getting chronic pain in the groin on either side between testicles and legs . Does anyone else experience this pain . It also affects my public bone and hips

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  • Moss.Mountain 2

    Pelvic Floor, Groin, Abdominal, and Leg Pain for 5 years

    I apologize for the length, but this cannot be explained in short. I've had this since I was 17 when I got a mysterious injury in high school wrestling. I am now 22.  Left groin is very tight and weak. It is painful to stretch out. I can feel a radiation of pain from my groin to my left testicle,...

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  • Guest M

    I started to have this condition five years ago at the a...

    I started to have this condition five years ago at the age of 53. I had a very slightly raised PSA and underwent biopsy which was negative and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis was diagnosed. The condition comes and goes over periods lasting up to ten months and can be very uncomfortable. I suffer mainly...

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  • deborahddc 1
  • Krisnik 1


    Hi I'm new on this site and was wondering if matron or anyone else can help me, I'm just over 4 weeks post of for anterior repair and vaginal vault repair I've had antibiotics to clear a wound infection I've had a catheter removed just over 2 weeks ago because I had post op bladder retention...

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  • noo1712 1

    What's this pain!

    Hi all Had lower left side abdominal pain for about a week plus when I press down near the ovary I can feel a really tender sensitive area. Went to GP, treating me for a urine infection although sample was clear. Starting to worry now as not getting any better. Anyone experienced something similar?...

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  • Floox 2

    Pelvic pain/lower back and leg pain

    I've had an unusual pelvic pain for almost a week. It only hurts when I tense/clench and feels like it's near my left ovary? I've also had some lower back pain and achey calves. I'm absolutely petrified it's something awful. I will be going to see my GP on Monday (it's Saturday...

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  • SJK16 2

    Sharp, Crampy, Pulsating Ovary pain?

    Hello.  I've been suffering from pelvic pain for nearly over a year now. Last september 2016 I was reffered to a gynaecologist who examined me and told me that my left ovary was swollen and my womb lining was very weak. He reffered me to have a laporoscopy procedure. Everything was supposidly...

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  • ryan992 2
  • gilliansbunion 3

    Has anyone had ovarian vein embolisation?

    I have pelvic congestion syndrome (various veins on the pelvis). I'm having ovarian vein embolisation at the end of the month and a bit nervous of the procedure. They are going through the groin. I'm not having sedation just a bit of local where they are going in through my groin. Just...

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  • mamadeesix 2

    Pelvic vein embolism for vulva/leg vericose veins

    I have vulva and back of thigh and butt vericose veins.  I have been diagnosed with Pelvic congestive disorder (MRI showed iliac vein compression, and reflux in gonadal veins. (Already had a hysterectomy last November, so uterus/ovaries not an issue)  Leg vein system checked out fine with no...

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  • kelledee 2

    Frozen pelvis

    I collapsed in April 2015 with a mass on my ovary and a blocked kidney when Thy opened me up Thy found out i had a frozen pelvis everything is fused together and i have a lot of scar tissue in pain constantly don't feel like I'm not a woman because I've been told I can't have children

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  • Jane1618 3

    Pelvic pain and prolapse

    Does anyone who is in their 60s suffer with bad pelvic pain? I have had it now for 5 months, and I have seen a gynecologist who hasn't meantioned anything about my prolapse being the cause,( I have had this for about 8 months, and  I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago) I am hoping it isn't...

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  • kate24130 2

    Pelvic floor issues/ spasm

    Hi, Wondering if this is normal or not... I have a lot of pelvic pain/rectal spasms. I feel a heaviness in my pelvis and sometimes have shooting pain. Bowel movements make the pain worse. I had surgery for an anal fissure which has healed, but I had pain and tension before the fissure and it remains...

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  • Dragonfly81 2

    Pelvic floor prolapse- Scared

    I am 35 have 1 child 2 years just dianosed with stage 3 cystocele and rectocele and feel very scared i was misdiagnosed over a year ago when i felt a bulge thinking that it might be a cyst of some sort this is so unreal i never even heard of pelvic organ prolapse before now i feen underinformed about...

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  • chris2 3

    Unexplained pelvic pain is back

    A few years back I developed pain when moving around. It felt like something was raw and ulcerated deep inside. It progressed to stabbing pains when walking that were so severe - they would stop me in my tracks. A coincidence maybe but it started after an episode of swishing around in an epsom salts...

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  • Yasminh14 1

    Hip/pelvic pain

    Hello all, I've been having hip and lower back pain for the last 3 months, mostly on left side, but a little on the right too.  Now for about a week I've started also to get an aching pelvic pain very low down on the left side - not around the ovary, much lower, near the crease between my...

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  • lizzie 85587 1

    Pelvic pain

    I've been experiencing pelvic pain for over a year now, it's gotten worse over the past months to the point where I've been in a and e numerous times. I started to experience two periods per month also. After being treated for infections every time despite my urine being tested and it coming...

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  • madison34623 2

    Pelvic pain, no idea the cause. Help?

    For the past few months I've had pain like a UTI, pressure on the bladder, but it seems to always be worse at night. I know it's not a UTI because that's the only symptom I have and it's just not going away. It might be me imagining it but it seems to get worse leading up to ovulation,...

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  • Jane1618 3

    prolapse and pelvic pain

    Has anyone had pain in their  pelvis like a period pain?  although I no longer have periods  as I went  through the menopause 15 years ago, I have a heavy dragging feeling  and wonder if this can be caused by a prolapse I have ? I am due to have a scan soon, and have already...

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  • Joyousmom 2
  • laura180597 2

    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Mirena IUD, Vaginismus

    I'm going to make this as short as possible. I had a Mirena Coil inserted under General Anesthetic on 28th Feb 2017. Soon after I developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (this was diagnosed as I had to go to A&E) Unfortunately, I do have Vaginismus therefore- swabs, speculums, transvaginal ultrasounds,...

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  • amanda60591 1

    Painful sex for years and pelvic pain

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I will try and keep it as short as I can! For approx 10 years now I have suffered with pelvic pain (mainly lower stomach but occasionally lower back). For around the amount of time sex has been painful. At first it used to just be from...

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  • misikir33559 1

    pelvic pain for four months since miscarriage

    I am a 38 year old female and suffered miscarriage four months ago for which I had d and c. Eversince, I have been in pain that comes roughly every otehr day. The pain is a stabbing type pain that, when comes stays for at least 24 hours. It is on the right hand side of my lower abdomen and I feel as...

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  • carina62 5

    Post-menopausal & Discharge

    I'm not sure if i am posting in the right thread.  I am 55 and post-menopausal for 5 years now and last year i had a uterine polyp removed as i was getting discharge mixed with blood.  I saw my GP this morning as i've been having a senastion of 'leaking' ie i have to wear a...

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  • rasha41760 1

    Pleas help me

    Well yesterday I had an appointment with my GP amd I asked for pelvic check and pap smear because I read that it is an essential part of every women life. My GP checked down there and said you have imflammation inside and he put me on antibiotics for a week. I kept reading about it and I really afraid...

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  • Innersmile 2

    Being treated for uti but now have other symptoms

    Hello I'm am a 25 year old female and I am currently being treated for uti with amoxicillin. I am on the 5th day of taking my antibiotics. In the last week and a half I have had awful symptoms such as dizziness, chills, hot flashes, hallucinations, hypersensitivity, panic, frequent urination and...

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  • natali82020 1

    Pelvic, groin, lower back pain

    Im 26 yr old female, not oregnant and absolutely no chance icould be pregnant. Since i started the pop cerelle birth control i have had pelvic pain, breast tenderness, lower back crampy ache, groin ache even occassional anus pains. All of these pains are vey mild and on off most days. I have zero smelly...

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  • natali82020 1

    Pelvic pain (this is a long question beware haha)

    Hi I'm a 26 yr old female. Never been pregnant and no chance of being pregnant right now. Recently I've had the feeling of menstrual cramp like achy lower back, along side - lower abdomen pain, sometimes upper abdomen pain, pelvic pain, shooting pelvic pain, in the middle and at both sides, some...

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  • Katcabin16 2

    Painful period cramping, not had it before, any advice?

    I had my first baby 9 months ago (may 2016), the bleeding after labour went down after 4 weeks then i started to get a really heavy and painful period for a week (June 2016). First of all i have never had heavy periods before or any pain or cramps. I just put it down to having a baby, and it would take...

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