Possible Pityriasis Rosa, First time HELP!

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Hi all! I have developed a rash and it was thought to be chickenpox/adult shingles. Was given medication for this but the rash was persistent and didn't seem to be following the characteristics of chicken pox so I went back for a second opinion. They decided it wasn't chicken pox but couldn't be sure what it was other than 'a viral rash'....

I have sat for days doing research on different types of skin rash and came across PITYRIASIS ROSEA! I am almost positive this is what I have.....near every single symptom/characteristic is bang on the money. The only thing I don't have or have maybe missed is the herald patch. I was wondering if anyone has had Pityriasis rosea WITHOUT a herald patch???

Can't get in to see my doctor (too busy, typical) so hoping for a bit of info and support?

Anything greatly appreciated, also.....the itching is driving me to madness!!!

Amy xxx

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    Herald patch can be anywhere. It can spread pretty quickly after that. It looks the most like ringworm, in my opinion, and that is what my doctor diagnosed in the beginning. It just kept spreading and itching.

    For the itch, try a cortisone cream, or oatmeal bath. 

    I bought a jar of Prreze after having Pityriasis Rosea for a year (most people have it for 6 to 8 weeks) on eBay, and it had the rash gone in 5 days.

    A lot of people here swear by tanning beds, but they did not work for me.

    I hope you get rid of your rash quickly. It is awful stuff!

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    Hi Amy,  I didn't have typical Pityriasis Rosea, I may have had a herald patch on the back of my leg but it wasn't especially larger than the rest eventually became so I'm not sure, it may have just been the first!  If its PR then its just pretty much a wait and it'll eventually go away, usually in 6 weeks to 3 months.  Some people try lathering up in Head and Shoulders shampoo to make it go away, and it works for some.  It didnt for me.  For the itch, nothing seemed to help me except I got some of the baby aveeno colloidal oatmeal bath stuff.  I know that's not the official name but its the brand and it can be found in the baby section.  Its for babies with eczema.  That seemed to be soothing for the itch.  I found lotions burned at the worst of my PR, but once I got it on and got through the first or second application it no longer burned.  Mine reallly really peeled and I left skin everywhere (so gross!).  I noticed that if I got hot and started to sweat it really aggravated the rash and made it burn and itch like mad too!  Mine never really went away.  Just seems to clear up and move to a new spot.  First it was on my back, then it moved to my butt and down the back of my upper legs, now its in my armpits and stomach.  It's been 8 months but the dermatologist has just biopsied it.  It may be that mine started as PR and that triggered psoriasis or some really bad eczema.  We'll see when the biopsy comes back.  He's doing laser/light treatments on it, I can't tell yet if it is helping or not, its too soon (its only been a week).  Good luck to you!  You are not alone!  


    Rosamond, California

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      I have a patch where my elbow is but my inner arm that's a lot larger than the rest of my rash so I thought that might be the herald patch? Not sure. Currently having a bath once a day with oats in it and tea tree oil. Then afterwards I dilute some tea tree oil with water and rub that all over myself which seems to really sooth the itching....for a while....then it starts again :p tried every cream and tablet and potion and lotion the market, seem to be the same as you whereby they just make me itch more and the irritation is so much worse! Also the same if I'm sweating then the itch is almost too much to bear. Considering going for blood tests/swabs to look into this further, especially if it could potentially last that long! Seems to be something that is horrendously underrated because as far as I'm concerned it's been torture so far. I go back to work on Thursday and to be honest I'm dreading it sad thank you so much for replying and sharing your thoughts lara it means a lot xxxx

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      Now my mum is texting me worrying telling me it might be scabies or I'm dieing ! Dear me. Time to go to the doctors *laughs*

      Thank you , I hope you are coping OK with yours too! All the best xxxx

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      the 1st dermatologist i went diagnosed 'severe allergy' to arthritis med i had just started to take. presribed something which could only be given through i.v, had 4 treatments....2nd derm said..ringworm....or scabies..

      ?3rd derm said PR and gave a specially made up tub of clobetasol (corticosteroid) cream..to be applied sparingly...as 90% of my torso arms legs were covered  i slapped it on...it worked....at this stage i had had it for 4 months. ..i was also on predisolone for Sjogrens ...so maybe all that steroid helped ?? mine was never itchy just unslightly as the patches merged and on touch it felt like normal skin...not a rash or bumps. I had the tell tale 'christmas tree' looking patches on my back. skin biopsy proved conclusive. I think steroids helped me (sun and heat made my skin burn and felt like needles were being stuck in exposed skin) tried head & shoulders and other creams

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      Poor baby!!! I think mine started as an allergic reaction too. Dermatologist said that is not how it starts, but since they don't know what causes it, and they do not know of a cure, I don't know how they can say it is not an allergic reaction. Mine started within 5 minutes of trying a new deodorant- ugly itchy red patch around the application area. Dermatologist said that was probably an allergic reaction to the deodorant, but the PR was separate. For the next two months I could not use any deodorant, or I would have a huge patch of burn and itch there, plus the PR was happily spreading all over my body.

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    Thank you all for your feedback it makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not alone in this horror fest! It seems to be a case of trial and error in each individual doesn't it. Some people recommended head and shoulders as shower gel which made me itch like crazy. However sunbeds was recommended and from this morning my rash was soooo much better! (One 12 minute sunbed session) I've been on again today so fingers crossed by tomorrow we have vast improvement. The itching has subsided a lot today too! So if anyone hasn't tried sunbeds I'd give it a whirl as it seems to be my saviour! I obviously had a doctors appointment this morning too.....so if it wasn't for my photo evidence of my severe rash she would have thought I was a liar as the difference is amazing! She apparently thinks it's hives! However it seems we have all been diagnosed with a million and one different things with no certainty or proof. Safe to say this is a long drawn out process and I hope you all find your saviour remedy! I hope I've finally found mine. Love to all! Xxxx

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    Hi Amy

    I have Pityriasis Rosea confirmed by GP.  It started on my stomach ( no herald patch) covered my torso and chest.  Spread down my arms and onto my back.

    It gets bright red when I exercise or go into the shower.

    I was given a leaflet sayin there was no treatment, just clears in time.  I read all the forums and main advice seemed to be sun or sunbeds, that it typically appears in winter or spring, and use head and shoulders as soap to dry it up in shower.

    I then started to develop a cold sore, and I thought Sunlight - Run down, is it lack of Vit D ?  Anyway started searching it and there is a link.

    I started VitD tablets and calcium tablets 6 days ago and its nearly gone !!!!!!  It is not get flared up after exercise or showers anymore .

    I wish GP had mentioned this because I have had weeks of stress worrying about it.  I teach fitness classes so have been looking pretty unsightly in class

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