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hi all,

ive been off venlafaxine for 6 months now. I went cold turkey from 225mg a day- was on it for 6 years.

apart from the awful withdrawal, I've been ok. Lots of ups and downs but have tried to stay positive and hope that it's gong to take a while to stabilise.

i wanted to come off the meds because I felt stable, and wanted to stop chemical intervention. I wanted to be me again.

but the last couple of weeks I can have started to feel myself going down hill again. I feel so low. I just want to cry all the time, but have forced myself to stop giving in. I think I can fight this. I want to fight this.

I honestly don't want to go back on meds ,but I'm kind of stuck in limbo.

the only thing that has kept me going is sleeping tablets. They knock me out for 7/8 hours, so,at least I'm sleeping.  It I've found the last couple of days, that I've taken 2/3 in a row, to knock me out straight. 

Thats not good is it?

what can I do?

i need help.


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    Wow! Cold turkey from 225 sounds rough. You might want to consider another antidepressant or go back on the Effexor since you survived the first withdrawal. I was tappering down trying to stop completely from 37.5 and my doc recently upped my dose to 75mg per day due to life circumstances. If the meds helped you in the past, they may help again. I'm all for going natural, but sometimes you just need a little help. Good luck with everything

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    Hi Liz, sleeping tablets are far more addictive and should not be used every night.

    You may need to go on meds for the depression. Again they are not recommended for long term use. They should only be used for 6 months. I think why the withdrawal is so hard is that we continue to take them without thinking and doctor forgets to review etc.

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    First off, way to go on withdrawal fr the Effexor. Im fixing to actually start it! 37.5 once a day. This will be med #8. Any advice? Iv withdrawn fr so many that one more isn't going to ruin me in my opinion. Second, THERE'S ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with admitting you need antidepressant intervention. If it was helping you, why did you come off all together if I may adk? How bout starting again at a lower dose? As for sleeping pills, what kind? I take Unisome ( no interaction with any antidepressant Iv taken) i have insomnia on some of the meds Iv taken. Now if your talking an rx sleep aid like Ambien, please watch out for those. I took one an fell off commode straight down on my head an cracked my head open. Didnt even know it! Then walked around house. Woke everyone talking an dont even remember! Scary. Never again! If you have trouble sleeping fr coming off Effexor it might actually be anxiety disguised. An anti-anxiety med will help you sleep. I have Klonapine. Because its longer acting than Xanax. Of coarse I don't take it all the time only as needed an not with Unisom. Do you see a General Practice (im in USA so we call them by diff names) or an actual psychiatrist who knows the drugs very well. I see a psychiatrist. She knows her drugs. Im treatment resistant apparently an she's only had 10 pt's this way. So fixin to start #8. Praying this is it. Iv tried...Zoloft 50mg (helped mentally after 5 wks but physically extremely ill like hospital ill),Lexapro10-15mg (holy cow, could not keep eyes open, ate constantly, nothing mentally just blah), Cymbalta twice 60mg (i have fibromyalgia, it helped with the pain but blood pressure shot up to 177 over 98!!, i do not have high blood pressure, second time it made me sluggish an blah ), Prozac 20mg (ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, thats all im gonna say, suicidal to), Wellbutrin XL (RAGE), Lamictal ( why I dont know. Not Bi-polar. Felt very sick like flu on it for 2 days). Now Celexa 20mg 7 wks ( blah, eating carbs, suicidal thoughts no motivation, crying all time) so now on to Effexor. Im married with 2 teen sons. Caregiver to both 81 yr old parent's. They dont drive. I do everything for them. Tryin to also sell their giant home before they run out of money an are homeless! They are in a retirement community at 3,000$ a month. Both have lots health issues esp Dad. Mild dementia an his way or highway. My family is having financial probs big time an no insurance due to the aweful Obamacare. Dont believe the media. We are mostly glad Trump won! I think you should visit with Dr an explain the insomniaan might go back on Effexor at low dose. Please think hard about rx sleep aids. Bad news. Just my opinions fr a nut I guess. Im 48 an in menopause to! My poor family. Today was bad day. In bed all day.


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    This is how I felt..after 10 years on venlafaxine on various doses from 225 to 37.5mg which I have been on last year. I have also just gone cold turkey and am fighting the withdraw symptoms just now I'm a week off them.

    I want you actually feel again and not have chemicals telling me what I feel.

    Can you do other things recommended walking swimming etc..keep talking to people and your Doctor.

    Hope it gets better soon.

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      Thats exactly how I feel. I want to try and be me again, and not rely on meds for feelings. If I can't do it, then I can't, but I want to be able to say I gave it a good shot.

      ive been doing everything I can to try and stay positive. Going to the gym, seeing friends and family and taking time out for myself. 

      Maybe it's too early to tell? But I'm trying to stop a decline before (and if) it happens so that I don't need to take time off sick from work.

      its horrible in a way. I've always been totally up front and honest with my employers about my mental health issues, and they have been more than supportive. All they want is for me to be well, so when I told them that I'd come off my meds (against medical advice), they were obviously worried.

      but they can see that I've been more alert, more "on the ball" and a better employee. But because I can feel myself declining I feel like a failure and feel I'm letting them down.

      i feel as if I should go back on meds just so that I don't go off sick again. But also feel it's the wrong reason to aswell?

      does that make sense?

      can anyone relate to it or have any advice for me?


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      Totally relate Liz. I have tried probably 4-5 times to come off before. I've seen my psychiatrist today and I've dropped another 75 mg. I said to him if everything is ok I'll stick with the downgrade but if it's not I'll go up by the 32.5mg. He is more than happy with that.

      I've been on Efexor for 30 years or more. So he is expecting hassle. One hint I can give you to keep brain saps at bay, keep yourself hydrated, water doing the best job. Even overnight, if you wake up have a drink. Yes you'll go toilet more often but that settles after a few days. You are lucky you have a supportive workplace. Mine wasn't and I'm a nurse?? As I said the Bipolar will be complicating issues BUT get another opinion another doctor but I suggest a Psychiatrist. These meds are the ones they are heavily trained on, and they know what they can put with what without causing harm.

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    Im on day 2 of 37.5mg Venaflaxine. Just stopped Celexa. Suicidal thoughts alot on Celexa. Some dizziness prob fr stopping the Celexa. Day 3 of no Celexa. Insomnia settin in as well. Celexa would put me to sleep. Eye twitch started today off an on to. Vit D an Omega's also help brain zaps. This is med #8 for me so I know what to expect pretty much! I see Psychiatrist. They know the drugs better. Goodluck.


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