Possible signs of dementia?

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I`m a 45 years old male.

For more then 18 month I`ve been noticing a decline io my cogniotive skills, especially when stressed. It all started in December 2014, suddenly I felt like I can`t focus anylonger proper. I felt like been in a fog, felt aggitated, nervous, constant headaches, like pressure headches or at times burning on one side of my face. Most of the time a headache jsut above the center of my eyes. The headache comes and goes and I had long spells withour them. Didn`t make any differenc eto my lack of focus and my memory problems. Which are not dramatic but noticable to myself. It think it`s not so much forgetting things then just not regeristering them proper because I can`t concentrate. Be fore all this started I noticed that I sometimes could not find the right words when speaking to someone. Anyway, at times I managed to be able to regain my focus and attention, sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes for half a day or even a couple of days. Now this baseline has shifted. Now my concnetration problems are there 24/7, well I feel better in bed and dark places, but the days I feel better are the days when the concentration probelms are just not as bad as when they are in full swing. The days were I had a clear mind are non existing anylonger. I make mistakes at my work when operating machinery, things I used to be able to do in my sleep. But then at times I can operate them properly too. It just all really confusing and scarry.

Sometyimes I come home and look for the light switch in the hallway on the wrong wall. I notice it though pretty much right away that i won`t find the switch on that wall. Going to crowed places like a supermarket or the shopping mall is really tough at times. My eyesight is as well letting me down now.

I feel like a strange tension around my head at times. For 3 yerars or longer I feel not refreshed anylonger after waking up from sleeping. My tiredness during the day is immense these days.

A few month ago I sh*t in my pants while sleeping, which I`m still not sure if it came from the fish I ate the evening before or if it was a sign of things to come in the future.

I used to have these spells of not being able to concentrate before. One in 1999 that lasted a few month  till the doctor cleared me and said nothiong wrong. Then again in 2007 which involved vry short moments where I could not remeber what I was about to do. Those mini blackouts lasted less then a second and I was always able to recall then what I was about to do. And then this happeend again in 2013. Each time these epsiodes lasted a few month maybe. Never as long and as pronounced as the one I`m going through right now. At times I feel like I`m buring up from the inside from stress and nervousness. Oh and each time I had one of those epsiodes we got and an MRI done of my brain. The first was done actually in 2005 after I passed out in the shower for no reason apart from having suddenly a seizure in my right hand that moved up my right arm into my whole body.

Anyway, non of the 4 MRIs we have of my brain showed any changes at all in brain matter.

Not even the one that was done late last year.

My neurolgist said it`s very likely anxiety related. Which I would like to believe since I have been worrying about so many things since 1999 the year I got married. I had as well OCD and depression runs in male half of my family. But to me this all feels a bit too storng, intense and too progressive to be related to anxiety and depression. I feel like there is something more to it. I researchd about Dementia with Lewy Body and find a lot of matching symptoms.


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    Hi, Rockers.

    I already replied to you in the Anxiety Forum, which I expect you've read.

    Dementia with Lewy Bodies is much more common than people think. Please, in a Personal Message, would you tell me what is happening? That is, if you want to.

    I mentioned that I was a Specialist Dementia Nurse, I think. I'm not offering you a diagnosis, obviously, but if you want to have a longer and indepth discussion about DLB please message me. Best wishes, tess

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    3 years now since this all has started and it`s still a 24/7 issue for me. I have once in a while a good day but nothing like a good day when I was symptom free. Concentration seems to be getting worse slowly over time with better days in between. I had some good weeks during summer which gave me some hope and has some good days last week but those are followed by a decline. My memory is not as good as it used to be, not like that I totally forget things but if someone talks to me and is not 100% clear about the subject then I have to pretend I know what they are talking about. Two days ago  I thought I finally loosing it at work. Could not concentrate at all especially not with the loud background noise of the machinery and the bright lights. On my real bad days I feel like totally withdrawn from the people around me and would rather be alone. 

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