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  • SusanAUSA 2

    MS RRM, severe memory problems, cooking is a problem.

    My MS effects my memory to the point that cooking meals is a problem, I forget that I'm cooking. Sometimes when I go to use the bathroom or if the dog distracts me. Sometimes I leave the gas stove on. I am worried I will cause a fire. I never cook if no one is home but now my friend, my roommate

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  • mary68032 1

    Too much sleep.

    Iam feeling sleepy all the time finding it really hard to deal with but do not know how to deal with it.

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  • Leatherneck 2
  • heather83390 2


    hi my mum has dementia and is quite bad with her short term memory the problem i have is with my 2 brothers that don,t think any things wrong with her as they do not see her every day like i do and it doesnt help when she is telling them that i am demanding money off her and telling all the

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  • william123 1

    Capacity and MMSE.

    My mother, aged 96 was at home until just before she died. Blind, deaf, incontinent, to recognise her home or locate her bedroom. Broken arm and Broken neck , at High Falls " must be supervised at all times when standing" Acute and chronic confusion and known

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  • hannah60655 2

    Scarred I'm losing my memory

    This past month I have been very forgetful. I don't know how to describe if but it's like my mind will go blank and I won't remember soemthign I was going to do or something I was going to say. It feels it's happening more often now then before. I suffer from anxiety to so I don't know if I'm

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  • alicia15429 1

    My Technology Idea for Dementia patients

    I'm studying at University and our current brief is to make any digital product, so I'd like to make a tablet that: Has a 'sleep mode' screen that shows the Day, date, time and year. The tablet vocally tells you this every hour on the hour. The background changes with the time of day (goes from

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  • brian75466 1

    Really fed up of dad being in hospital

    Just a wee thought, my dad has been in hospital for a few weeks and has been diagnosed with dementia, we are waiting on him being discharged and placed in a care home, he's no too good. dunno how hospital, care etc works but forecast for a good day weather wise tomorrow and was wondering as he is

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  • neville79844 3

    Early onset Alzheimer's???

    I am male almost 62 years old I find I cvan't rember dates and times of things I have to do. I like in Plymouth Devon UK what advice can anyone give please? Neville

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  • elaine127 3

    Advice needed please

    My husband showed signs of memory problems and had a memory assessment at the memory clinic. He did very well and the nurse said it may just be mild cognitive problems. The consultant has checked hubbys CT scan and suggested hubby has an MRI scan as the CT scan wasnt clear so he couldnt make a

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  • julie26723 1

    How should I be feeling?

    My lovely Dad is 88 years old and for the past 3 years has been suffering from dementia. My Mum is 85 and has finally admitted that she cannot cope with Dad anymore and with the help of my family (I am one of 3 sisters) made the heartbreaking decision to have him placed in a care home where his

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  • carl46791 2

    Getting worried??

    Hello everyone, i hope things are ok. I would like to share my worries about my dad. He is 66 years old, looks and moves younger than his age but has diabetes. In the last 4/5 months i have noticed little changes in him. He forgets to turn lights off, flush the loo, consantration a little lacking

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  • angela09284 1

    Continuing health care

    We have ben asked to a meeting with CCG  the social worker has put mum forward for continuing health care when she leaves hospital. I have been asked to do a written statement to present at the meeting about my mums vascular dementia but I dont know what to write.  I am not clinically trained & but

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  • shannon28594 2

    Can't remember things!!

    Recently I've been noticing that I appear to have minute gaps in my memory, such as not remembering my mum asking me to do something, but she's adamant that I did it. Or not recalling posting something, but it was clearly there. And recently, I brought something to my room to eat, but when I

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  • suehenry77 1

    I am looking for advice about dementia with confabulation.

    My mom suffered a brain anyeism 2 yrs ago. She is in nursing home. She is wheel chair bound. She knows us, but she makes up some really out there things. For example: she told me my brother was murdered and they cut off his penis and hands. It is not true. She refuses to believe she can't walk.

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  • nikki27791 3

    Scary amnesia / fugue-type episode

    Hi everyone I'm not sure this is the right forum to post this, and perhaps it belongs elsewhere, but I'll post it anyway. Yesterday, I woke up after having about 5 hours sleep. Nothing unusual there, except that I literally felt like my entire memory / knowledge and perception of life/the world/

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  • elsie40782 1

    I did not know young people could get Dementia

    I have just been reading and listened to the blog/podcast By Ronnie on the BBC blog site I did not know that young people can get Dementia. I would recommend anyone to read the blog and add a comment We need lots more young people with dementia to do as Ronnie is doing - talk about their situation,

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  • lynn89247 1

    Depressed after leaving mum in a care home!

    10 weeks ago my mum fell in the street and broke her hip. Till this point she was totally independent and at 87 very Spritely. She was admitted to hospital and operated on the next morning, that's when all our lives changed. My mum came though the operation very well but when I visited her that

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  • Deedee73 1


    My father is in hospital he has vascular dementia and has had another stroke. He is being risk fed as he has contracted pneumonia. He is currently sitting up and although very confused he is smiling and pulling funny faces. He has been in hospital 7wks and this is the first time in 4 wks he is so alert,

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  • mike09523 5

    vascular dementia

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis with spondylosis and myolepathy at levels C4,5,6 and 7 in 2013. After various strange symptoms with my memory and actions I have been told that, subject to mri, may have vascular dementia, due to spinal cord impingement cutting blood/oxygen

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  • Leatherneck 2

    Sleep Apnea

    My my name is Arnold I am Veteran have Sleep Apnea I started off using Provents then I go a cap machine it's okay but I still wake up their come from Arizona.

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  • ajconcerned 1

    Dementia nightmare or 'just me'?

    This is a very upsetting post to make but I am lost to know what to do.  Three years ago an elderly friend of mine was placed in a dementia special housing unit which does not allow pateients to leave the building. She had an infection and was disorientated. In a weeks time she was ok again but

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  • dee53012 6

    Poor Memory and Celiacs

    I've had memory troubles since I was a child, was tired all the time, and didn't do well in school.  I am in my mid 50's now; 15 months ago, I found out I have celiacs. Since stopping eating gluten, my memory is slowly getting sharper. I'd be courious if anyone out here has had the same experience,

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  • pat11500 4

    Mild dementia

    My 89 year old Mum has just been diagnosed with mild dementia. She was given Donepezil tablets and within half an hour of taking her first one had a very bad bout of diarrhoea. I called her Doctor and she is now getting patches. I know there are a lot of side effects. My concern is that if the

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  • neville79844 3
  • lily65668 6
  • danny76668 2

    23 year old male memory loss for years

    When I was 8yr old I had a big rock dropped on my head in school. I don't remember anything prior to that or the event's of that day. I have had other hits on the head including a biking accident 7yrs ago, flying over the handlebars with no helmet, had swelling on the right side of my face but that'

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  • Tezes 5

    clonazepam and memory loss

    hi Ive been taking clonazepam for almost two years it was prescribed by a consultant neurologist who specialises in movement disorders to manage my cervical dystonia and dystonic tremor. I will have to take it for life. it works to reduce my symptoms in combination with propranolol. However Quite

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  • neville79844 3
  • Craftysloth 1

    General memory/thinking problems

    I'm now 22 and over the years I've started noticing a couple things that I never used to have trouble with. I've started occasionally stamering, I forget really common words, I have terrible trouble retaining information no matter how hard I try, I'm struggling to remember stuff and constantly

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  • Caracoveney 3

    I think I am showing signs of dementia but put off by 'friends'

    I have, over the past few months, noticed some signs of dementia in myself and have booked a doctor's appointment.  I have had a stressful year and also had what the optician called a 'mini stroke' in my eye for a day, which righted itself the next day and my statins (which I have for high cholesterol)...

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  • Krug22 2

    My Father

    My father has refused an appointment with the Memory is 79 and his short term memory is really bad. He also refused an Adult Social Care assessment. He lives alone and has lost a huge amount of weight. He is not eating properly and not taking his medicaiton although blister packs have

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  • rachel69610 1
  • nikki27791 3

    Feel like my mind is deterioratinf

    To cut a v long story short, I had a horrendous year last year. In short, after a head injury last year, post concussion syndrome, brain fog, lots of insomnia, anxiety and psychotropic meds and the most bloody awful drug induced movement disorder tardive dyskinesia, I have slowly got my life back.

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  • rich32120 3

    Im a zombie anymore

    I go through so many moods of emptiness a day, Idk how I use to feel anything and when I do in recent times. I look back and just question it. When I get tired my mind feels almost reset. I quickly lose my train of thought and can't recall that thought. It seems as nothing gives me pleasure, not

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