Possible that FS felt better never really went away?

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In Jan of 2017, I was a couple weeks into a bout with FS in my right shoulder. Type 2 diabetic, totally unmanaged and filled with chronic inflammation from toxic mold exposure. Perfect storm.

Moved from Mold House in Oct of 2016. Started vigorous diet and exercise in late May of 2017 through early Nov 17. Lost 50+ lbs, cut blood sugars in half and shoulder started feeling significantly better in July/August.

From Dec to now, I've been in the middle of major life changes, moving cross country twice, stressed and whatever. I've regained some weight, haven't been watching my diet very carefully. I can definitely feel the aches and pains of inflammation, but just 2 days ago I started feeling the familiar burn and hitch in my ROM of FS. Last night the aches down my arm returned. Today, ROM is massively affected.

I know getting FS in the same shoulder twice is either super rare or impossible, but because the initial bout only lasted 9ish months but "went away", did I just reduce my inflammation enough to put it into "remission" (for lack of a better word) and now that I'm more inflamed, it's back with a vengeance? Or could I possibly get it twice?

There's no misunderstanding what FS pain is, once you've had it...that's for sure. 😥

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    I am experiencing FS with a second shoulder. It has followed a very different course than my first did. I had thought I was finished with the freezing stage, even regaining a little ROM in one direction, when a few months later the shoulder worsened, and I lost more ROM in another direction.  My guess is that you are dealing with a single bout of FS that you had managed to quell, but that it is still running its course, and that symptoms will still flare according to your stress levels, eating and exercise and sleep habits.  General duration of FS is 18 - 24 months.  Good luck and hang in there!
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      Thanks Melissa, that's pretty much what I was thinking and, of course, what I was afraid of.

      I'm in such a funk now. I don't want to do this again. It was so, so hard the first time. And nobody can truly understand unless they've been through it.

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    Ann, the physical therapist I was seeing had FS, she said she feels it creep back in. She  goes right into stretches . She is luck she has the know how and equipment at her place of employment.

    I’m afraid this is the herpes of our muscular  skeletor system it just won’t go away at least it’s not contagious. 😳

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      Lol! Yes, that sounds about right.

      Ugh. I wish PT helped me. They gave me all those stretches and exercises and I swear it just made it worse. The only thing that remotely helped was massage (the most $$$ part, of course).

      Im sure my exercise/better eating contributed to the improvement I had last year, but there was so much pain involved to get to that point...I'm just dreading it. 😫

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    I am sitting here with heating pad on shoulder wondering if this will ever go away!  It is so frustrating and sure can put you in a funk!  The ortho doc said pt would be torture!  Have to get second opinion soon I think.
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      Same. I don't get relief from ice, so heat it is. I'm thinking of trying a tens unit. They did some sort of electro-stim therapy to me once but I gave up on PT. It absolutely was torture. And so disappointing when you have that kind of pain, to try to push through that pain, to have zero improvement to show for all of that pain. Maddening stuff. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!

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      I have heard so many ways people are trying to heal it is insane!   I have a feeling that this miserable journey is going to take its own sweet time and there isn’t any miracle out there!  Maybe I am just being pessimistic because I am so frustrated!!!
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      Hi Ann, I have been using a TENS unit twice a day for 15-20 minutes each on my trapezius muscles and I believe it is helping with the non-stop aching.  I've only recently begun it so I'm not really sure, but it does feel like I am getting temporary relief.  I have heard good things about it helping with the pain.  I have two frozen shoulders, the left at the beginning of the thawing stage 11 months in and the right in the freezing stage at 7 months, so that pain is intense!  

      I gave up on any PT or exercises whatsoever in the early stages of my left shoulder as they seriously aggravated it, and my pain has reduced very substantially and ROM has improved somewhat.  Once I am further along in the thawing stage I will add back in some gentle stretching and myofascial release at home.  For my right shoulder in the freezing stage, I will do no exercises and focus on pain management.  

      What a strange and terrible disease this is, I am so glad that I found this forum to share our pain, what works and what doesn't work, and our inspiration and hope as we each improve, which we all will.  This too shall pass!

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    I hear ya  I’ve been spending  bucko bucks on massage, CBD oil, over the shoulder heating pad, home physical therapy equipment, ice packs, aroma therapy. I’ll try colonics if it will help🙄Amazon loves me. 

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      So it seems that there isn't a cure out there?  Amazon loves me too.  Bed buddy, heating pad, advil by the tons and aleve just to jazz it up a bit.  What helps?  Absolutely nothing.  Do you just sit back and have patience hoping this disappears?  Do the docs even know what to do about this?  It seems that no matter what anyone tries, it does nothing to help.  What a pain in the shoulder, arm and neck this has become.

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    Getting into really cold ( 68 degrees) fresh  water

     ( Barton Springs, Austin, Tx) helps. You move to whatever degree you are able. The numbing effect of the cold, and the weightless of being in water, allows you to "push the envelope" without as much pain and helps reduce inflammation.  That helped me so much with my first FS; I have been waiting for swimming weather to arrive to resume the hour plus trek to Austin.  Time to face the cold.

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    After 1 year 5 mos. I believe my FS has finally "thawed". I have about 90% ROM back and pain only occurs rarely with sudden outstretched movement. I did not do the MUA, or surgery, although my doc thought it was a viable option at the 11 mo mark. Glad I opted to wait.

    There was a point where my progress seemed to regress for no reason - increased pain mostly - but thankfully that only lasted about a month and it got back on track.

    For me the only "treatment" that seemed to help was at home exercises. Two rounds of PT (10 sessions ea.) were excruciating so I finally quit, but continued the at home exercises. I feel for anyone in the midst of the freezing stage. It's misery. But if my case is typical then take hope that there is relief eventually, its just a matter of how long. I hope for your sake it's sooner rather than later. Hang in there!

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      Cindy,  thank you for posting this! I am 10 months into my FS. Like you, I have done PT and it did not help. This was at the 3 through 4 month mark and I was still freezing. To say it was torture would be putting it mildly! When I went in for a check with my Orthopedist in March he suggsted I start PT again. I declined and said I'd do my stretches and exercises that I had learned from the first round of PT at home. In the last couple weeks my pain seems more aggravating. My neck and top of my shoulder seem to be so tight and burn! It is even causing me to get headaches. It feels like I need to take a rolling pin and roll the top of my shoulder and up the side of my neck. I imagine it would hurt so good! It's reassuring to hear that you had a short set back with your progress. I'm hoping that is what this is and I'll do the same. I was actually doing better and feeling optimistic until a couple weeks ago when the neck and shoulder burning became almost chronic. My sleeping has even gotten worse. I even cried this morning when I woke up with yet another stiff as a board neck and pain that made me feel like a 90 year old trying to roll out of bed! Your post made me feel better and reassured me my setback is ok and I will get better eventually. I can't wait until I can move freely again! I will never take free range of motion and a pliable neck for granted ever again! Thanks for your post! It's so nice of you to come and post about your progress. I'm so happy you're feeling better and doing so well! 

      Take care. 

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      All I want is a good nights sleep.  I wake up as you said stiff as a board and being more tired than I was when I went to bed!  This has been since December and I am so sick of burning and pain in neck and bicep!  I do feel hope when I read it eventually gets better!  I am grouchy from pain and lack of sleep and pray for this to be over!!!!  My poor husband who is so so sweet through it all!!!
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      I had issues with neck strain a few times over the last year. I assume because of the altered sleeping positions due to FS. One thing that felt good was putting a tennis ball between the wall and my upper shoulder/neck and rolling it around. A temporary measure but boy did it feel good!

      I totally agree about not taking health for granted anymore. You don't realize how much constant pain affects you until you've had it.

      I hope your setback is temporary like mine was! Stay strong!

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      Hi Audra, I was just reading old posts. I sure hope your FS is well behind you!

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