Possibly Nerve Pain from a Spinal Injury?

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Does this sound like nerve pain or more like an arthritis?

I've had upper back pain near my neck for about 10 years that I let hang around, never testing or treating it. Also know, I've trained in the gym as a bodybuilding for nearly 20 years as well and never witnessed these symptoms. Now I'm trying to understand a new onset of symptoms, with recent tests Bloodwork, MRI of entire back and neck and X-rays which show the below:

  • Herniated discs: C5 to C7
  • 4 Bulging discs lower back
  • Received Medial Branch Blocker 2 weeks before all of these new pains began, coincidence?

**Most of my bloodwork returned normal, tests performed: **

  • RF
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Sedimentation
  • Antinuclear Antibodies

Folates: Very Low

HLA B27 was positive

Currently seeing:

  • Spine specialist
  • Pain Mgmt - Only for a spinal injection
  • GP
  • Neurologist: EMG test scheduled for next month
  • Rheumatologist: Waiting to see next month

The spine specialist I'm seeing said there could be a nerve that is impinged. So I received an epidural injection in my cervical area, no relief. I yet to understand how so many areas can hurt

I have no swelling or redness or no stiffness i think... Possibly a little swelling in the fingers, very hard to tell, not enough that someone notices.

My pain symptoms:

Fingers, toes, and ears feel cold frequently then will warm up

2nd and 3rd knuckles have pain intermittently

Some numbness occasionally in my fingers, not as often

Pain sometimes in the bottom of my feet intermittently

Sharp Pains on the side or front of ankles intermittently

Pain in wrists intermittently

Occasional burning inner tricep a few times, felt like a sunburn almost

Muscular twitching through body randomly, mainly leg or triceps which is fine doesn't hurt

Dull pain in knees sometimes

Back of legs ache some when sitting

Feet and back of heels hurt if standing or walking very long

Pain area constantly rotates and is hard to explain the type of pain:

Pain can be sharp shooting, ache, electric pinch pain, light ache pulses

All of this came on so sudden, over night... really - most of the symptoms at once=

Literally two weeks after i had a nerve block injection this all happened, coincidence i guess

Can anyone relate or theories of what could be at the root of these pains? I went from 38 to 104 overnight

Thanks so much in advance

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    Sounds like nerve pain aggravated by nerve block injection. With nerve pain, it's best to leave well alone and only take painkillers when necessary. I have nerve pain in my hands, arms and foot and the only thing that really helps is hot weather. I largely ignore the pain, tingling and numbness because there is no real treatment from your doctor that truly works and doesn't cause side effects.

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    Interesting, I did notice at the beach it did feel a little better, same with the sauna. I'm soon to have an EMG done, if they're able to identify the root cause - you don't think any type of surgery can fix it?

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      I really don't know whether surgery would help. I would stick with heat treatment/painkillers to avoid the risk of aggravating the problem with invasive procedures. The cause of my neuropathy was injuries and one of them was caused by a blood test so I tend to avoid any tests unless they are done by experts in hospital.

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    HI, so sorry that you are experiencing so much pain and discomfort. Your symptoms sound like the beginning of neuropathy from nerve irritation or damage. The nerve conduction test will help pinpoint where your nerve issues are located. I am glad you are also seeing a rheumatolagist. I suggest you be extremely careful about your physical activities until you know what you are dealing with. Too much activity might cause further injury to your discs. This neuropathy condition can and does turn your whole life upside down! Your comment of aging from 38 to 104 is an accurate description of nerve damage issues. You might be facing a serious change in your life and it is a very difficult journey!, I wish you the best of luck. PS look up spoon theory for dealing with chronic pain on internet, it may give you some insight to how you need to conduct your daily life. It makes me sad to know you are facing all this at such a young age and at your level of physical conditioning. I am sending hugs and encourage you to ask for them from the people that love you!, (I am 78 and have been dealing with this condition for years. I have learned that I am a WARRIOR who has to fight hard everyday for the best quality of life I can have. I share this in hopes it may give you some insight for the journey you may face.)

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    @Peonygirl1 Thank you for reading my story, I think you're right until I have thorough diagnosis I need to be extremely cautious in everything I do. I'm not ready to throw in the cards and say I'll never see healing through treatment or self-healing through regeneration, if a nerve study can show the root origin of all these issues maybe there is treatment or surgery that can be rendered. I'll be sure to check out the spoon theory and prepare myself for the worse, being able to manage and balance quality of life will be vital. I have the most utter respect and empathy for ones who face and overcome pain challenges daily.

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    Much of this sounds more like peripheral neuropathy to me. But not all of it.

    I speak as someone who's had RA for 12 years and has several other auto immune diseases including PN...

    Soles of the feet.... tingling, sunburn...

    Is the sunburn feeling internal or is your skin actually hot to the touch?

    The sunburn feeling in my case was never external. No redness, no hot feeling to the touch. But inside I was burning.

    RA, on the other hand, specifically attacks the joints with inflammation and pain, and does so bilaterally 90% of the time. It rarely affects the back.

    The RA factor in the blood does not appear in 20% of RA patients, so it often has to be diagnosed clinically (as mine had).

    What I'm thinking is that you could have more than one thing going on at the same time, which is what is confusing things.

    Be aware that ordinary nerve issues are usually out of reach of surgery. But for the full picture you will need to see a neurologist. Since your wait time for a rheumy is so long, I would suggest you get a referral to a neurologist at the same time, as for sure some, if not all, of this must be in the domain of that guy.

    Most of my own PN symptom left spontaneously after I had had all the amalgams from my tooth fillings removed. This is definitely 'alternative' and no doctor and few dentists would corroborate it officially. So it's up to you to experiment

    Things sound pretty grim for you right now. I do hope things work out well soon.

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      ... Perhaps I should explain that the theory around amalgams is that the mercury is leaking into your system and poisoning you. There is a huge amount of evidence of this, but all anecdotal.

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      It's been very hard for me to understand my symptoms, sometimes I do think PN, other times I think a type of arthritis because of the pains that send flashes of pain or 20/30 minutes of pain to a joint region.

      Can they test you for your mercury levels? That's interesting because my mother was doing a diet to rid her body of mercury.

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      kc, I am glad that light has suggested a neurologist for your dr needs. this is right on! they are the drs that administer the nerve conduction test i mentioned to you. seek them out asap! a good health move this!, thinking of you and send my best wishes!

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    good move. you are warrioring on! this is what it takes.

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      Thank you, I feel we all have to push forward, no matter the agonizing pain, emotional fall-outs, and unknowing origin. Each day I don't know what my mindset or level of pain or amount of affected regions but I do try my best to keep thinking, hoping, and knowing miracles happen all the time, sometimes they're small wins, but we all face challenges for a reason.

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