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My son is 12 he had an Appendectomy 4 weeks ago. Surgeon said it was  acute appendicitis with no perforation. I expected him to be better in a least a week! CT Scans, X-Rays, Blood Tests, and Stool Samples have all come back normal. He saw a GI doctor who I think already had his mind made up before we saw him since all his tests have come back normal. He said my son has Chronic Functional Pain, which in my opinion means "We don't know what's wrong, so we will catorgrize him in this catagory). His pain he says consistent of pain by all three Inscions he describes them as a sharp sharp pain. He also says it feel like his intestines are twisting and turn and feel like they are being pulled  apart. He also complain of his stomach hurts severely minutes after he eats, he's describe his intestines feel as though they are flip flopping, he can't sit up or sit down without being in pain, he can hardly walk, he I severely nauseas all the time(zofran seems to have little effect) he won't eat, he's lost 13 lbs. I'm at a loss as what to do. He will be seeing a Naturopath in a few days. He also will be having an EndoScope done but the GI Doc says he's 95% sure he won't find anything. I've been giving him good Probiotics, Fish Oil, fermented foods like sauerkraut, pepermint tea. He has a prescribed Med suppose to help with the cramping of the GI track (it doesn't help). Oh and the GI Doc prescribed him an Antidepressent that is suppose to help with the GI track and get it back on track. The GI doc said he sees these symptoms all the time after abdominal surgeries. Anyone else's have a child with these symptoms and if so what did you do????

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    Sorry to hear your son is unwell. I had appendicitis and it took me weeks to feel better. I also developed a lot of GI symptoms after. Three years later, i still have them. I have learned to manage the symptoms so I no longer get severe pain, just occasional discomfort. I followed a FODMAP elimination diet and learned I had a whole bunch of new intolerances. Im not sure if it was coincidence or related to my appendectomy.

    As for the sharp pains at the incision site, they are normal. Sometimes a result of adhesions or simply part of the healy process. If his bowels are moving ok and he doesnt have a fever you don't need to worry much. I felt a lot better about 6 weeks after. My recovery may have been delayed because I was pregnant

    Hope that helps, even a tiny bit

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      I am hoping the Naturopath can help point me into a certain diet that can let his gut heal! No fever at all. But he can't go #2 without some Mirilax. I've read about adhesions. Yes and it's like a ton of GI symptoms afterwards. 

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      6 weeks until i was able to work again. I was expecting 1-2 weeks off work, knowing I was supposed to miscarry as well. My surgeon said that even though they only make a few small incisions, they still removed an organ from the body, it'll take time. The naturopath should be able to help you sort out diet. My gastroenterologist helped me after years of pain and illness. I also had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and HIDA scan. They all came back ok. Im evidently sensitive to fructose, fructans, and polyols. Since ive cut these things out of my diet ive been ok.

      I also would consider that the pain is relative to previous experience with pain. It should be tolerable to an adult but a child has less experience with pain so they percieve it more intensely.

      If he has been reluctant to eat, that can contribute to constipation. But if he stops going,even with miralax, have him seen quickly, especially if he vomits.

      Has he been for a follow up with his surgeon? His level of pain still seems disproportionate to what is expected.

      Lastly, my daughter has been diagnosed with functional abdominal pain. The pediatrician literally said its what they call stomach pain when they dont know what causes it. With my kid, i think its a symptom of the obvious anxiety she hasnt been diagnosed with yet. I dont think I would be ready to call it that for yours. Especially since it started post operatively.

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    Hi, I hope your son is starting to feel a lot better.  My son had an appendectomy when he was 4 and he developed an abcess after 10 days.  From what you say though they seem to have checked for everything. It could possibly be adhesions?  They can be painful.  As far as I know, like most abdominal operations it could take up to 6 weeks before he feels better.  Buscopan helps with cramping, but not sure if he is old enough for that?

    He does sound as though he is getting in a state about the pain by his description of it and the more attention you give him, like trying so many different things to help (which is natural for you to do of course!) could convince him  more that something is wrong.  Let him know that it is normal to feel pain for several weeks after an operation.  Although it sounds like he wasnt opened up, it could still be a lot of wind too.

    I would try and relax and let his natural healing take its course.  He has had lots of tests and they havent found anything.  Anything serious would have shown up in blood tests and CT scans.  He has had major surgery after all.  Just rest, plenty of water and no sport for the next few weeks.

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