Post-gallbladder surgery questions

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It's been a week since I had keyhole surgery to remove my gallbladder.

I do still have some pains but it's manageable with paracetamol now. I dropped the codeine recently, constipation is gone and bowels are moving just fine now.

I do have two questions.

1. For how long do I need to keep replacing these dressings?

Is it two weeks after surgery?

2. I'm tired a lot of the time post-surgery and just recently I've started feeling hungry a lot. We're talking I'll eat anything within sight hungry. I didn't really feel much hunger in the hospital, well except on my last day, that's when I really started to feel hungry.

Does all of this last long?

I don't really want to be tired or put on weight.

And I don't have any problems with the food, I've been eating all sorts, which is good smile

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    Hi I had my gallbladder removed yesterday. They haven't given me any more dressings and said I remove the ones I have on after three days.different hospitals give different advice obviously. But I may put my own dressings on as it doesn't feel right to leave the incisions exposed yet. As for the food I cannot help you there as I am just eating small amounts and often. I am sure it will all settle down eventually for you. Have your gallstone symptoms disappeared?
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      Three days seems short.

      I read the stitches take 1-2 weeks to dissolve.

      Personally that's how long I'm planning to keep them on for atm, until they've dissolved.

      I think most dressings can be kept on for about a week before they need replacing.

      The ones they gave me are these:

      Link removed

      That's a pack of 5, pretty good I'd say.

      You should probably keep it dressed for at least a week or two.

      In the beginning I didn't eat much food either, especially since I stayed in the hosp for further tests and they make u fast for long hours, even so I didn't really feel hungry. It was day 6 that I really started craving and it's been a bit weird since then with me just eating away.

      By gallstone symptoms you mean pre or post-op?

      Pre-op I had abdominal pains four times in 6months, it turns out it was pancreatitis being caused by gallstones, the fourth time it was really bad and it took a while for the pain to settle even with painkillers.

      Now post-op the only symptoms are pains from surgery.

      First week was painful & I also had some sickness, I can only recommend that you keep taking your painkillers, don't skip a dose. I tried going without paracetamol+codeine on day 4 I think, horrible idea. Day 7 I dropped the codeine, no more constipation & bowels are moving as normal.

      It's day 8, I do get mild pain around the area of where my gallbladder used to be but paracetamol does a good job. I can't sleep on my sides, still have to sleep fairly straight, which kinda sucks but I'm sure in a week I should be fine. Other than that I feel tired. Doc told me it could take another week for the pain to settle, so I'll see how I'm feeling next week.

      Are you at home now or still in hospital?

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      Hi thanks for replying. I had my Op on Thursday and I came home the same evening. I think you are right about the dressings they do not feel as if they should be coming off tomorrow at all. So I will keep them on for longer. I am feeling very sore and bruised today and spaced out from the meds but I know I need to keep taking them. Sounds like you are recovering well. I am scared to eat any fat at the moment.
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      Yea although I wouldn't recommend keeping the same ones on for more than a week. I replaced some of the ones that needed replacing yesterday. My wounds seem to be healing really well, I could only see a little stitching so I just applied fresh dressing over it.

      Keep taking those meds, the first week sucks.

      I spent my first few days mostly in bed, so you should take it easy.

      If they gave you anti-embolism stockings, keep them on.

      At some point you can probably reduce/drop some of the painkillers.

      I was taking paracetamol+codeine, a week later I dropped the codeine which in turn alleviated some of the side-effects.

      I'm surprised you went home the same day, I could hardly move. How you doing on your feet?

      As for fats, you're probably best staying away from them for the moment, just as precaution. I think I did the same for first few days. I think day 4 onwards I started eating Tuna mayo without a problem. In the hosp they use regular mayo and before the op it made me a little sick, 4days post-op & it was fine. I also heard of people having problem with spicy food, so day 6 I started hitting the spicy food & had no problem. Day 7 onwards and I've upped my fat intake back to what it was, which was relatively low anyways.

      I haven't tried any foods heavy in fat such as burgers & chips, mostly because I stopped eating junk after going on a diet over a year ago.

      I might just give it a try to see what happens.

      I've been eating a range of different foods and a lot of it (hungry), so far so good.

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    I haven't had the tiredness. Are you taking a multivitamin or drinking vitamin water? That could explain the tiredness and hunger if you are low on something. Also make sure to stay really hydrated right now. As for the dressings my doctor said when they start to peel off you can remove them and if they werent off after a week to remove the remaining.
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      Well I take Vit C, D, Magnesium & Calcium supplements since I know I'm low on those but I've been taking them for a while. I stopped during my 6 day hospital stay but resumed as soon as I got home. I also had ERCP few days after op.

      I also know whilst I was at hosp I was in a real calorie deficiency because I lost weight (more than usual), not to mention there's so much fasting for their tests & procedures. Now that I'm at home I'm pretty sure I'm in a surplus. I thought it might be the healing or meds wearing me out. Kinda weird.

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