Post keyhole surgery gurgling sound in my lung 2 weeks after

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I am a 20 year old guy that has had 2 pneumothraxes in the past 2 years, the doctors decided after the 2nd one it was time for some preventative surgery. so I had keyhole surgery and was fitted with 2 chest drains. I recovered really well in the 1st 2 weeks, but I started to develop a very sharp pain in my shoulder and a bubbling sound which is quite loud coming from my lung.

I was told to expect some nerve pain but That still doesn't explain the gurgling.The pain slowly went away within the next few days but I still have have this bubbling sound that is really worrying me, it's like there's an air bubble that re-inflates every time I breath in. Anyway I would really appreciate any feedback anyone could give me to settle my nerves

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    Hey there buddy,

    Same issue, same procedure (altho you didn't give any details whether or not you had bullectomy done) and can confirm I've had the same simptoms which really freaked me out.

    The weird bubbling/gurgling sounds went away after a couple of months or so.

    I've been to the hospital about 4 times during that period because I was freaking out (so I suggest you go as well to just confirm and lift a weight off your shoulders). They couldn't tell me what was up with the weird sounds, but having done quite a bit of research it would seem that there might actually be air trapped in your chest cavity that will be absorbed in time.

    Nothing to freak out about, absolutely normal post procedure as far as my personal experience goes and others' that I've found online.

    P.S. Shoulder pain is usually caused by nerv damage and/or diaphragm bruising. 

    FIre away if you have any questions smile


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      Thanks for sharing. Upon reading your experience. I got a less worried. Experiencing the same thing right now which leads me here to this forum. God bless u
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    hello, i"ve had similar symptoms regarding the gurgling, doctor told me that its a tiny film of air and fluid that was trapped on the bottom of my left lung (in my case), he told me to do some breathing exercises so that the air and fluid will go back into to lungs and lymphatic system respectively.


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      Hi John, 

      I have have my 2nd pneurothorax in 10.5 months, although the second one is below 2 cm's, i still have to visit a surgeon in the next week to have another x ray to see if this one also goes on its own and to discuss surgery to stop it happening again. Im also experiencing this gurgling sensation in my left lung, what were the breathing excerises that were recomended to you? Im hoping to do everything i can so this one hopefully clears itself like the last before i see the surgeon next week. Your advice on breathing exercises would be vastly appreciated.

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    Have you visited your doctor for recall checkup?

    Im not sure about the gurgling sound but mine was like a throbbing nerve when i lay down? I guess its pretty close? This occured a week after i had my pleurodesis. Chest xrays from 3 days ago we're clear though. Observing it also cause it bother's me as well. I also red many threads experiencing the same thing but went out their fine.

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      I've had the gurgling problem as well, my procedures were 4 years ago and it still happens every couple of months. Anybody else have it recurring this often? I was told it could be inflamed scar tissue, but they weren't really sure.

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    I have been experiencing the same exact thing and as I heard from other people its a small lung collapse that heal on there own then soon enough go away but may occur occasionally
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    Hearing your concerns is all too fresh to me. I had exactly the same done in February following 2 phneumathorax and I had so many questions and anxieties. I experienced this bubbling in my chest after surgery too. Mine was because my lung still hadn't fully inflated and re healed to my chest. I had my pleura removed to prevent them. It has now stopped and I think it took about 3 weeks to a month. The best thing to stop me from panicking is to go into a and e to have an xray to make sure it's all still good, rather than sitting at home stewing. And yes telling the difference between nerve pain and worrying pain is still something that can confuse me. I am 29 so quite young to have a phneumathorax too. What I can say is overall I'm doing great now u wouldn't know any difference looking at me going out cycling to work. I have the odd little paranoid meltdown and really wished I had someone to ask questions. I know you aren't meant to give personal details but I'd be willing to offer my facebook as I don't always check my alerts on here anymore. Just let me know if that's something ur interested in then I'll give my name. My advice to you is to just go and get an xray and someone to reassure you so u can at least go home and know that you are safe. In total I've probably gone into a and e about 5 times with worry and the reassurances have been phenomenal. I've worried that I'm taking up nhs time but they are telling me that they would much prefer to see me and give an xray and never to feel sheepish. You can then learn what is worrying and what's not. It gets easier I promise! Take it easy and don't push yourself at all in the meantime. Nicola :-)

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      Hi Frayniac, i just have to thank you for your post because it was the first thing I came across online after countless hours searching that actually calmed me a bit. 

      My worry is about the bubbling/gurgling from my chest immediately after surgery, i started to think i was the only one! How much activity did you do during those 3-4 weeks. Where you getting on as normal or resting as much as possible? smile 

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      Hi. I will appreciate if we can communicate in FB. Im bothered because my brother is just 21 y/o and he's experiencing chest sounds after VATS chest surgery. Thanks. My facebook is Kitkat Paras from Philippines.

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    I know this is an old post, hopefully you are still on here and can reply to me.

    I suffer from a disease called LAM. I have had the talc pleurodesis on both sides. In May I had it done on the right side. It took a while to what I thought fully bounce back. Now here we are about five months later and I have the terrible bubbling noise you speak about. So far I have been too chicken to get an X-ray. My breathing is good and I have no pain. However, I never had pain with any of my lung collapses. Anyway, as I said I know this post is a year old, if you are still out there, can you let me know what happened with your case of bubbling. Like you said, this is freaking me out and driving me insane.

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      Hi Marie I have seen a lot of your posts on here and you really have had a rough time! 

      Has he bubbling subsided at all? Any changes with x rays etc? smile 

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      Yes it has, thanks for asking. Now what I'm dealing with is a dull pain that comes and goes. Going to chiropractor today and hoping its a rib and not another lung issue.

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      How long did u find the bubbling lasted for then? I had my ops done 2ish weeks ago and the right side has definite pleural rub while the left has this persistent bubbling!! 
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    I know this post is a couple of years old but I have found these forums priceless when it comes to reassurance and information so thought I would post. I had quite a few pneumothoraces on my right side, first one cleared up with high flow oxygen, the rest required chest drains before eventually I got surgery. Pleurectomy, pleurodesis and bullectomy on my right lung. While in recovery after the operation i felt my left lung collapse (we all know that horrible feeling). I told the surgeon who reassured me the post-op x ray was clear, the problem being i felt it happen AFTER the x ray. The next day the doctors came and admitted they were wrong and my left had infact collapsed so drain but in left side also. I was discharged and managed to stay at home for 8 hrs before  getting an ambulance back to A&E with my left lung collapsed AGAIN. So they performed the surgery on my left the following day. 

    I dont want to scare anyone but the pain after the surgery is quite bad (although i have a poor pain threshold) and i had to endure it twice within 6 days! Its now been just over a week since the left side was operated on and i can still feel slight bubbling in my chest, especially if i lie down i can almost feel it bubbling around my heart as it beats (not constantly just intermittently) and the lower right side has some crazy noises but not much pain which i have researched and realised it is likely pleural friction rub caused by the surgery. Im hoping now that over the next few weeks these bubbling/gurgling noises subside and i start to get better! 

    Has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms? 

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      I experienced the weird noises and sensations. My surgery was in May, it started in Aug. what I didn't know until Nov. was that my lung was 10 percent collapsed. By this time the noise had stopped, It took 5 weeks for collapse to heal on its own, then the noise came back for 2-3 weeks before it went away. I then caught the crud going around which gave me a harsh cough to deal with and paranoia. But so far no collapse that I'm aware of and no more noises.

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