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  • staciet85 1

    VATS 3 Month Recovery/ Need Advice Pain

    I'm 13 weeks post-op w/ VATS with resection of bleps Left Lung. 31, healthy life style, never smoked and I before this traumatic event I use to weight lift and workout 3-5 times a week. Do you think that pre-workout drinks have something to do with this? Also has anyone had the the Alpha-1 test done?...

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  • dee81927 1

    Pain after Pneumothorax

    I am 28 years old athletic female.I have a very healthy lifestyle I eat well and work out 4-5 times/week.i had two spontaneous Pneumothorax 3 years ago on the left lung. I went under the surgery to fix the problem.I recovered well however I left with pain.I have sudden sharp pain on the left side

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  • Dano94 1

    Smoking after Pleurodesis

    Hi guys, Back in April 2014 I had an operation on my lung to fix it to my chest wall. (Pleurodesis) (VATS). I used to smoke about 6/7 a day for 3 years before that. I'm 20 years old now and it's been 16 months since I had the operation. Basically I miss being able to smoke with friends at the

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  • wsalem11448 1

    Post surgery pain for pneumothorax

    I had repeated pneumothorax incidents, and finally I had a thoracotomy surgery, which failed, then had another several days later, from same incision which involved "medical glue". It's been 18 days. Ever since the surgery and the pain has been surreal, I had Nalbuphine the first 24 hours post

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  • owen30183 2
  • arjun19 2

    Is my pneumothorax recurring again?

    Hi there, i am a 19 year old male. Healthy with no allergies, no prior health issues - well except that i suffered a spontaneous pneumothorax about a week and a half ago. I had a chest tube in me, and recovered quite well. Yesterday I was hugging my girlfriend, and I slightly lifted her, having

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  • Ossuss 2

    Nerve Damage post VATS

    I had VATS 6 months ago now on the left side and after the initial pain from the surgery I have been left with a constant pain under my last rib, from the sternum then about 6 inches across. I can also see swelling under the rib which was not there prior to VATS, but none of the doctors are

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  • anne77042 1
  • Guest M

    How to cure you pneumothorax

    I am tall and slim, and had a pneumothorax about 9 years ago. I would then regularly get holes in the lung. Doctors had no answers why. After years of personal research I found it was extremely simple and obvious what the problem I never drank water, only tea or occasional

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  • william 39787 1
  • MissMichelle 2

    Life after a Pneumothorax

    I am 35 yrs old and suffered a SP in May 2014 followed by a bullectomy and VATS pleurodesis in July 2014. I was walking to my front door when it happened, I thought I had suffered a heart attack, the pain was intense and my left side went numb and it was hard to breathe.  Having a SP and lung

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  • deedee1970 1

    Returning to work after pneumothorax chest tube

    I am 46 year old female. On 11 dec i rolled my quad and tore my lung. It was only diagnosed on 06 jan and by then 100 percennt collapsed. I had a chest tube inserted that night and a suction pump. This was in for 4 days. Day after it was taken out - tues 10 jan i was discharged

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  • hesperuslvx 2

    Difficulty in breathing after VATS surgery - Is it normal?

    Hi All, Recently I just had my second total lung collapse on my left side (tension pneumothorax). The first time I just got the drains and after several days at the hospital, my lungs expanded back to normal. The second time, I also had a total lung collapse on my left side. The doctor did a VATS

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  • Frayniac 2


    Im 28 health concious, tall skinny, had just got a long haul flight, collapse happened when cycling to work the next day. I have had 2 collapses in 6 months and have surgery in 2 or 3 weeks. I'm overwhelmed by the about of discussions and support on here. I wondered if there is anyone from around

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  • Guest M

    I was a 24 yr female, I woke up 1 mornin 4 work n starte...

    I was a 24 yr female, I woke up 1 mornin 4 work n started gettin ready, all of a sudden, i felt a sharp pain in the right side of my chest n i couldnt breath properly. i thought nothin of it, just thought it was really bad heart burn or indegestion. After speakin 2 my friends on the phne, they

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  • Lwinford4390 1

    Pneumothorax again after VATS surgery

    Okay where to I am a 21 year old female who sufferers from reoccurring Pneumothoraxes. This all started when I was around 15-16 years old. I have always fit the "pneumothorax type", considering that I am 5'10 and 113 lbs. When I first starting having pneumothoraxs I didn't know what was happening,...

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  • ta8244 1

    Pleurodesis recovery

    In February 2016 I had a bullectomy and pleurodesis on my left side. In May, I did my right side. During the May surgery my lower right lobe was removed. That space filled with fluid too thick to remove by pleurocentesis. My surgeon and lung specialist chose to leave this fluid alone. Said it would

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  • kayleighnicole 1

    Pneumothorax surgery in 2012, No issues until now.

    I'm new to this forum but figured it would be worth a try. I had a surgery for pneumothorax back in 2012 on my right lung. I haven't had any issues since and it's been a few years. The last couple of months, however, I've been having more frequent issues with strong pain and tight was while

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  • StevenK 1

    Stinging/Burning Pain after Pneumothorax?

    Hi, So here's my Roughly 3-4 weeks ago I had a spontaneous pneumothorax. When inserting the chest tube by the doctors, it caused me to have a hemothorax as well. After a week in the hospital I was released with a minor reoccurence of the hemo-pneumothorax which the doctors believed would

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  • Frayniac 2


    I am 28 and have had a phneumathorax twice since June and am awaiting surgery. I'm really scared and I'm trying to make sense of my pains all the time. Last week I was having a weird sensations along with pain in my left side where it happened. Upon going to a and e they said my lung is fully

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  • tina73154 2


    Is it normal to have pain and muscle spasms after having pneumothorax? Ever since I had my oprartion my left lung well muscle wall surrounding it always cramps on me and spasms would this be something to do with the surgery?

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  • alex71431 2

    Pneumothorax - 36 year old male, 172cm, fit, non smoker

    I am a 36 year old male. Fit and healthy, non smoker, Train regularly. Due to my work I take an average of 10 flights within Europe every 6 weeks. I also swim in the sea and dive down to about 5m quite often. I suffered from a pneumothorax 2 and half weeks ago. I had been doing sprint running and

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  • chris31297 1
  • Evolv 1

    Pneumothorax Reoccurence

    I'm a 26 year old fit male with a slim build and also a non-smoker. About two months ago whilst in the office I suffered from some intense sharp stabbing pains in the right side of my chest which lasted for about 30 minutes or so. The pain died down, but the side was achey and the pain  intesified

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  • aivis 1

    Can stretchig cause Hemopneumothorax?

    First of all - thanks for taking the time to read this. Just in few On Tuesday I had pneumothorax happened to me. I did not know what it is I just felt a sharp pain in my upper chest side. Pain was managable - more annoying. On wednesday pain got a lot worse. To the point i could

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  • Jimbro29842 2

    Pinching pain if you don't get enough sleep?

    Hi everyone, I had pneomothorax / VATS, 8 months ago. During the 8 months, even now, if I don't get enough sleep, I get a pinching pain near the surgery area Practising deep breathing exercises and coughins helps and so does getting more sleep. Does this happen to you? Is this normal? Cheers, Brody

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  • sammy528 1

    Constant Pain Since Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    In April I had a spontaneous pneumothorax.  I spent 3 days in the hospital and only had partial reinflation and a new diagnosis of asthma when discharged.  I spent a week at home and when I went back for my follow up x-ray and appointment, I still had over a centemeter to reinflate.  The thurasic

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  • am58340 1

    Friend in the hospital in an induced coma to treat collapsed lungs

    A friend of mine who is in the hospital in an induced come with a trach due to 2 collapsed lungs.  He had the flu and then pneumonia and now this.  He has been there for 3 weeks now and isn't showing any improvement.  He has a clean health history and all other organs are functioning perfectly.  

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  • Thisjustin 2


    I posted a discussion about a month ago with no replies. Just double checking has anyone in here had vats surgery on each lung?

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  • alex01275 2

    Roller coasters

    Just wondering if it was okay to ride rollercoasters 6 months after VATS surgery. Ive been healthy. No pain. Flown from Missouri to Florida with no complications so I would imagine Id be fine wanting to be sure.

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  • aye 78495 1

    After pneumothorax i can fly long over 30000ft ;(

    Last 6 month i had been suffered from pneumothorax n chest tube cure! I m female n thin n tall but next 5 month i hv to go to europe countries from asian! I hv to fly for total 16 hours onboard! Surgery said i hv a very tiny bullae in lunch! I m so Afraid of happen again pneumothorax while flying

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  • Jimbro29842 2

    Is referred pain normal 6 months after VATS?

    Hello everyone, 6 months ago I had VATS for pneomothorax on my left lung. I also get minor chest pain on the other side of my chest and near my stomach on my right side too. Is this normal and part of the healing process? I have had referred pain before months ago. It goes away when I breathe

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  • Mizjet 1

    Two pleurodesis ops later, sudden worsening

    Hi I'm a 37 yo female who has had two left sided talc pleurodesis ops to fix recurring pneumothorax. The last op was about five years ago and although I had a small residual pneumo (right behind heart in front of spine) I healed well and haven't had problems since then, until recently. I didn't

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  • ckyip0711 1

    Is running the cause of spontaneous pneumothorax?

    Hi. I had first episodo of spontaneous pneumothorax this April, recurrent happened two months later. Went VATs and pleurodesis on July. Am a regular runner, before SP i run 60 - 80 km per week. Some said the SP is due to i run too much. I am back to running after 7 weeks off from tracks. Now still

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  • susan1987 1

    Advice on spontaneous pneumothorax

    Visited A&E yesterday with chest pain identical to the pain I had a while back when I had a pneumothorax on my right side. This pain is now on the left. X-ray showed a small pneumothorax, no chest drain needed and was sent home with the advice that I was to return if I felt worse. This morning, the

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