Post nasal drip?

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This is my first post on this site. I’m hoping I can get some opinions as to why I’m getting the way I am.

The doctors can’t crack it! The Natropath seem to think I could be allergic to something which is causing the drip!

I think I have post nasal drip but also have itchy chest and can’t laugh or excessive with out coughing. My saliver is constantly thick too. I know it sounds gross but it’s like there is a mixture of mucas and regular saliver together. 

This has been going on for over 2 years now. I’ve tried nasal sprays and changing my diet. I just miss feeling healthy and clear and I miss running and being active with out suffering the below. Please help. 

Every single day it’s like mucas is running from my nose down my throat. This causes itchy chest day in day out and when ever I laugh I start coughing extremely bad due to the sensitive feeling in my chest. I also can’t run to the point where I’m sweating because then I’ll start coughing again because my airways and chest become itchy inside. I have trouble falling asleep sometimes because I get mucus and congestion that drops from the back of my nose into my throat and then I choke at the feeling something is going down my throat. 

Even now while typing this I am getting the slow drip and coughing and I’m not even being completely active right now. 

I am so over this. 

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    Hi Lee,

    I too have this awful complaint. I developed sinus issues after a bad cold approximately 18 months ago. I was put on about 6 courses of anti biotics last year which really lowered my immune system. I've also tried all the sprays that have been suggested but have now thrown them all away except for saline spray as it is safe to use to clear out some of the muck at least when it is bad.

    I saw an ENT in early May last year. He suggested also throwing away the sprays. I also threw away the nasal irrigations as well, those got into my eustachian tubes in my ears, causing further misery.

    I've had blood test for allergies and they came back clear for dust, pet dander, mould etc. I started seeing a Naturopath about late June last year and whilst I am not cured (far from it) he seems to help me a lot.

    The first thing you need to do is get a tri pillow and put it underneath your regular pillow so it hoists your head up a bit, allowing mucus to drain better. Don't put the tri pillow on top, you will wake with a sore neck.

    Drink HEAPS of water. I am talking 2-3 litres a day. (A litre of that could be hot teas and coffees so don't despair but you got drink heaps of the clear stuff too.

    See a naturopath for acupuncture once a week until your symptoms lessen and then see if you can go longer ie a week and a bit, 12 days, 14 days etc. I currently see mine once a fortnight sometimes more often in winter when the symptoms seem worse. Ensure you get the right combo of Chinese herbs for sinus inflammation. Mine are called Xin ya San and look like tiny black marbles. He also gives me other stuff when I'm having a bad time with inflammation and congestion. Again, winter seems worse than the summer.

    I also take evening primrose tabs, 2000 mg a day and garlic, horseradish and vitamin C capsules super strength 2 x twice a day. If your diet is lacking, look into something called Juice Plus capsules. Expensive, yes, but they seem to have boosted my immune system, making me a bit stronger to fight this.

    I seem to have a non allergic rhinitis, no cure they say. It may be that it may be better after menopause has been and gone (who knows, they do say that women heading into menopause are often prone to sinus issues). Non allergic rhinitis has all the symptoms of allergies and although there isn't a cure, treat the symptoms as they occur. I seem to always have vicks vapodrops on me or vicks or sinus balm to put under my nose when I am bad.

    Steamy showers are a mainstay. Steaming over a bowl of boiling water and eucalyptus sometimes helps if I am super stuffy - again not a cure but provides some relief.

    Try not to allow yourself to stress or become over anxious - seems to make things worse. Easier said than done sometimes, I know only too well.

    I've also gone off most dairy in the last 4 months, takes a while to kick in and I sometimes have a sprinkling of parmesan on pasta or a scrape of butter on toast instead of nuttelex when I feel deprived but if you can stay off it, it sometimes helps to slow down the nasty post nasal drip.

    Hope some of this might make sense and help a little. It's only what I do and not from any medical journal or "How to get Better" book.


    Take Care, Margy.


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      Thank you Margy for your in depth advice and opinion. You raise a lot of points in there that make me realise I’m not alone in this department! You’ve hit the nail on the head with lots of what you said and I can relate to so much. It’s nice to hear it from someone else. 

      It sounds like you’ve gone through it longer than I have and you’ve tried more to get rid of it. 

      I was told antibiotics played a key part in this and I was suffering many flu and chest infections prior to this and antibiotics probably played a part too for me. 

      I also have cut out dairy and I do drink lots of water! I find I’ve had to build my immunity up by eating spinach, quinoa, lemon, meat and a rainbow a day of veggies and fruit as recommended by my Natropath and since doing this I notice immense improvement but it’s just so hard to maintain. I’m a lover of healthy foods but I certainly love un healthy food too so it’s hard to just stick on a clean diet but I am trying so hard to because I feel that’s what I need to do! 

      I totally agree with you saying that it gets worse through the winter! And I also agree with you that stress and anxiety can make it worse too. I have a happy life but let’s be honest we all have stressful parts of our life and when I am stressed I find it runs more and more and causes more issues. When I’m calm happy and at ease I find it goes back a few levels...

      Again thanks for your response. I wish you the best for your health. 


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    Hi I have hayfever and had it for 32 yrs but the chronic nasal congestion is the worst.i have had blood tests, spirimetery tests for asthma chest x ray etc.i tried sooo many nasal sprays that weren't was eventually found I had severe dehydration and since I've been drinking loads of water I've been so much better and finally able to get some sleep at night.i was at end of my tether with it as some days Both my nostrils were blocked and because I couldn't breathe I was panicky and was short of breath plus I also passed out.maybe u have asthma or you could be dehydrated like I was.DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.thats the only Thing that has worked for me.bope u start to feel better soon

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    Try Mucinex D it thin's mucus, OTC nasal spray's can help with inflammation,  washout with saline twice a day helps, you should drink plenty of water during the day.

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