Post nasal drip, silent reflux etc.

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Hi All,

I have come across this forum whilst searching the internet for some answers. I have been suffering from the symptoms mentioned on here for about 6 years now.

Just to give you a short overview, will keep it short: I am living in South Africa, 29 years old, male, problem started with an irritating cough & constant throat clearing & got sore throat but not too often. Started getting upper airway infections & decided to go to doctor that diagnosed me with Asthma. After I started using the Asthma inhalers the sore throat became more apparent but my cough stopped. Decided to stop using inhalers but problem just got worse and worse over the years. Daily symptoms now include sticky white mucus in back of throat, post nasal drip, sore / burning throat, constant throat clearing, hoarseness in voice, throat clearing after eating (does not matter what I eat), blocked noise, sinus infections, etc.

I have been on all sorts of medication, nasal sprays, antihistamines, Cortisone's. I have been to 2 different ENT's, had sinus surgery (which made it worse), been to 2 different allergists, seen many GP's & a homeopathic doctor & no relief. The latest thing I have done is the G-scope after reading about LPR & doc advised that all seems normal. I have tried nexium & now use another med for reflux.

My work also involves speaking a lot so I suffer more at work than at home. I dont drink or smoke either.

I have traveled to other countries & the symptoms still continue.

My question is to those who suffer from this, do you have lots of stress, have you suffered some sort of trauma before symptoms started, do you have an active job or are you sitting at a desk all day?

Also, I haven't manged to find any forums like this for South Africans, so if there are anybody in SA reading this with these symptoms please make contact.

Many thanks, any input will be appreciated.

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    I have the same symptoms as you. I sit at a desk all day and my job isn't particularly stressful though GPs and specialists have tried to tell me the symptoms are caused by anxiety.

    My symptoms started nearly 2 years ago after a virus that had me off work for a week with severe sinus infection after a heavy cold. A lot of other people were off work too for at least a week so it was a bad infection but everyone else got over it, I have been left with the LPR (silent reflux) type symptoms ever since and nothing has so far decreased the symptoms significantly.

    I do read the forums on this website as there are a lot of good posts on LPR which although I haven't been diagnosed I suspect I have. Sadly no cure or even effective medication available as yet.

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    My symptoms are somewhat like yours, the major problems being throat clearing (mostly under control now), chronic cough (under control now) and awful thick post nasal drip/mucus (still have it). I eat according to the Koufman diet and drink alkaline Iceland water. I have read that stress can play a part but that is not my problem nor did I suffer any trauma.

    I find if I have to speak a lot then I try not to eat just before. I know that isn't a cure but it is a work around so you can stay functional. Like many of us, I've tried the PPI, H2 blockers. The PPIs made me sick so I hardly gave them a chance. I tried the H2 blockers for a month and a half. Some improvement resulted but nothing worth writing home about.

    This is what I'm doing now. and I'm hoping to finally be free of the mucus. I'm sticking with the Koufman diet, the alkaline water (no change there and it has been tremendously helpful) but to tackle the mucus, I'm trying DGL Licorice 2 tablets, 2X per day taken 20 min or so before a meal plus 3 mg melatonin 2 hrs before bed. It all sounds like quackery, but has some science to back it up.

    There is a real peer reviewed study about melatonin helping reflux. The DGL licorice is supposed to help thin the mucus according to the NIH. So this is why I'm trying it for a month or so to see if I can beat the last of these symptoms.

    I'm not overweight and I exercise regularly so that is not a factor. I can't figure out why so many of us have this! Two of my friends have just been diagnosed with it.

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi Ryan

    I have experienced much the same as you. I took allergy shots twice weekly then once a week for a decade. Still had problems but not as bad. The constant clearing of the throat and mucus draining down the back of my throat was so irritating. And the tickling and itch that made me cough and gag with each bite of any and all food or dring. ENT doctors were no help and all the antihistamines did nothing much for long. 24 hour allergy  pills lasted sometines only 4 hours. My allergist did tell me to avoid cold liquids and white flour products and all sugars including artificial sweeteners when experiencing severe symptoms. I recently developed a coffee liking and noticed that it always made matters worst, even black coffee. What finally worked and gave me relief was when i made tea in the coffee maker instead of hot coffee. I squitred some lemon in it and voila no more irritation. I stopped all dairy products even my favorite ice cream which was loaded with sugars and cholesterol anyway. Finally after all these years I have relief. Hope this helps.


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    Mine started with a simple blocked nose (not a cold/flu) and went from there.  I've been tested for allergies and food intolerances.  I did not have any stress before this started and I have an office job.  I am not overweight and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

    My ONLY conclusion to how this all started is that I let my diet go.  I was not getting 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and I was not cooking from from scratch. My diet was good, but not that good!  I think my body simply became too acidic. 

    I have done a peptest which confirmed high levels of pepsin, therefore I knew it was LPR.  The only thing that has given me relief from the throat issues has been alkaline water.  I still suffer from post nasal drip, which quite frankly is driving me crazy!  I am about to embark on nasal irrigation (rinse) as I've hear it can really help.   Just weighing up whether to use NeilMed, salt water or alkaline water to do it!

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      Hi all

      sorry to hear you are all suffering it is not nice. I have had acid reflux gerd since 2008.  The mucus, the throat clearing, the cough, itchy throat, lump in throat etc.  I thought or think mine is related to stress. However since Jan of this year  around the time I had my gall bladder removed. It has got unbearable.  I am waiting an appointment for a scope down my throat.  I have not had a nights sleep since Jan and would consider myself to be either having a nervous breakdown or anxiety at the moment as well.

      its the mucus, pain in the throat, burning etc. that is getting me down. There is no respite and I am supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow. Packing includes Gaviscon loads of it. Alkaline. Drops for water. Painkillers. Omezerprole  apologise. For spelling. Although I think these are useless.  Has anyone had sucess with melatonin ?.  Any ideas greatly received.  I am trying to stick to a low alkaline diet  no alcohol. Do not smoke and just about given up all sweets.  Feel for you all as this is a horrible situation to be in .


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      It really sounds like you are in the wars Jane!  Do you drink the alkaline drops/water?  I drink a small bottle of saka water every day, but I gargle and spray the alkaline drops (diluted in water).  That way, the alkaline gets to work directly on the pepsin in your throat (if that's what you have?) rather than rushing past it when drinking the water!  I gargle in the morning and 30 mins after a meal.  

      Also, people rave on about DGL liquorice.  I haven't tried it myself, but people say it really helps out their throat.

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      Hi Susan,to try and cope with acid reflux and post nasal drip I have changed my diet, I'm now diary free have been wheat free, gluten free and now I'm triing omneprednozol but it's still not gone completely.  I'm keen to know what's the link between melatonin and psot nasal drip?
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      Hi Jane, I just read your answer here about you almost having a nervous breakdown. I hope things have gotten better for you since. I have had great relief at night taking a slow release calcium carbonate product called Citracal Slow Release 1200 (Walmart $10). I take one at bedtime. Just make sure during the day you get plenty of fiber.
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      Hi suzeq, I think your spot on regarding this, " I think my body simply became too acidic."

      I was an avid runner and weight lifter who ate well had little to no stress and do not consume soda, caffeine, or alcohol. In my mind my body must have pushed over the edge of being too acidid. The interesting question is why is it that our bodies have become unable to deal with it while others can. I have read that everyone has reflux.

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      Hi suzeq1972,

      I am from South Africa.

      I have all the symptoms for "silent reflux". The dr's diagnoses was stress!!!

      the mucus is getting worse and the (breathing in) gets less every day. I am tired, the lump in my throat gets bigger when I stress. What is the "Alkaline drops" the soka water and Melatonin? where can I buy that?

      I when for many tests, swollowing the camera (nothing was wrong)

      X-rays for lungs? nothing wrong.

      But why am I suffering the this mucus and breathing? I do not have Madical Aid and the Dr's dont no how to treat me. I know my body and there is something wrong. Can you help me with any information?


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      I have been suffering from Post Nasal Drip for several years now.  My physician told me there is nothing that can be done!  (I can't believe this is true.)

      I do get a scratching in my throat, even when not having anything to eat, and it makes me cough. I had an X-Ray of the throat which showed nothing abnormal.

      I take Omeprazole for stomach acid..but I don't think it has anything to do with the above problem.

      Good luck!

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      Take the LPR/Silent  reflux questions test.  LPR can cause PND.  It did for me and changing my diet really, really helped.  See Dr. Koufman's Dropping Acid, The Reflux Diet and Cookbook Cure.  I don't take any drugs for my LPR.

      It's worth a try and will not cause harm.  PND is awful!

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      Hi Susan,  How long did it take following Dr. Koufman's diet before you felt any symptom relief?  I read the book and tried it and was strict with it for 11 days and had NO change in my symptoms (mucous, coughing, throat clearing, asthma).  I stopped b/c was frustrated that no relief.

      I ate pretty healthy prior to trying the diet anyway... low fat, high fiber, lots of fruits and vegetables, I exercise and am not overweight.  I'd be willing to try again if I knew that it took time but her book says do it for 2 weeks so I expected some relief.

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