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Did anyone else have dark blood stained bandages four days after bunion and hammer toe op. I think the congealed blood is smelling a bit too. Could this be gangrene?

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    I had same op done n only had lil pin blood spots from my pins n that was it I wld call ur doc n let him no just to b on say side
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    Hi John, my bandage was just the same, I did bleed quite a lot after the op and the dressing was very stained.  When the surgeon took the dressing off 7 days after the op there was no problem at all everything was fine.  Hope this reassures you.
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    Blood smells like iron, if it smells bad the best thing to do is go and see the practice nurse or GP.  You can't expect this forum to advise you on this accurately unless they are medically qualified.  Even if other people have bleed through, that doesn't mean it's ok for you.  At least ring your surgery or the hospital number that's given out after this kind of procedure.  Best of luck.
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    Hello john.

    OMG! Your such a drama king!!!

    I had a lot of blood also.

    Not only will you have blood stained bandages but, this will have dried and the bandage itself will probably feel very hard and stiff. It may smell but it aint going to kill you.

    This IS NOT UNUSUAL. You need to understand that these things happen. When you had your surgery there would be a lot of little blood vessels and ligaments and bones and nerves and veins all interferred and messed about with.

    I am wondering if you have been unlucky with the preparation and information you were given before the operation and during the consultations you had with your surgeon when discussing and planning the surgery, or, whether you just don't seem able to grasp that you have had quite major, invasive surgery on your foot and that you have not taken on board what has been said to you.

    I know I am being extremely hard on you. Very! But, over the course of your contribution to this forum, right from the outset prior to your surgery, you have come across, at least to me any rate, that you are anxious.

    I am sure you're not. And I am sure that you are only anxious and concerned that this surgery has a good outcome for you. I hope it does. I'm sure it will.

    However, you're a man!

    Many men don't do illness very well and are very overdramatic at times when there's no need.

    I realise that I could be loading the canon which will result in my own demise with all the stuff I am saying to you.

    But, Gangrene!

    For goodness sake, man!

    Please, please, please, just calm down.

    Do you live alone?

    Are you young or, of mature years?

    I am wondering if your anxiety is due to not having anyone to talk to about your surgery.

    Now, after my deluge, let's be practical.

    If you have any concerns at all, any pain etc then you must seek medical advice either from your GP or, contact the hospital/clinic where you had your surgery. Talk to the secretary of your consultant/surgeon and ask for advice.

    I am sure that you will be treated accordingly andfairly.

    You will have or should soon have an appointment to go have your dressings changed and your wound inspected. This may be about 10 days/14 days after the surgery. The bandage will be gently and safely cut off as there are quite a few layers of bandage usually to get through and they will be hard with the dried blood. They may have also stuck to your foot in places but the nurse who removes them will be aware of this and will be very careful and gentle so as not to pull the stuck bandage off your foot as it may dislodge the stitches in your scar along your foot.

    This scar will probably be about 6 inches in length and run from approximately where your arch is on your foot and it will finish almost just below the base of your big toe nail. The stitches will mainly be dissolvable. The scar site may feel quite tender. All quite normal.  The foot will then be re-bandaged and you will have a further appointment to go and have the bandages removed. This will probably be around 4/6 weeks after the surgery. If you have a K-wire protruding from the end of your hammertoe, this has to be removed no later than 6/7 weeks after the surgery.The reason it mustn't be left in your toe any longer is to avoid risk of infection. THis K-wire is removed very carefully, slowly and gently with surgical pliers. It won't hurt but it may sting. But once removed it will be absolutely fine. There will be a tiny hole which will be covered with a dressing and will very quickly heal over with new skin. The clinic nurse or your surgeon may do this for you. If you're the fainting type ask to be allowed to lie down before the procedure. Don't be afriad to tell them your the sort of person who faints easily. I am exactly the same and I did pass out on one occasion.

    When your bandages come off for good you will see that over the weeks your skin on your foot has dried and become dead and will be coming off. It will look a bit of a mess. Don't worry about this and don't be tempted to pull the skin off if it's not loose. Instead get a tub of Aqueous cream from the chemist shop and bathe your now unbandaged foot in a warm( not hot) solution of salty water. Pat it dry gently and then apply liberal applications of the Aqueous cream. It;s lovely and moisturising and will make your foot feel lovely. The new skin on your foot will also feel very soft and smooth.

    I cannot believe that you haven't got all this information. Or, is it that you are not letting on about it?

    Please just allow the healing process to progress at it's own speed. Be patient and for goodness sake stop thinking you have gangrene.

    I am a Yorkshire lass. And as such, don't mince my words. I am not a bad person, though. So don't think ill of me.

    P.S. When I first responded to your plight before you had your surgery I gave you a lot of tips about getting a Limbo to put on over your dressing to allow you to have a shower and keep the bandages dry and also, I told you about getting a bed cradle and mentioned other things to help you. Have you taken any notice of these thin gs? I also know others have replied to you and given support and tips. That's what this site's all about.


    Good Luck!



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      Hi Gillian thanks for your reply and yes I am a bit of a drama king to be honest!. I had a good laugh at your down to earth commonsense. You seem to have sussed me right out. I am an incorrigble worrier and others have used the word hypochondriac to describe me in the past!. I am sixty and I do live alone and yes the anxiety isn't helped by not having anyone to talk to about it. I didn't really prepare for this operation very well as I think you have guessed. I must say you are very perceptive. I like your down to earth way of speaking as it seems to calm me down a bit. I appreciate your support. You are funny!!
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    Good morning John

    Just looking in to see how things are going.  How are you?

    I thought you might like to know my husband years ago also had a problem with 'gangrene'.  He got carried away with an electric planer and planed the top of his finger off.  The results were he had to have the dressing/wound changed.

    However, we had one of those leather type finger protectors and suddenly one morning he said to me 'I have gangrene - we need to get to the hospital now - I can smell the top of my finger.'  So hospital was phoned and they said for him to come immediatly.

    I sat outside the cubicle and heard him asking the nurse how much of his finegr would he loose.  Then the nurse was saying 'It is healing beautiful Mr B'!  So go home and stop worrying you do NOT have gangrene.

    Weeks later it suddenly occurred to me it was probably the leather had become contaminated with the blood.  So crisis over........  you are not the only drama queen - you have to share this title with my husband. x


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