Post op recovery nightmare

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Hi all. I am 9 weeks post op, right foot Taylor's bunion

plus 4th and 5th toe straightening. Was told recovery

expected to be 6 to 8 weeks, normal professions.

I am a post woman aged 52 so I expected a little longer

and asked advice from surgeon and he said 8 to 10.

My sick note runs out in two weeks. I am wearing

trainers size 7 1/2 when I take a six, I can't walk properly

at all and can only take small stiff steps. The joint

over my Taylor's bunion is wired and I have no movement

at all from the newly shaved joint. I feel like I will never

walk properly again ad my foot is always swollen, stiff

and sore. My 4th toe was cut horizontally and has been

constantly swollen for the entire time. The 5th toe was

cut laterally and is not so bad. Surgeon said not to ice

after first 2 weeks but nurse said yes????

Feel very disillusioned and fearful I will not be able to

return to my normal job. Anyone had similar????

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    Hi Pauline,

    How are you doing now? Did you get better? Have you returned to work?

    I had a bunionectomy and plantar plate repair (2nd metatarsal) 5 weeks ago. I am still non weight bearing in a boot. Well, my doc told me at 4 weeks I could gradually begin bearing weight as tolerated, but I haven't tolerated it. My foot is super swollen (toes and ball of foot), have pain 24 hrs per day, pain intensifies at night to a 7 out of 10, and my color turns purple when foot in the downward position. I don't think this is normal and I'm going to see the doc again this week.

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      Hi holly, no still off work and not walking very well at all. Have severe nerve pain which is now being treated with Gabapentin. Because I was offered no physio post op my foot and lower leg have totally frozen up and nothing bends. I demanded physio last week and have my csecond session tomorrow. Slight improvements but still a long way to go. Been off work 15 weeks now. The purple colour and swelling is normal. Elevate your foot as much as possible, especially whenever sitting. Keep your ankle moving and flex your shin muscles. Get physio as soon as possible, even if they say there is none, demand it. Mine said I should have been referred post op. Good luck, keep me updated, I am here if you need me.😁
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      Hi Pauline, well my other comment that I spent a lot of time on was sent to the moderators. I have to make this quick.

      I am doing better since my post. Monday I did a few baby steps on my boot. Yesterday, even more baby steps. Today walking all over the house in my boot. Knee is wobbly but amazingly enough my pain and swelling has gone down more this week than the past 5 weeks.

      I hate to hear of your troubles and am praying for you.

      I have been doing a lot of research and now am taking many supplements. I recommend and take the following:

      1000 MG of Lypo-Spheric Vit C 2x/day on an empty stomach. I get mine online through amazon. VIT C helps your nerves and will help to heal them

      An organic mutivitamin vitamin

      VIT D3 5-10,000 per day (to keep vit D blood serum levels in 50 range. Most people are D deficient and our bodies need this.

      VIT K2 this is in green leafy veggies. Your body needs K2 when taking VIT D so that the calcium goes to your bones and not your heart/arteries.

      Collagen 1&3 6000 MG

      Turmeric helps with inflammation and pain

      Organic sulpher powder -1/2 teaspoon dissolved in water. Drink fast because it tastes awful. It has MSM which is very good for you.

      N-A-G (N-Acetyl Glucosamine) 700 MG this is good for your joints.

      All of my research states to cut out the high glycolic foods: sugar, white bread, pasta, rice, as they encourage inflammation. Instead, eat more fruit, vegetables, and beans. I try to eat organic when possible due to the glyphosate they put on our foods in the USA. I also cut out my coffee and tea and primarily just drink water.

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      Hi Pauline, forgot to tell you to add Omega 3 to yor diet. I take a good quality Omega 3 2x a day and am going to work up to 4x a day. Research shoes that Omega 3 helps our bodies heal. Omega 3 is also found in sardines and salmon.

      Good luck and many prayers for your complete healing!

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      Thank you holly for all of your advice and prayers. I will try the supliments and hopefully they will aid my recovery. I am hoping that when I go to physio tomorrow she tells me that there is improvement. I told her last time that I have 2 months left before work stops paying me. She said she would tell me tomorrow if I can improve enough to get back to work in another 8 weeks. Wow, for someone who was told 6 to 8 weeks recovery, that is so so wrong. They should have been helping me when I expressed my concerns 9 weeks ago. I am very angry that I was given such false advice. I am glad that you are getting about better, hopefully you will have a good recovery. Just remember to keep that ankle and lower leg flexing. Thank you again for all of your advice. I welcome and appreciate the prayers, I think I need them. Good luck to you 😁😁
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      Oh and sorry I did not reply to you for a few days. I had to go to hospital as I was having breathing problems. Then I had a problem with my roof and had to get a roofer out go fix it. It never rains but it pours 😯😯
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      Hi holly, I'm looking at surgery to repair to planters plate.  My podiatrist said he did the type where the incision is made on the bottom of the foot.  Was your incision on the bottom or top of your foot?  I appreciate you sharin the vitamin regimen.  I believe in this.  Thank you.  And any pointers or info is welcome.  God bless you.

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      Hi Karen, My doctor performed the surgery on top. I still have pain and, in fact, it is worse than before. Hopefully, you will have better luck. Please also take Vit B. B1 is especially important. I take Neuropaquell (purchased through Amazon) and it has a huge amount of B vitamins. B1 helps to prevent and heal nerve damage.

      How long did your doctor say you would be non weight bearing?

      Couple of pointers:

      Start your vitamins (especially Neuropaquell 1 month out). Cut out alcohol and caffeine

      Build upper body strength for your crutches.

      Get a bath chair

      A knee scooter with a basket is also helpful.

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      Sorry you are having problems.  Surgery doesn't help all the time.  I'm trusting and believing God to heal my foot.  

      My doctor says he only does surgery on the bottom of the foot.  It seems to me surgery on the bottom would cause more problems with the scar, nerves ect.

      im use to walking 6 miles a day and now none.  So hard.  Still wearing the boot and taping my toe.  I may get the toe spacers and see what happens.  

      Thank  you for your input.  I pray the lord heals you as well!

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