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HI. I've read through as many posts as i could to piece together answers but coming up a bit short.

Had TvT-O urethra sling and posterior repair surgery 5.5 weeks ago. Have had huge regrets as my little is 4 and i would carry him daily. Was also active and independent physically. Lifted what i wanted anytime. Only did the surgery to fix slight leaking.

I"m back at work full time as i have a sitting job and trying to avoid lifting over 10 pounds. No one mentioned bending so have been picking up toys and unloading washer and making meals since week four.

Wondering two things 1. Do these symptoms go away and when - dribbling leakage when standing up or bending - overactive / frequent bladder - pelvic floor pressure when standing too long - pinching or cramp like twinges occassionally in abdomen and butt cheek.

  1. Can one go back to normal lifting and exercise? What if I decide to backpack through EUROPE in my retirement. Some posts make it sound like a physical death sentence. I would take leaking any day if it meant I COULD have kept my life. I did the surgery so i could play volleyball, run and lift my toddler into swings, onto shoulders etc and be pad free at the same time.

PLEASE tell me people saw these symptoms go away and they resumed active lives that allowed them to garden, carry suitcases, lift children etc. within a year.

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    hiya . i didnt know about bending either if i was honest. i am 3 wks post op rectocele repair and have carried on doing light chores and walking alot as i have a little dog but no lifting. my bowels okayish with meds but the odd day im getting really strong pain in my fu fu. i assume its where im knitting together.if i was totally honest i wish i didnt have it done. i had no idea it was going to be like this they didnt tell me anything really. this forum has been great so helpful and one lady has said it takes months for the bowel to recover.

    im like you active on the go all the time so being at home these 3wks hasnt been easy. i just hope that in time i will go back to being normal because definately at the moment im not. i had a tvt years ago but cant remember having to be that worked and i could anything but since i have had this op i feel the tvt isnt there anymore as i am constantly weeing and wake in the night for a wee just like before.

    im trying to stay positive but i have days of doubt but only time will tell.

    i think you having a little one at home must make recovery harder as like you say your forever picking up bits and cuddles etc.

    i havent got any advice really as im too early into my repair but im sure one of the other lovely ladies could help you more.

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      Hi Debbie,

      Think that the younger you are the quicker the recovery and the outcomes much better.

      I base this opinion on experience; as an older teen had my firstborn and ripped my perinium , I recovered fairly quickly without any post advice and you dont get much rest with new baby, dont remember too much discomfort although had a bunch of uncomfortable nobbly stitching which eventually smothed over.

      My recovery from hysterectomy and front repair (age 52) took much longer and was about 3 months before I felt like I was begining to go back to normal, and 6 months before ready to return to work, but gad reprolapsed slightly due to not resting in early weeks.

      Current situation has front re-repaired and back wall done too (age 55) recovery went fairly well in early months but as soon as returned to work 12 weeks post op to medium impact work ive never felt completely right. Have nippy scar tissue which is thin and painfull and have to limit how much time I spend on my feet.

      So please rest and rest and ensure a positive recovery 1 st time.


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      hi hopeful4

      i had my tvt about 4 years ago and i could hop skip and jump so to speak it was perfect but now after my rectocele 3wks ago my bladder is very sensitive at the moment im forever having a wee and i cant hold it for long as i get pain but just hoping it will all calm down in time as with my bowel.

      our organs have gone through a trauma and we have to allow them time to recover unfortunately its a slow recovery. x

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      did the leaking go away right away after your tvt. im almost six weeks and get dribbling. cramping on left abdomin as well. not sure what this can be

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      no not straight away as had a couple of uti. i was told it would be day surgery but had to stay in as i couldnt wee so had to have a catheter in. from that moment i thought here we go but once i weed it was ok and i was home. i would say a good couple of months before it calmed down and i was fine. i dont remember dribbling abit afterwards to be honest.

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      THANKS im thinking mine is too loose. no issues peeing from day one but constant leaking and i am almost six week. real disappointment

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      would love to hear if the bladder sensation of having to pee all the time goes away. i drink a glass of water and its an instant sensation of having to go.

      with your tvt do you recall having a sensation of urine coming done but not leaking. when i stand or walk it feels like the bladder is releasing but mesh catches it and then it just sits there

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      P lease put your mi nd at rest and get a second opinion.

      You really need to know why your having these symtoms.

      It doesnt sound right as you have more than one issue going on.

      Try not to worry,but do get an appointment.x

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    After any repair consultant usually tell you that heavy lifting should not be done atvall after repairs as it can cause t he op to fail.

    Also id refrain from bending etc to up to 3 months. This csuses a lot if pressure on your oelvic floor. Imagine it squeezing around y our healing tissues.

    Ive had my tvh and anterior repair done in January and i still dont bend at waist,alwsys with knees.

    I never suffered with leakage bht it is vety common after pelvic floor surgery. Sometimes it improves other times it doesnt.

    If it continues i would definitely got back and see y our consultant.

    T heses ops are very hard on us ladies mentally.

    I still am.paranoid about failures as my first anterior lasted 1 month and i did nothing for 8 weeks but now i had a new consultant who is fab and so so knowledgeable about our pelvic floor.

    Lastly when your cleared to do pelvic floor exercises i would firstly go and see a ladies physiotherapist so your doing them right.


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      HI I guess early on I felt it was less of s strain to just tilt over to pick things up.

      I'm so confused by all the information. How can one put on shoes, grab something from a lower shelf, pull on pants etc. without bending. Dr said back to normal activities after 6 weeks. Id be sick if it was all my bending that has lead to leakage as i had all the help in the world through this but with no pain decided to start making light meals etc after 2 weeks.

      I fly out to a conference at 8 weeks for 3 days and now I'M freaked. I thought our bodies healed faster than this and some bending wouldnt wreak anything. Trying to find research or literature around bending.

      paranoid about everything now. should i have slept with a body pillow between knees? I slept on a bed with a raised head. would gravity played a part in inproper healing?

      Man I felt better knowing nothing lol

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