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it's been quite some time since I've been on this site but I just wanted to give an update .

I'm now nearly 3 years post op(3 years in june).

I had my partial hysterectomy (womb cervix tubes but my ovaries are still in though) when I was 24 , I am now 27.

I had to hysterectomy due to well honestly we don't know. I started having a period and then never came off it, doctors tried every avenue to try to stop the bleeding. baring in mind that this wasn't just a bit of spotting or a normal period . I can only compare it to something putting on a tap and leaving it running.

I had in total

11 ultrasounds

8 internal scans

2 fertility checks

6 blood tests

and no one could understand why it was it happening.everything was seemingly normal in the aspect of bloods and hormone levels and no thickening of the womb lining. again doctors tried all possible treatments

all contraception

delay pills.


scraps .

everything and nothing worked and this whole process spanned over 2 years.

it got time to seriously consider the hysterectomy, nothing was working and my quality of life was well non existent. they asked if I would prefer to try to oblation first. which I denied due to

oblation could work or it could not

the hysterectomy however we knew would work, can't bleed from my womb if it's not there.

anyway I had the hysterectomy through the key hole procedure. the recovery for me to be completely okay to work was in total 3.5 months (my job is very active and alot of lifting so took more time) I had no issues with pain was fine with just simple paracetamol for the first 3 weeks then nothing after that. I had no complications. My external incisions healed very quickly around 4 weeks or so.

internal obviously took more time.

which brings me to present day

I am fully healed

My scaring is so tiny if you didn't know I had the operation you wouldn't be able to tell unless you looked realy close.

I am period free, after 2 years of being on my period every single day . I have now not had anything since the day of my operation.

I don't lie the first treat I bought myself after I had the operation and went back to work was 2 pairs of Crystal white underwear and I felt like a goodness 😂😂😂 I had earned those white pants.

we now understand what was happening.

when the egg releases from the ovaries and should wait to be fertilised then reject when it's time to. My body was recognising the release of the egg as a bad thing so anti bodies were destroying it before it could do anything.

Why? we don't know that still but at least we know how now.

I am obviously unable to have children but I did get a dog and she has happily taken the place of the most important thing in my life. I am looking into becoming a teacher and happy with life in general.

I do understand having a hysterectomy can be both daunting and upsetting.

But I felt it nessicairy to give this update for anyone who is struggling with the thoughts of having a hysterectomy as a way to say not only is it better for my health it's also changed my life in general for the better.

thank you for reading.

if you have any questions please feel free to ask .

😊 xxx

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    Hi Sarah,

    I've read your post and can see how happy you are. I am 3 weeks since my operation and resting as much as I can. I am a single parent to my lil girl who is 9 years of age. My parents are helping so much. I didn't have keyhole I had a cut open so probably more sore and still have dressing on my wound. This is coming of on Friday.

    Thank you for your post xx

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    HI Sarah

    Sorry to hear you have had such problems at such a young age, But equally happy to hear such positivity since your op it is obviously due to your strong character.

    I had a total abdo hysterectomy at 44 which will be 3 years this coming september.

    I had years of problems including removal of 1 ovary when i was 35 due to a cyst that had grown that big it had moved my left ovary over to the right side.

    I have to say i was scared at the thought of the hysterectomy and only the night before my op did i start to read other ladies stories which at that point made me wonder if i was doing the right thing!

    i can honestly say i feel so much better, i had 4 months off work as as well as the wound healing time i went straight into the menopause too.

    I worried about ageing,pain etc but i still get told my skin looks like a 30 yr olds and although i have ongoing back pain( from my job as a nurse) I feel i have got my life back.

    I do try to do plenty walking and i look after my skin the best i can with supplements and good skin creams

    I just want other ladies not to listen to all the negative comments and do whats right for you, and positive stories like yours highlight this.

    take care

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      I feel anyone who can take charge of their own life is a strong person.

      Decisions such as hysterectomies are not made lightly. I will always be proud of any woman who is able to make that decision my self included.

      I'm so glad your recovery went well and no matter what you're a strong person for being able to do get through it I'm very glad your parents helped and wish all the best for your little girl her mum is a warrior.

      I agree there is alot of negativity around the subject especially when age comes into play.

      I was constantly told I was too young for it , yes I know I'm a rare case but doctors don't just take out your womb for no reason at 24. it had to go through the hospital board and everything to be agree and was only agreed when it came back that I was infertile anyway.

      And every story I read was negative with the side effects I took the risk because I just wanted any chance to regain my life back and that's exactly what I got from the hysterectomy .

      I saw my surgeon the next day cry because I cried out of happiness.

      he was so scared that I would regret my decision and too see me that happy (and semi drugged up ahah) made him realise that yes i was young but he helped me regain me again.

      I have since sent him a letter with an update and a picture of my dog . basically telling him this was hard for both of us but we did the right thing and I will always be eternally grateful.

      I'm also glad that you had a positive experience too .

      I wish all the best for you, your little girl and all of your family.


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