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Dear all, i thought i'd create a post to share my experience and also learn from those of you who have done the surgery either through laparascopy or laparatomy. I noticed that i had difficulty in making sure whether i am doing the right things at home after getting discharged. I wish to share what i have learned so far and hope to know what experiences you have had or if you could clear some my doubts below. For my case i ended up having bilateral cysts of 2 types, 1 a dermoid and the other endometriosis. I had an excellent Dr and the surgery went well. He advised me though that there is no guarantee that these cysts will not return and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from recurring.

Anyways back to post op care:

1. Basic rule of thumb is to put yourself first before everyone else after an operation. Do not lift, push or pull anything heavy. The measurement of what heavy means given in one internet resource is nothing heavier than a 3 pint kettle.

2. I had diarrhea after my surgery for days maybe because my bowel was being assisted by the continous drips i was getting that made it easy but more frequent than normal loo visits. I was given carbon pills and the dr stopped the nurses from giving me cocoa drink that has traces of milk in it. Still i was going to the loo quite often while in the hospital but when i got home, i started constipating until now. Have to drink as much water as possible, prune juice, peppermint tea, etc. I am a bit worried though as i have been straining myself in the toilet to let go and read somewhere that it can cause adhesions. If there is no other way, be sure to take something to help like lactulose or other kinds of stool softener that doesn't cause your bowels to cramp.

3. Walk, walk and walk

4. I had non dissolvable surtures and had to wait for 2 weeks before being able to take a proper bath. Even so the area of the incision has to be pat dry and not rubbed, be kind to the area until it is completely healed. I have started applying bio oil as well but i am not sure if it is too early after 3 weeks.

5. Few days after returning hope and finishing my antibiotics course, i had fever the day before going back to hospital to remove the bandage and stitches. By this time, i couldn't wait to just get everything out as i had itchiness as well but the Dr said that it's a good sign that shows you are healing. I made sure i told the Dr i had fever the previous day and he took another blood test to confirm for any infection. The next day i got a call saying that i am indeed having an infectiin and i should start on the antibiotics prescribed for the next 5 days.

6. Last night i started having night sweats (i still hv my ovaries) so thats a new thing happening and not sure yet if its good or bad

7. You will feel the incision area becoming hard and lumpy and according to other medical internet links after googling abdominal incision care, this condition is considered normal and its part of the healing process

8. Its okay to feel tired, your body is using the energy to heal. Watch your food and prioritize on fruits, vegetables and protein either from fish or chicken. Avoid red meat at all cost as it can contribute towards cysts recurrences at a faster speed. Also avoid soya.

So roughly thats what i am experiencing at the moment, some of which i am still quite unsure about how to care like whether it is okay to strain a little to let go and dealing with the lumpy skin around the incision area - when is it okay to start massaging? Etc.

Hope what i have shared will also help you on your road to recovery.

Take care.

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    Thanks for sharing and glad that things are going well for you.

    I had a laproscopy 6 weeks back for removal of an endometriotic cyst ftom left ovary. Recovered really well and back to work in 3 weeks. My stitches were dissolvable so mostly all okay.

    Have you been advised of post op medicinal treatment? I have been started on combination pill (microgynon 30) to avoid recurrence. Haven't come up with much on this reading through the net and was hoping to learn from people's experience on this forum. I don't quite like the extra estrogen going in as I have breast cysts (and last week been diagnosed with enlarged axillary lymph node too) so worried as estrogen can have serious side effects on the breasts.

    Will be great to know what your post op treatment plan looks like. From the little I found on the net, pill is not a 100% fool proof way to prevent cyst recurrence. I plan to continue for 3 cycles as recommended and review thereafter. I have never used pills before and not so comfortable taking them given I am 44 and worried about side effects.

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      Hello, glad to know you are recovering well. Regarding post med, my Dr didn't recommend for me to take any pills as he said that it will only be a temporary measure. He said nothing can be done to prevent recurrence but changing diet and exercise can at least delay it. Perhaps the advice will also depend on age. I am 33 so perhaps i dont need to take it just yet. Hope others can chip in here to address your concerns

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      Thanks for the feedback. I agree too that pills are a temporary measure.

      I have taken stool softener after my c sections and it's okay to keep that as a stand by. I did have the doctor prescribe it after the recent lap but didn't need to use it. It's okay to use if you need to and is a matter of a few days only whilst things settle down. The idea is to keep you comfortable post op so I have not hesitated to take pain killers etc when needed .Take care!

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    I'm in the US so OTC suggestions my not be available. My Dr. recommended I take Senea fto prevent straining. It's natural, gentle, did not cause cramping and worked well. Used only for 2 weeks, then as required.

    Good call on getting with your Dr. on the fever. Hope your new round of antibiotics gets you on track again. Antibiotics can cause either diarrhea or constipation depending on your body chemistry, diet and activity level.

    Wound healing sounds good. My Drs. rule of thumb is as long as scar is pink with no raw or open areas it's ok to massage. I used Vitamin E oil, never used bio-oil. Should be ok. Be gentle and be sure to use 2-3 times per day. Will soften lumps and speed healing overall.

    Hot flashes could be temporary but based on your age could be previews of peri-menopause. Talk to Dr. about blood test to check your hormone levels.

    Overall keep listening to your inner voice, she is keeping you on track. Good job, stay strong, you'll be well before you know it.

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      Thanks for the encouragement. So far so good just hv been a bit worried abt the strain in the loo. If still tough then ill just go on lactulose moving forward. Healing with prayers and lots of nutritous intake smile

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