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Damzie Damzie

Post- splenectomy Pains

I had an emergency splenectomy in 2013 due to the trauma to my left side in a pretty bad accident. My spleen was ruptured and it had to be taken out to save me. But I've been having pains in my abdomen...begins on the left side and grows from that point to my back and other parts of my abdomen. I've been in and out of the hospital until last Sunday, all the diagnosis and prognosis aren't what it is. Is anyone experiencing this? I am up to date on vaccines and all.

I can neither lie down nor seat when it begins, I can only kneel forward to ease the pain. I throw up several times and passed out a few times too. I have used so many painkillers including tramadol and pentazo, which is injected.

I believe most doctors here don't know how to manage a patient with my condition.

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  • Wheelo Wheelo Damzie

    cmw76 may well be right. I had my spleen removed 18 years ago as a result of trauma and I suffer pretty bad cramping and aches - but nothing on the level you described. I've had scans and xrays which have shown nothing, but the pain is real. Because adhesions have no blood supply they do not show up well on scans etc. Sever adhesions can impact on the bowel and lead to your symptoms. I had my appendix out a couple of years ago and it was only at this time that doctors realised I had a lot of adhesions. One thing I have found that helps is constipation remedies. Nothing dramatic - one every two to three days usually works for me to stop me feeling bloated and sore - though I do still get the odd bad day.

    • Damzie Damzie Wheelo

      Thanks Wheelo. I'm going to have an endoscopy done . Saw a doctor today who said it might be intestinal obstruction or Peptic ulcer. He has prescribed some drugs and a list of DON'Ts pending when I get an appointment at the endoscopy centre.

      The pain is REAL but most people don't understand. Some say it's phantom pain...almost bit a doctor for saying "the pain is all in your head". Lol.

    • Wheelo Wheelo Damzie

      Bottom line is they moved stuff around that's not supposed to be touched ever. As I said I've had nothing as severe as you but still find it wearing - can only imagine how tough it is. Hopefully this will sort it out.

      Good luck

  • david75uk david75uk Damzie


    My wife had her spleen out in 2014 due to a severe accident and she has suffered with abdominal pains which has been attributed to adhesions on her intestines but quite often she has a pain to her left side just below her ribs which can become very painful and she also suffers from varying degrees of constipation at times, she also gets pain in her lower abdomen like period pains but we do not seem to be getting any follow up care, nobody seems to be overviewing what is going on and we are trying to get referrals and appointments now back to the hospital to see if we can get some of these issues looked at because the pain under her ribs causes her to be in agony and it seems beyond the GP, who quite often will just put it down to the medication that she is on,... after reading your post we were curious if you had gone for the endoscopy and if it had found anything or if you have had any follow up as we noticed your post was 5 months ago?

    Thank you,


  • smitha1601 smitha1601 Damzie


    My father has gone through splectonomy open surgery. He is 71. The surgery happened as an emergency and now the closure surgery is done..just one month back. After one month he is developing pus at the surgery place and having severe pains. Does anyone know what could be the reason. The doctor said it's superficial. ..but I am not able to trust and understand if superficial why will my father go through severe pain since a week

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