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Hi ladies, i'm three months post surgery from rectocele and cystocele. I was told at a recent examination by my nursing practitioner that I have a protruding vaginal wall. However, I now feel that I am dropping and think it could be my prolapse returning! I had 12 weeks recovery due to working in an early an early years setting and now coming to the end of my phased return to work . I'm finding that I still don't have a lot of energy often tired by mid day especially when working. often get back pain (apparently unlikely to do with the surgery) aching legs and swollen ankles. Has anyone else had this experience or failed surgery? Looking for advice please. I posted on here about a month ago, and thought I would post again - having returned to work.

Thank you


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    Hi Sandra

    I had rectocele and fixation a year ago also had 12 weeks off due to being a cleaner they forgot about my 12 week appointment which I wasn't happy about so went 16 weeks after my op I also thought it had dropped and got told I needed the bladder prolapse done which I had done last week I've also had continuous back and leg pain which my consultant said it wasn't due to that well I'm sorry I didn't suffer these pains before I just hope there not going to be yearly ops I did read somewhere that if your prolapse has dropped then u can get back pain with it so who knows but if u feel it's dropped then make a appointment to see your consultant hope this helps Chrissy xxxx

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    Hi Sarnie

    I am now just over 3 years post op for repairs to both front and back vaginal walls.

    They don't give us anywhere near long enough to recover properly from these ops (must be a male or young pre-menopause female that sets the recovery time.

    I took 3 months out, had hoped for more but felt really good and thought I would be ok , pressure was on as hubby had unknown pitturitary tumour and wasn't doing well.

    Problem is once you re-enter the labour market you don't have the same control over your limits such as no down pressure and sitting down once you feel like its all sagging and therefore causing lower pelvic pain in lower pelvis at the back which is your body telling you you have overdone things.

    The reason we prolapse is often to do with lack of collagen (lower levels can be due to menopause) weakening the pelvic ligaments along with what we are doing (heavy impact activities at work, gym, garden) and unfortunately if we return to doing same things our repairs just fail again.

    you are very early on in your recovery and our bodies are still recovering for many months afterwards.

    I was pushed to quickly at work into staying on my feet for longer periods than I could cope with. So had a long ongoing dispute over the need for a good supporting seat which while I do get a good seat much of the time I still on occasion have to remind them.

    Anyway the fight for a decent seat and being left on my feet for too long in the early months eventually caused my repair to permenantly sag a little which has left me unable to cope with many daily activities which I felt I should by now be able to cope with , I am limited on a daily basis by pain in pelvic floor due to very angry tissue around back end of vagina opening around edge and more toward left of perinium.

    I did get rechecked post op twice and told it was expected that I would be a bit red and that the lower pelvic floor back problems where nothing to do with the repairs to see a physio for my back.

    I've never had back problems (matron however always said that we can have back and or legs problems due to position if our lower back on operating table they suspend our legs up).

    Anyway was at physiotherapist some time after returning to work for frozen shoulder and I asked her to about my back, she checked my back and posture and couldn't see a problem.

    I still can't walk too far after about 45mins to an hour I'm in pain and if I push for longer I get nippy pain in that area I mentioned above and after a day or two a creammy pinky staining on my pad.

    I feel that I did not get enough time to heal properly and have not had enough control over what happens to me at work and not enough after support.

    I was told if I cause down pressure my repair will fail again, my first one lasted three years so was so very careful for first 12 weeks this time round and while holding up it is slightly sagging and I did not fully recover able to do most daily household activites as I did the first time.

    Hope some of this experience helps, remember you are early days yet and can still be a little swollen , please take care and give yourself time to heal our pelvic floor supports the weight of our pelvic organs and is trying to heal too, deeper tissue can take so much longer to heal.

    Good luck for the future and remember its you long term health that is important , x

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      dear Phil.

      I think you are so kind ,in taking the time out to encourage these ladies and giving us all good sound advice.I myself after 8 months post op.still find things difficult.

      experiencing similar things even though retired and have been conscience of not doing as much as I used to do.feel that it has failed,so I am getting checked out .may consider having a pessary (I think that is how you spell it) whats your thoughts on those ?.in the mean time I have booked in to seeing a physio.

      You mentioned deep tissue pain.I was wondering if this is what I am getting.

      anyway thank you once again,take good care of yourself.x

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      Thank you Margaret for your kind words.

      My first repair was front wall and hysterectomy, post about advice was no down pressure as it would fail and to be careful for first 6-12 weeks building up short daily walks and no heavy lifting.

      Always felt these are very general instructions and not specific enough. I know I restarted household chores far to early.

      My second time around I found this forum and it made a hugh difference having the support of other ladies having similar experienced ti compare with. Also at that time we had a lovely lady who we all knew as Matron who had worked within urogynocology who advised us and kept us all right. This kept me from overdoing things during the first 12 weeks and I felt by the 12 week point that things at went very well.

      Only thing is it is very difficult to completely avoid all down pressure. Heavy impact is easy to avoid usually obvious what is going to be too much, medium impact more if a grey area usually trial and error, but low impact down pressure we experience throughout the day as we go about much of our daily activities just day to day living we don't always realize until we over do it and experience the result that we are overdoing things.

      We are all individuals with different degrees of prolapse and therefore repairs done to different extents, for some of us our recoveries are going to be different. Some ladies will be younger and pre-menopausal therefore will recover quicker and more fully.

      We have to learn to listen to our own bodies and adjust accordingly. Just so grateful that I had this forum, and so good to share experiences, keeping up with this forum always reminds me to keep up with my pelvic floor exersises so good for me too.

      Take care Margaret,

      Phyl x

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    Hi ladies!

    I too am exactly 3 months post-op and am beginning to wonder if everything was done correctly or my surgery was a fail also. I had a rectocele repair and they lifted the vaginal vault Plus while under the knife he decided to "fix" my perineum. Dr actually made my vaginal opening quite tight and now it is impossible to have sex yet. the opening of my vagina is still rough especially towards the back. Doctor tells me that this is normal and it will take some time to heal but I'm not convinced that it will ever be normal. The Doctor told me to use a small dildo and gradually increase the size until my vaginal opening becomes softer and stretched and more comfortable. Can you believe that! I don't understand why he even did what he did - must be a guy thing! I also am starting to feel a small bulge in my vagina again especially when I wait too long to poo. I have started adding Metamucil to my coffee every morning and Miralax once or twice a week and that seems to help keep me regular in addition to trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. LOL. I have had a few episodes where I have leaked a little bit of urine after I'd gone to the bathroom and I thought I was done. I hope it's not my bladder now prolapsing! I did go back to work after just 5 weeks even though I initially got permission from work to take longer but I was going stir-crazy at home. Thankfully I do you have a job where it's pretty flexible I can sit or stand or walk whenever I need to and my hours are fairly flexible. I just hope I didn't overdo it.

    I have not had swollen legs or ankles like you mentioned, nor any back pain any worse than what I experienced occasionally even before all this. I would definitely get that checked out because swollen ankles and legs can be a symptom of some other problem. Hoping we all get to feeling normal again!

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    my first anterior repair failed after 3 weeks of pure rest. I waited 18 months to have it redone but then my uterus came down also.

    I had my tvh and a done 14 maths ago and although all went smoothly I really do think that the life of these repairs are not as high as you'd expect.

    I will need my back wall lifted but I'm managing ok other than the feeling in vag like yiu havevwith bladder prolapse .

    these repairs really suck because yiur always paranoid they will drop again with the slightest bend or stretch months after your healed.

    I'd wished I'd opted for c section 23 yrs ago🤔🤔

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