Post up worries after wk two 2nd and repair but with post repair aswell

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Hi wk two post op redo anterior repair with posterior this time. Felt ok wk 1 but now feel really heavy like had dropped did feel it and am sure can feel bladder again should I go to drs

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    Hi Caroline,

          Had anterior redone along with posterior repair 2and half year ago. 

               All these pelvic floor ops takes a long time to fully recover from , probably because the pelvic floor takes all the weight of the pelvic organs and therefore lots of ligaments cross cross the pelvis and are weakened otherwise we wouldn't prolapse,  also being a highly sensitive area for obvious reasons their are lots of nerve endings. We just have to have patience when you think how this surgery is done no wonder our tissues are so swollen for months. Often we are given too optimistic a recovery time as it can take 3-4 months to start feeling a bit normal and even then can still be restricted in how much we can do. 

                    If you are really worried speak to your GP or have a word with consultants secretary, but to be honest not a good idea to have intervals done this early and still in early weeks so lots of healing still to do. 

                      I was told that they usually judge how successful the surgery is by being able to have intercourse successfully which I must admit took longer this time as so much tighter done as both back and front fond this time. It was 3 months post op after hysterectomy and front repair.

                                    Someone said on this forum that when the stitches loosen around 4-6 weeks the tissues resettle and it makes us think we have reprolapsed. I found that swelling didn't go right down until about 11 weeks post op and once back at work at 12 weeks was fine doing part time hours with no overtime until they started lengthening my time on my feet and it was like 1 step forward 2 steps back. 

                      I'm still swollen on front wall but repair is tight, but as soon as I've been on my feet for any length of time I can feel the wall starting to sag and it's still painfull so still resting up after shifts. It gets so nippy around back entrance of vagina where tissue is tight very red and thin and inside the front vagina walls at either side of swelling again tight thin tissue that gets painfull and nippy when sagging pulls in the walks. 

            So try to minimise the time spent on my feet. Had been swimming regularly in early months and up to recently but too painfull afterwards .

           Hope you fare better than me, can only say to spend as much time advice possiable resting in the early weeks/ months and give your body time to heal and form strong scar tissue and don't be bullied into doing too much too soon as you will just damage your healing process x



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      Hi Caroline,

             I can walk for about half an hour then need to rest for about 15 mins, can maybe repeat but then I start to feel like everything sagging and get deep painfull dull ache in lower pelvic floor that makes me feel sick. 

                 I was swimming once a week which (doing about between 12 to 16 lengths of a 25 metre pool) as well as walking between pool and bus stop twice on route for 20 mins each way but always found it just too much on pelvic floor and would have to rest for a couple of days. 

                  If I go to town for the day I usually end up home after a couple of hours even if I stop for half hour coffee break as I get to sore. 

                 I can sometimes extend the length of time on my feet if I really go slow and take my time and stop for a couple of breaks for lunch and coffee, but still suffer later when everything goes tight and stiff. 

                   It is a balancing act between trying to keep fit and a healthy heart but not overdoing things and putting prolapse failure at risk. 

                       They say swimming and hill walking are good and to avoid any exercise where you are causing down pressure on pelvic floor or where your two feet are off the ground. 

               So no gym, no weights, no trampolining, no badminton, no running, the lust could go on. 

                       Swimming is fine but don't do the breast stroke with back legs,  stretches healing tissue too much. 

                     I think for for most ladies how much they can do depends on extent of prolapse and therefore extent of repair the worse the damage the bigger the repair and therefore the weaker the pelvic floor is and while the repair aims to return all body functions to normal (i.e. Fix bladder/ bowel incontinace and sexual functions) the repair can't strengthen failing ligaments but 'pelvic floor exercise' can strengthen pelvic floor muscles which may help prevent further damage so PFE so important.

                        Hopes this helps x

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    Hi Caroline

    I had posterior repair and hysterectomy 7 weeks ago. I still have cystocoele as unfortunately they couldn’t repair this at the same time as it would of left my vaginal canal to narrow.

    I had that falling out feeling like you describe in my third week and was absolutely convinced the op had failed. I saw my gp and it turned out I had a uti and she assured me that the feeling was just swelling and would take time to go down. I still get that feeling now but not as often and it’s normally when I’ve done to much. I saw my consultant this week for my 6 week post op appointment and informed him that I still had that falling out feeling and could see a bulge just inside my vagina. He did an internal which was really uncomfortable but said even though he could see and feel my cystocoele all my stitches are healing well from the posterior repair and I was still swollen and just needed to give myself more time to heal and advised I had another month off work. I also have to see a physio to be taught how to use dilators as my vaginal canal is very narrow and not to attempt sexual intercourse until I’ve used these. I told him I was disappointed as I thought I would feel a lot better by now and he just said because I didn’t have a big scar across my tummy didn’t mean that I hadn’t had a major op and I needed to give myself more time.

    The ladies on this forum have been great reassuring me that what I’m feeling is normal and the main best piece of advice is to rest, rest and more rest. Very frustrating I know and I’m not a patient, patient 😂

    Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon. Your gp should be able to help you with any fears you have. 

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      Thanks for your info got follow up tomorrow. Had total hysterectomy 5 yrs ago which started all this as bowel dropped aswell as bladder. Surgical menopause has been awful as Did not want to take hrt. Was in agony for year after nearly passing out in pain in back. When had 1st repair 3yrs ago had laparoscopy for adhesions at same time luckily this resolved pain as had adhesions were squashing over bowel. The hysterectomy also caused my bowel to play up and now have to use daily enemas to keep stools loose. Been hard time. Have not had decent nights sleep since fed up with it all if bad news tomorrow will ask 're pessary to hold bladder up as had enough of ops.

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