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Hello eveyone,

I have been diagnosed with "post viral symptons". I have not got a clue what it is.Has anyone heard of this. For over two months I have been suffering from the following:

Heavy head feeling,


constant pressure in the head

flu like symptons but no fever.

Pins and needles in left and right leg. Sometimes hot and cold flushes in the leg.

Prickly feeling in the arms

Muscle fatigue or cramping in the hands. I feel like my hands are so stiff sometimes.

Fatigue all the time ( despite having a good sleep).

Apparently I had a viral infection and then one by one these symptons appeared. it is dragging me down. I have MRI, blood test which came back okay except for slight raised "infection".

Does anyone else have these symptons? It is dragging me down. Is there a solution. The Dr says there is no treatment but it will disspear or subside on its own... when? when? when? Some days I can handle it other days I want to just curl up.

No offence but this syndrome just sounds so wishy washy. Could I be misdiagnosed?

Sad Elle.

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    Hi Elle, i was initially diagnosed with post viral fatigue Nov2013, i did not get better, lost my job etc after about 6 months i was then diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which i am currently trying to remedy. I was prior to this the fittest healthiest 34 year old you could meet. I've had tons of test with the only constant a slightly low white blood cells count.

    I hope you recover though, but feel you need to know what can happen. The only logical thing that comes up with misdiagnosis is lyme disease so you might  want to get tested for that by the western blot method. I take it prior to this you were a very fit and active person ? How old are you ?

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      Dear David,

      Gosh I am sorry to hear you lost your job. Crumbs I am working full time and I won't lie I am fearful of losing my job. Trying not to be. Yes I was fit and well before this.

      I am sorry you have CFS. I hope you are not bed bound. Have you heard of the Lightening Process? I read a bit about it but I don't know it seems a lot of money... some have good results and some don't.

      I am 39. I am going to try acupuncture tonight... Have to keep on trying.

      thanks for replying.

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      Hi Elle, no i am thankfully not presently bed bound but was for many months in the beginning, i could get around to make meals but that was it... i was often feeling so ill you feel you are dying. I spoke with an organiser of the lightning process but wasn't impressed, not for me. I know this condition is not in my head. I was studying naturopathy before this so have a good understanding (not good enough) of the human body and systems, this is a very real physical dysfunction for me and i will fix it. Good luck with the acupuncture !
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      I really liked what you said, "I know this condition is not in my head". it is so true. And I am glad you said it. I look ok I think when I walk around the office but the way my body is feeling... is another story.

      What are your predominant symptons? Tonight I am going to have a sit down and see what we can do. any particular vegetables to eat, things to drink. etc...

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      So predominant symptoms are the fatigue, especially bad on rising, heavy legs on rising, heartbeat feels very weak (i was a triathlete), eyes are discoloured and mildly bloodshot. I often use the word 'zombified'. Compared to my old self. Diet wise, variety, seasonal wholefoods, preferably organic if you can get it and afford it. I don't think diet is enough for resolution of CFS, supplements are essential. I prefer herbs and wholefood supplements like maca, chlorella, bee pollen. Right now i would say the two most beneficial products for me have been holy basil and bee pollen. You might want to try those. The holy basil improves my sleep and mood significantly and just recently i have discovered the bee products provide noticable energy. Really hopeful for that, early days.

      Supplements are difficult because often people buy inferior quality and get no benefit, finding out what stuff actually works is really hard. I have always seen dis-ease states in the body as a lack of cellular nourishment, so the body cannot defend itself.

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      David, have you gotten any better? I know its been a year or so since you wrote this, but I am too going through everything everyone has mentioned. I have gotten severly depressed, to the point that I dont want to live life like this....
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      Hi there Rachfa,

      I know it can get really difficult with cfs/me but, don't give up . Rest and take things easy until your body is ready for recovery. I know sometimes we can work on auto pilot for a long time and seem like things aren't improving and sometimes things can get worse. It's a fluctuating condition, that's what sees me through at bad times. I'm sure lots of us on here will agree that It can be so hard at times and know how you're feeling.

      Make sure you have things around you that keeps your spirits up. Flowers, pictures etc try and go outside when you can. See the symptoms as temporary.

      Hope that helps


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      I have similar symptoms which began four weeks after having a tetanus shot.  Now going on nearly a year.  I too have had many tests done, seen several specialists, and the only constant slightly low white blood cells count!  I'm having some temporary relief with acupuncture but this whole thing is getting me down. Glad to have found this forum so I don't feel quite as alone.  

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      Hello David , I'm wondering how your health is.  Did the viral infection ever leave you?

      Im 4 months into mine.  Had a barrage of tests, all coming back negative or with slightly raised levels (trying to ward off an infection)  at present I'm more or less bed bound, joint problems, with fevers every afternoon leaving me completely fatigued.  Although I'm trying to see the high temperature as a good thing (killing off all the bad stuff)"

      please let let me know how you are nowadays


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      I'm surprised that your doctor recommended a vaccination type shot, as if your immune system hasn't got enough to to cope with at the moment!  Mine refused to give me a flu jab.

      just to let people know.  I found that getting the right diagnosis is a process of elimination tests and then check the CRP and Ferritin levels in the blood.  By the time this was finally done I had more or less finished with the itchy skin, rash and fever spikes but my Ferritin was up to 3500 and CRP 150 which after of month of steroids is down to 350 and 15 respectively.   In the process of trying out different levels of medication at the moment  but fatigue is very slowly improving and so is mobility.  Still in a wheelchair for long walks.

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