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I am wondering if this is still an open forum. I have noticed such old posts. I will write this anyway as I can not stand another day of this screaming noise in both ears 24 hours of every single day for over 3 years. never stops. Even with 4 Ativan it never even lessens. I do know it is worse lately. It is worse when I lay down. Not because it is quiet, but just because it gets worse. A screeching whooooo sound to go along with the 3 or 4 others.

My family is done with it. The doctors don't care or have laughed and say, oh how bad can it be?

It is bad, it is horrid. What did I do, what started this, how do I go on every single day alone with this noise because I can't mention it to anyone. My Primary doctor actually laughed.

Life is so precious, I will go on. I will be addicted to anything that will lessen this horrible noise tht actually hurts my hears. I can not use my arms without it getting worse, lift, pull, push, swim, that's out of my life now too. Picking up my grandchildren. Not anymore. I am not old. I have my hearing.

I'm tired of these idiot doctors, they keep me going and ignore me when I got there. I have honestly been to every single doctor that my insurance will allow. I have one more and that is an orthopedic dr. I go on Wednesday. He will laugh. he will say, what can I do. Why are you here?

I never get used to feeling like a fool. Thanks to whom ever may read this. It is good to write this down. I can not "learn to live with it" why should I? Maskers don't help at all. I have heard it over a jet engine, so masking is not an option. Is there an option?????

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    Hi. To be honest, I don.t know much about tinnitus, although I do get it ocassionally. I've often wondered if it is related to sleeping positions/postures or to sleeping in a draught. You do say it worsens when you lie down, and there may be a clue in that. Have you ever thought about testing it by temporarilly sleeping in new positions, for instance in an armchair or on a sofa, or in a different room, just to see how it affects the tinnitus. I have a neck problem, cervical spondylosis, and I do these adjustments all the time, and it works. Sometimes these sorts of problems are mechanical in nature and by adjusting routines that we haven't thought about before, changes can happen. Maybe worth a try for a few days just to see.
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    Hi Gerry, Yes, I have tried, but not recently. For first few years, pain and screaming noise would be made worse by arm movement or neck tightening, as in laughing, crying, etc.. I have only noticed in past few months how loud it gets when laying on either side. If I move my arms to sides it seems to lessen, but that might just be wishful thinking. The noise is so loud it is hard to tell when one tone leaves. I have many in both ears, with left worse.

    I am going to orthopedic doctor on Wednesday. I am hoping there will be a new view of this same horrid affliction. I do know, that I have been going to same hugh medical center for 3 years and have been just pushed from one doctor to another. This past appointment, doctor finally said; "have you ever thought of trying someone "out there", I am. Had no idea what he meant by "out there" at first. Medical centers are terrific if you have deadly problems. If not, they really could care less. Just wish my time hadn't been wasted, and my money.

    I will try to sit up in recliner for a night. certainly won't hurt! Thank you Gerry.

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    Hi Kate

    Fingers crossed. Hope something happens. I'd give it a couple of nights because the body takes time to adjust to new routines. First night usually uncomfortable...second night better adjusted. Sometimes, just breaking the cycle of a static routine can offer up beneficial results, and once broken you can return to your normal set up and monitor how it behaves. Good luck.


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    Hi Kate,

    Firstly let me start by saying I have been through similar experiences to yourself and you have my utmost sympathy. The good news is you can beat tinnutus. My story is that I was right next to a very loud speaker around 5 years ago and got instant tinnutus the next day which has never gone away. What has gone away however is me caring about it and that is the key to beating it. I rarely notice it now (maybe once a month) compared to 24 hours a day. I was so bad when I first got it I almost never slept or oddly got out of bed. The first 2 years were hell. What happened though was I realised one day that the tinnutus was never going to kill me so I just relaxed about it and stopped caring. The more I relaxed and stopped obsessing with it the less I heard it. Then one day I realised I had not noticed it for days and came to the conclusion that your brain can re adjust to the annoying sound if you allow it. If you don't and continue to obsess then the brain will stay focused on the noise. Going off at a tangent for a moment I had a similar problem with my sight in one eye when it appeared I had something in it that I couldn't remove. It was part of getting older and I was told it was a permanent feature. I felt so upset but after a year my brain completely desensitised me to it and now I never see what looked like a hair anymore unless I realy concentrate. To conclude, while tinnutus is caused by many different things (neck posture, headcahe tablets, exposure to loud noise, head trauma etc) the management and desensitisation can take a common approach. That approach is to stop caring about it (in your conscious) and believe me your brain (in the sub conscious) will follow and you will get your life back. Do not underestimate the power of your brain and remember it is your brain (not your ears) that is the problem with tinnutus, as it is the brain that is capable of deciphering the origin and source of the noise The trick is to get it to stop caring. Cheers..Brax

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