Potentially POTS or some kind of Dysautonomia? Something Else?

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Hi! 27 F

Known Conditions: Childhood Epilepsy, ADHD, CPTSD

Medications: Adderall XR (6months)

Possible Symptoms Age: (I've had many of these symptoms Ebb and Flow since I was a kid/preteen/teen, as well as prior to Medication). The biggest reason why I've been researching POTS was my curiosity about my salt and water intake habits.

1.) Salt Cravings: I've had salt cravings since I was a kid. My salting habits have always been very intense. I always over-salt things, and would just keep adding more and more salt - so I learned to not add salt while I'm cooking because I make everything extremely salty. I always chose/still choose anything salty over a desert.

2.) Fainting: I've had near fainting experiences, especially in the shower - since I was a preteen/teen. Seems like showers may be a trigger, but not always. My most recent one was before I entered a shower, and the only thing that would help (as was the case whenever this happened) was lying down - however I started my period, and it seems like these symptoms usually get worse around that time. I've almost blacked out a few times. I don't experience this daily! However it did happen quite a lot in my adolescence, and I never did or said anything about it, I just assumed everyone had this experience once in a while. I would always end up lying on my bed to let these pass.

3.) Temperature Regulation: I have always had /extremely/ poor temperature regulation, this summer I had to wear layers during summer, because I could never feel warm. My hands and feet are perpetually cold. When I was younger I thought I may have raynauds syndrome (unconfirmed) that doesn't happen as often, but my body temperature regulations issues are pretty bad.

4.) Sweating: Sweating is generally something I don't do, and if I do very very lightly. When I was a kid I played sports, and barley sweat and as a kid wondered why I wasn't able to seem to sweat.

5.) Thirst: My Thirst levels have always been insane. My trips to the bathroom constant. Many a night I am awake simply because of the amount of times I need to urinate (even if it seems like I haven't even drank that much water?). As a kid my grandmother commented on my frequent bathroom trips. I just drink water like its no tomorrow.

6.) When I would play sports, at some point I would get such horrible charlie horses during games, that it was expected I would be out at some point in the game, because of the severe charlie horses.

Things that May not be connected

1.) Constantly feeling short of breath, as if I never have enough air (comes and goes but pretty consistent) although this may be the result of a unconfirmed by pretty obvious thing that I probably have (I can't burp have only burped 2-3 times in my life, my symptoms are pretty much 100% consistent with R-CPD)

2.) My sister had many instances of fainting spells during school

3.) While Nausea/Motion Sickness isn't a symptom I experience on the regular (although I have during the near-fainting experiences) I have a few things that I constantly feel nauseas around (reading in the car, pretty normal, but I can't play many video games because I start feeling like I want to throw up, and I can't swing on swings or feel like throwing up - clearly some kind of motion sickness but can't really tell if that just motion sickness or something else)

----Things that could be caused by something else (but not sure if 100%)

Brain/Fog Forgetfulness (CPTSD and ADHD, of course lessened by therapy for CPTSD and medication/therapy for ADHD)

Sensitivity to Noise/Light (could be ADHD/CPTSD)

Inexplicable Tiredness/Fatigue (obviously could be connected to ADHD/CPTSD, but sometimes it feels a little "different" as does the Brain Fog from my ADHD/CPTSD brain fog...I've found "junk food", meaning very salty foods weirdly seems to help with this sometimes)

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    Kids do not sweat because sweating is usually something that comes by puberty. I didnt sweat much as a kid myself, and i ran alot at school and as a kickboxer in training. If you have not developed sweat ducts nowadays at your age now, then something is wrong. Its good to sweat for mental wellbeing and general good health. Sweat cools the body down when we do things that make us hot or being in heated surroundings. So learn to sweat more.

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