PPI's cured 18 months of illness, why?

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Hi! I'm David, 27y/o, male, 5' 11, 172lbs. For way over a year i've felt incredibly ill, i've had nausea, reflux, a burning stomach and a constant, unrelenting hunger. Eating has been like russian roulette, it might heal me for a few hours, or cause havoc for the rest of the day. I went to the doctor a few times about this obviously. The first doctor suggested lifestyle changes, the second doctor gave me a round of antibiotics, and finally, the third doctor gave me omaprezole. Bare in mind this all took place over the course of around 18 months.

So, down to the nitty gritty. I took the omaprezole, and this horrific illness that has plagued me for far too long was all but cured in around an hour. Seriously, i can eat anything, do anything, i couldn't be more happy. For the past year i've pretty much just stayed indoors as i work freelance, going out has been such a chore. At one point i even thought i had stomach cancer, because i was in so much pain and at such a low point.

My question is - What on earth is wrong with me? The last doc i saw said it was GORD, but i've done some googling and it really doesn't line up with my main symptoms (Nausea/Burning stomach). Even though i'm super duper happy at the moment, i know that eventually i'll have to come off these pills, and face whatever is left behind. I'd really appreciate some input on this, and many thanks in advance for anyone who drops in. smile

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    GORD sounds exactly like the symptoms you descibe.  Nausea, reflux and burning stomach are all signs.  Omeprazole is given for this condition. Since you got better with this medication, I would accept your diagnosis of GORD and trust your doctor.  Don’t worry about what happens in the future, just be happy with the fact that you feel better. Worry can cause your symptoms to come back.  Don’t google your symptoms, Dr Google can be inaccurate and can lead to health anxiety.

    If your symptoms do come back or get worse, you can always see your doctor again.  However, for the moment, just relax

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      Hiya Pippa! Thank you for responding. Yeah, i'm glad it sound like GORD to you too. I was kinda worried it might be a touch of gastritis, which isn't the end of the world. I just didn't want to leave any hpylori hanging around, and none of the doctors i've seen seemed really bothered by the idea. Maybe i'm just over thinking it. Anyway, thanks again!

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      I have chronic GERD which is similar and I find that gaviscon and milk really help.  When it first started, I got omeprazole which worked.  However,  I didn't want to be taking powerful meds long term so that's why I take OTC meds and milk.

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      When you say OTC drugs, what do you mean? Nexium? Ranitidine? I've been taking gaviscon and rennies (kinda like tums) for months but they never really helped me. I know the dangers of long term PPI's so i'm hoping i can ditch them after this month.

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      You can get Nexium over the counter as well as Ranitidine.  Rantididine is an h 2 blocker and is not as strong as a PPI.  Nexium is a PPI.  Strangely enough, Rennies work for me.
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    I had the same conditions as you, was told GORD etc for years , only when I had ultrasound did they find that I had gallstones in my bile duct, they was removed them within 3 hours being home, worst pain ever, I had pancreatitis, so gallbladder removed, again I got pancreatitis from that for the 2nd time, stayed in hospital for around a month had about 5 scans then was found due to the pancreatitis, I had a cyst on my pancreas, due to that I now can not produce digestive fluids, and I am now on creon for the rest of my life for everything I eat, So if not already had ultrasound scan I would demand one or go higher fo a CT scan, wish you a speedy recovery      
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    Hi David, i have had acid indigestion for around 3 years, an endoscope showed small sliding hiatus hernia and small patch of inflammation. I was given omaprezole which i stopped after having visual disturbance.  I then took low dose Ranitadine for a month and since then tried to keep it under control with low fat bland diet, Gaviscon or Ranitadine. I am waiting for another ultrasound to check gall bladder and pancreas as this week i had 2 hours of severe burning pain in stomach (ribs to navel), feeling very sick and bloated hard stomach with pains into back.  The Burning pain is horrendous even water hurts. This is the 4th severe attack i have had this year. Usually its just bloating, burping, slight lump in throat feeling with burning at base of food pipe.  I do worry about long term damage though. 
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      Hi Frances02122, I am having the horrific burning and pain,feeling very sick, bloating, back pain and hard stomach.  I do not have acid indigestion or reflux.  I bought some Gaviscon, but too nauseated to take it.  I'm afraid I'm getting dehydrated cuz I can't even drink water.  This is a flare from Gastroparesis.  Do you have that condition?  Anything help you feel better?

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