PPIs and mebeverine not giving me relief

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Stomcach gurgling and rumbling... stomach spasms and diarrhea...My symptoms are pretty much these...and I haven't had a fully formed bowel in months now. My blood doesn't show anything that might lead to a concrete diagnosis. I was diagnosed with acid reflux earlier this year but with all the PPIs I have been on,I was hoping to be back to my old self by now. But nope...still here having stomach issues... burping,flatulence And stomach gurgling all the time. And like u when in travel or visit I need to make sure the bathroom is nearby and with enough privacy. It's so depressing to me. I feel I 'll never be cured.

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    Does your doctor suspect IBS?  Mebeverine is an IBS medication which very often upsets the stomach.  I was put on it while waiting for diagnosis.  It did not help at all and made me a lot worse. I came off it within four days.  See your doctor again.  If you have IBS, there is no cure, al, you can do is manage your symptoms.  Acid reflux goes along with it..  
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      She does suspect ibs since my endoscopy showed acid reflux and hiatal hernia.

      She says the stomach cramps and loose stools are ibs symptoms.

      I am so tired of having all these symptoms that nothing is able to take care of.

      I have been asked to take them for a month and see how I feel. If I still have all my ssymptoms then a colonoscopy will be my next stop.

      I m becoming more and more anxious.

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    Have you had a colonoscopy or endoscopy or any scans? There might be another issue.
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      Endoscopy showed acid reflux and small hiatal hernia. I have also had abdomen xrays which came back clear and ultrasound that showed a gassy abdomen.

      I am too scared to have a CT scan or MRI.

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      Try giving up sugar and alcohol for a week and see how your stomach reacts. You maybe insulin resistant.
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      My ultrasound showed a gassy bowel which obscured other organs.  No conculsions were drawn from this although it was noted.  After three and a half months, I was diagnosed with IBS.  I often wonder if the gassy bowel was a sign of this. I am always passing gas.
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    This sounds exactly like me, all the same symptoms with no cause being found, and currently taking Mebeverine and Omeprazole, and I too thought that the medication wasn't helping. That was until I decided to try and wean myself off Mebeverine first, big mistake! Within a few days of trying to come off this medication I had such unbelievably bad abdominal pain I had to call for an ambulance, it felt like I'd developed appendicitis. After being checked out by the paramedics a doctor came out as well and asked me if there was anything different I'd eaten, or done lately, I told him I was trying to come off Mebeverine. He told me to start taking it again straight away, and within a day my pains subsided. It's now been about 6 months since that happened and no repeat experience.

    I too was anxious of all the testing that needed to be done, but after my endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsies came back fine my doctor said there wasn't anything else they could test for or investigate, and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS and Anxiety. They said there is no point in looking at my small bowel as I'm not loosing weight, meaning it's working as it should, there wasn't anything to suggest in the scopes that my small bowel needed investigation, there's no blood in my stools and my blood tests are always fine, small bowel problems are quite rare so I was told. I did have high faecal calprotectin levels in my stool on two separate occasions but the doctor said that could be something and nothing as it can be caused by so many things, even haemorrhoids, especially inflamed one's, can cause high calprotectin levels. Recent research has proven that high calprotectin levels can be caused by any inflammation, anywhere along your digestive tract (from your mouth to your rectum). All the health professionals seem confident in their diagnosis of my symptoms, maybe I should be as well.

    Still doesn't help me feel any better though, I feel generally ill most days, and I've had enough of it!

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      I’m glad I came off mebeverine within four days; it is obviously nastier than I thought.  When I was on Buscopan regularly, I was able to come off it cold turkey without problems. Buscopan is much milder and works.
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      Same here Paul75665! I really have enough of it.

      I can't remember that last time I had a normal day.

      I always have stomach discomfort and pain. And since I started the mebeverine and nexium ,I experience nausea every morning after the 1st dose. I have a bit of pain too. Could it be the fact that the meds are taken on an empty stomach(as they should)? I hear my stomach juices move around,I still burp like crazy. What could be going on???? I m really losing my mind over this. Plus the loose stools I am having...I am a big mess mentally!

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      You did? What were you experiencing while on it(mebeverine)?

      Were you nauseous and even a little too anxious? Coz I am and I m sick of it to be honest.

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      When I took the first tablet, it felt as if I had swallowed a pebble within a few minutes of taking it. I could later feel my stomach digesting my food for one full hour.  Mebeverine is designed for IBS D, so it bungs you up.  I have IBS C, so it worsened my constipation.  As this worsened, my nausea, lack of appetite and stomach pain increased.  It says on the leaflet that you should tell your doctor if you have constipation before taking this medicine.  I told my doxtor, but she still prescribed it anyway!  I had severe anxiety st the time because no one was diagnosing me and I didn’t know at first  that I was having side effects. The Mebeverine did not cause my anxiety..  

      I have chronic indigestion but Mebeverine made it far worse than I have ever experienced.

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      Hi pippa! I think my anxiety comes from not knowing What s wrong with me and all these meds i am given but nothing works. Now that you 've mentioned it,I too think that's my source of anxiety.

      And like you said,a few minutes after I take it,I have stomach cramps and my tummy is rumbling the whole day. I can feel all the juices moving.

      I saw another doctor who put me on digestive enzymes. Do you think that might help? I am so out of it I am ready to try anything .

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      It’s all trial and error with IBS.  Everyone is different with medication.  The only way of knowing is to wait and see whether the digestive enzymes work.  However, I would come off Mebeverine since it disagrees with you and maybe try Buscopan instead.  It is very mild and helps my pain.
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      Thanks pippa. Will try and get buscopan. Do i need a prescription to get it?
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      I find going to doctors stressful so I prefer getting it over the counter.
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      Will try that too. I am in the middle of an episode.

      I just had a piece of cake and my tummy is rumbling like crazyyy.

      Do you think the ingredients in the cake could be the culprits?

      I m burping a whole lot too .

      One can never be normal with this condition.


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      If your symptoms atarted after eating cake, it may be a food trigger.  Avoid eating the cake to see if your symptoms die down. 
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      I thought so too. It's just so frustrating to live with tummy troubles. I feel my life has totally gone left. I fail to enjoy my days.i worry about the next pain and how bad it would affect me. I am very very anxious.

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      Hi pippa , have you ever experienced itchin when your tummy is rumbling.

      Mine itches on my upper left side . Under my rib and on my back.


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      I don’t experience itching; I only get pain and change of bowel habit. I don’t get rumbling sensations either.  The only time I had rumbling was last year when I was having diarrhoea.  Everyone gets different symptoms.

      Since my diagnosis, I haven’t worried about my IBS, so it has stayed largely in remission.  My IBS only strikes if something else is worrying or upsetting me.  I try to avoid situations that I know cause me anxiety and concentrate on my hobbies and seeing friends.  All these things make me forget I have IBS.

      Try concentrating on hobbies and light exercise to control your anxiety.  You could also ask your doctor about relaxation therapy.

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      Thanks pippa! I have actually noticed that when I concentrate on hobbies and hanging out with friends i forget about my tummy and doesn't feel any serious discomfort. You are very right,not paying attention to it helps.

      I want to see my doctor so we can work on my anxiety.

      It's really stopping me from having a good time,I always think my troubles will start and spoil my fun. It's almost like my brain tells me I am not able to have fun anymore coz I will get sick.

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      And I have to ACCEPT my diagnosis.

      I always think the doctors missed something. It can't just be gerd or ibs or hiatal hernia. It's something scary and they can't put their finger on it. My mind is really disabling me.

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      And do you still watch you eat pippa? Coz I still do. And with IBS does it mean you will never eat any of the food that might have triggered your symptoms in the past? Or does it get better.
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      My IBS doesn’t cause me any food troubles but my GERD causes me trouble with highly fatty and spicy, rich foods though not as bad as before.  There are still fatty foods that I have to avoid such as salame because I can’t digest the fat and I vomit hours afterwards.

      When I worried about doctors missing something, my symptoms were a lot worse.  When I concentrated on enjoyments and believed my doctor, I got better.

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