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apatientpatient apatientpatient

PR gone after 2 weeks

Hi guys,

I just thought I'd share my experience with pityriasis rosea since reading posts online helped me deal with mine. I had it all over my body, it was incredibly itchy, and I had several 'herald' patches.

First off, I'm going to tell you what worked for me. I'm not claiming a miracle cure, but perhaps some people will find this useful.

1. Cut out sugar from my diet.

2. Consumed probiotics, like Kefir.

3. Stopped taking hot showers.

4. Cut out carb heavy foods (like bread and pasta).

5. Ate a very clean diet, mostly veg and meat (some vegetarians)

6. Got some sunshine on it when I could.

7. Used head and shoulders for 2 or 3 days, but then, on the advice of a doctor from Russia, stopped taking showers altogether.

I can't say all of these actions helped since I was doing them all over the period of having it, but I can say that after 2 and a half weeks my pr is essentially gone (although I've heard that it's a virus that never leaves your body, so when I say the pr is gone I mean the rashes are no longer present on my skin).

I hope this helps somebody, I've heard of people having it for 10 months, I don't know if they were trying these methods, but if you're struggling with it then there's no harm in making these adjustments.

Finally, mine began soon after I came off a course of anti-biotics and just after I finished my final year exams in college. I think stress and a low immune system is obviously connected, but I'd be curious to hear who else was on a course of anti-biotics when it popped up. I would imagine that there is some kind of gut related cause for it, which would explain why doctors seem so confused about how to treat it. 

Hope this helps some people. 

No reason to despair!

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  • j83811 apatientpatient


    thank you for sharing your experience with PR. Did you used any creams or oils on your skin? I’ve read people saying it’s best to let it dry our tuna then I’ve also read people saying it’s best to keep your skin moisturized.

    • j83811 hannahoneill

      Thank you for your advice!  So how many days after the outbreak did it take before you saw any improvement?  I’m 10 days in and it seems to still be spreading. I’m trying the sunbed and will stop doing the creams. I bought the Prreze but maybe I’ll wait till it dries up before I use it. The itching is just wretched. I can’t aleep at all. I’m going back to the doctor today as I truly can’t imagine feeling this way for weeks on end. I want to cry I’m so upset by this whole ordeal. 

    • hannahoneill j83811

      I still have PR bit I'm following everyone's advice I've had so far.

      So the last 2 days is when I've changed it all and I have to say it doesn't look no where near as angry and it's slowly fading away.

      I've been:

      Using the sunbed each morning for 6in a time

      Not using any moisturiser as that seemed to make it go more red, I've let my skin completely dry out (I know it's bad for your skin being a beauty therapist but I needs to go)

      I've been drinking actimel each morning and taking probiotics

      I've used head and shoulders itch relief once and oh my word it burnt like crazy! I don't know if that done anything but I don't know if I'm willing to try to again to be honest it weren't nice

      I've also been drinking more water to keep my skin hydrated from the inside

      Also someone mentioned not showering or exercising. I can't not have a shower so I've been having a wet sponge shower, so washing everywhere apart from where the rash is.

      All of it together seems to have made the difference but I've noticed it more after the sunbed and drying it out

      I've used antihistamines for the itchiness. I still have it like it's still there visible but it's been 2 days since I've changed it all. But it has gone down in colour a lot it's not half as red and the places I last got it so on my face has actually nearly gone

    • hannahoneill j83811

      I've had it nearing on 2 weeks and got all my advice off here i started changing all my routines and stuff on Monday it's now wednesday I've been on the sunbed every day for 3 days for 6mins and it's dried them out massively. It has however brought out the rest of the spots faintly that would have come through but they've not completely come through so I think it's actually stopped those from coming through. I've noticed on my worse area on my tummy when I show the girls at work they say it's gone down quite a lot where as to me they still look bad but I have to admit the spots have gone down in size and aren't as angry looking. So it's still there but it's only just now looking like it's going down.

      I've been in tears to my partner over it so I completely understand I've been back to the doctors and they just turn me away now because they've said it'll go on its own rolleyes it seems to be drying it out as muxh as possible helps get rid of it that's what I've noticed anyway.

      Looking now at my tummy they have done down massively same with my arms. I'm finding sunbeds are helping the most to be honest but the itch because of the dryness is crazy from when I take my antihistamine to when It finally kicks in is horrible sad

      You just need to be paitent with it rolleyes

  • dasia 00651 apatientpatient

    Hey, so what kind of head and shoulders did you use, because there’s different types .

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