PR on face only?

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Hello all,

I've had PR once before with strange presentations (on entire body AND soles of feet with oral lesions) and I'm experiencing a bizarre rash on my face that I have been trying to get to the bottom to for the last 4 weeks now. It started with a small, itchy, flaky patch on one cheek around the same time I had a head cold and now it has grown into a giant red, flaky lesion and rash is spreading from that one spot. Very similar in appearance to a herald patch with other tiny spots popping on my face that itch and flake. At first you would think they're pimples until they start to itch and flake. This has been a really fun 4 weeks. Primary doc brushed this off as a case of HIVES a week ago, but things weren't looking as bad as they are now. eek 

What's really strange is these are only on my face. That's it. Has anyone ever heard of PR presenting this way?

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    WOW!!!! I had PR for 14 (miserable) months, yes, I had a biopsy to diagnose it. I had it in my mouth too, and everywhere from the neck to ankles, but NOT on my face, hands or feet. 

    Some people have said they have it on their face, but I am not sure, since most people self diagnose these days. 

    Since your doc thought it was an allergic reaction, have you taken Benedryl? Did it help? If so, then probably allergic reaction.

    There are 5 very similar rashes: Lichens planus, granuloma annulare, guttate psoriasis, PR and contact dermatitis (allergic reaction). Best get a biopsy so you know what you are dealing with.

    POOR BABY!!!!!!

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      14 months! I empathize with you bc that is really crazy. I actually just called my dermatologist about an hour ago and I have an appointment tomorrow morning thankfully. I've been taking Allegra everyday and applying 1% hydrocortisone to no avail which is another reason why I don't think this is hives. Hopefully I'll get some answers tomorrow. Thanks for your insight!

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      Ready for this? He doesn’t know...

       Examined my face and said it was very difficult to tell and that he doesn’t want to do a biopsy because it’s on my face. Have to return in February for a follow up and if things haven’t improved will take a biopsy then. Potential allergic reaction so for now I’ve been instructed to only use Cetaphil to clean and moisturize my face and to apply 1% hydrocortisone for the next 4 to 6 weeks twice a day. Says  it will take a while for the hydrocortisone to actually start to work.  In the meantime new spots are appearing every day... Trying very hard to be patient and adhere to the doc’s orders. 

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      What a crock!!!!!! A biopsy is done by simply taking a stick like they use to check your tonsils, and scraping a tiny bit of the top of the rash into a little vial. They do not need to use a scalpel, or do a needle biopsy for that!!!!! What kind of sadistic person is that dermatologist? FEBRUARY????? Basically, what the doc was saying is that he/she had no clue, it didn't look contagious or deadly, so what is your big deal? I HATE doctors like that.If I take time out of my schedule to go to a doctor, it is because I want something done about what is wrong with me. If I wanted to "wait and see" I would not have gone to the doctor, does that make sense?

      If the hydrocortisone and allegra did not help, it is not an allergic reaction.

      Are you in the US? 

      It could be guttate psoriasis, go to the Prreze people's website and get some PsoriasEze. That will take care of guttate psoriasis. Takes about 2 weeks to start seeing a big difference, and gets better from there. Docs think that GP is a stress reaction, and it usually goes away by itself in a couple of months. If your stress levels go down.

      The only thing steroids do is lower the redness, but lots of side effects that are not good- you can look those up on Google.

      I wish you all the best, keep us informed.

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      UPDATE: Admittedly, I was feeling extremely frustrated after the doc appointment on Tues and actually (VERY) reluctantly headed to the tanning bed. I say reluctantly bc I am adamantly against tanning, but based on my past experience with PR I know that UV exposure was the only thing that gave me any sort of relief. Really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve gone tanning 3x now and my face is now 85% clear with no new spots since the morning of my last post. I can’t attribute that to the hydrocortisone in a matter of days and although I’ve discontinued the use of my regular cleanser I can’t imagine such a dramatic change from that alone. Hopefully, things continue to improve over the next few days and I can discontinue the hydrocortisone and Allegra although I am 95% sure they haven’t actually done anything. 

      Going to look up GP later on tonight. Thank you. 

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      UV does help psoriasis of various types- look up light therapy for psoriasis- I researched a LOT in my 14 month misery with PR. I work outdoors in south Texas- housepainter- so, if tanning helped PR I would have had it for about 2 minutes.

      I hope you continue to improve!!!! Glad there is so much improvement, I am sure you wanted it clear for Christmas!

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