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Hi everyone, 

I just read about the first 10 comments, but It seems that my past experience of PR was quite severe in comparison. Unless I was diagnosed wrong? .. when I was 17 I developed my first PR and it came with the herald and then spread rapidly over my whole body. I was about 90% covered and it was very sore and very uncomfortable. However coupled with the rash I had extreme fatigue and could not stay away more than 3 hours a day. This lasted for a few months then my energy slowly came back and eventually the rash began to fade. This changed my whole lifestyle. 

All I could do for treatment was slap wet aloe vera gel all over and let that just soak in, taking in the relief of those itchy free moments. That and luke warm baths and absolutely no chemicals.  

All these years (now 13 years later) I have had reoccurring patches on my hands and lower arms coming up and going down regularly. 

So I am here today, because to my dismay I had another herald patch. On my abdomen and it stayed for a good 2 months. Nothing happened. Just the last month I got a really bad cold/flu/virus thing that knocked me for 6 and during my recovery of that I have noticed other small patches appearing. Strangely my herald patch faded over this time and has seemed to have relocated down in my pelvic area, or at least that is the most prominent patch at the moment.  

My lymph nodes are swollen and unfortunately I just had a wisdom tooth ulcer.. so antibiotics have been clearing that up. Now I check myself again and I have small red pimples all over my legs and more small PR like clusters on my torso and my chest looks all specked and red.  I cant tell if it is the ulcer and fever I just had that is causing my lack of energy or if it is the PR again. Fingers crossed no. I will wish that away.

I don't see any information about the fatigue effects, which I would like to know more about as it impacted my life so greatly. Did I have PR before and is this it again? 

Also it is rare to have PR reoccurring 2% chance in fact.  

I will definitely go to the doctors this week and hope to calm it with aloe, coconut oil and salt baths. 

Thanks for this forum and I am grateful to share this today. 

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    p.s I forgot to say, I am glad everyone found that head and shoulders is a solution for them, however I have always been allergic to it. I tried using head and shoulders when I was a teenager and instantly I would get a very pimpled and sore forehead.  This happened various times until I gave up on head and shoulders and went for more natural solutions. Also with my PR I ended up just binning all chemical products and favouring olive oil based soaps, and faith in nature shampoos. Now if I get a dry scalp or flakes I just rinse with apple cider vinegar diluted in cool water and rinse with that.. its surprisingly refreshing and makes flakes and itchiness go in two washes. 

    I haven't tried cider vinegar on my PR yet.. so tend caution as I have no idea if that would sting! 

    I am very talkative! ..  one more thing ... 

    Some people discussed stress and its relation. I also was at a time of stress at my 17 years through exams and prep for my a-level finals.  I believe that did contribute greatly to my symptoms. 

    However lately I believe I have been less stressed than I was say 2 years ago.. am I getting a delayed response to stress? Is stress able to stay in the body and show itself once your guard goes down? You finally relax and 'POW' the stress can show itself it all its weird form and glory. hmmm . 

    Thanks again


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    I just want to reiterate I dont see any posts about any other symptoms like fatigue..  it baffles me as mine seemed so correlated, the rash and the fatigue. 


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    That is really weird, but weird seems to be the middle name of PR. PR usually lasts for 6 to 12 weeks and usually never comes back. I have been on the PR forums for over a year, and a lot of people talk about fatigue, but brought on by not being able to sleep because of the itching, not by the PR itself.

    There are 5 rashes that loo very similar to PR. Hives: also known as contact dermatitis- a low grade allergic reaction to something that just keeps going because you are still using whatever you are allergic to. If you take Benedryl, as directed on the package, and the redness goes away and itch goes away, you have hives.Ringworm: over the counter jock itch or yeast infection cream will make that go away in about a week. Lichens planus; rare like PR, but lifetime recurring, they look very similar. Outbreaks can last for months. Dermatologists can't do diddly, just like with PR. Granuloma annulare: also lifetime, also nothing for it. Guttate psoriasis: also lifetime, also nothing for it.

    Your best bet is to ask your doctor for a biopsy. If the doctor says to wait a couple of months and see what happens, tell the doctor you are the patient, and you would like a biopsy or another doctor.

    Hope yours goes away soon!

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    I feel my bout has been quite severe as well.  It started with a herald patch on back/shoulder and another one on my upper right arm.  Initially I also had a patch of a pimply like rash.  It has been there for the full 2 months and does not seem to heal.  It is itchy and bleeds.  

    My rash is now all over my body and seems to be getting worse. I do have fatigue but I think it is due to not sleeping and the antihistamines I am taking.  I am completely out of my mind.  Just read about a product called Prreze.  Found it on Amazon and ordered it out of desperation.  

    Also, my mom has it as well.  She started with it about 3 week after me.  Contagious?? I think so.

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