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Hi all

I've joined as I was diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis 3 months ago (proteus mirabilis infection). The first 10 weeks were bearable, but the last two weeks have been horrific (sorry if it sounds over dramatic but it's how I feel).

My symptoms have become much worse - mainly an aggressive and constant urgency to pee, which isn't so bad in the mornings but gets awful by mid PM. I haven't yet wet myself but feel it's on the cards!

It's complicated by the fact I have bad insomnia, caused by having to withdraw from 7 year's worth of use of amitriptyline for a stomach problem (which fortunately has been fixed by no caffeine and alcohol - small mercies), so I would complete a course of cipro. I'm having to take zopiclone sleeping tablets to get off to sleep. Will go back on the amitriptyline soon though as I am now taking trimethoprim instead of cipro (which don't seem to have worked).

My mental health is taking a battering too - unable to deal with symptoms and concerns over job, mortgage, kids etc.

Urologist has been ok but just given me antibiotics and vesicare (my GP wouldn't prescribe vesomni though I will try and get generic tamsulosin too).

What I'm after is some practical suggestions for how other people

- managing condition and symptoms - especially urinary

- keeping myself positive

At the moment I'm willing to try most things!



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    That’s been my main symptom for over 25 years. Here is my advice...

    Drink tons of water

    Relax- the stress of the whole situation can feed the discomfort. 2mg Valium broke in half can work.

    Avoid- spicy foods, alcohol and any type of caffeine.

    For me personally- sex/orgasm is not a good idea when really flared up. Others may say different. Just trying to get that area to calm down requires rest.

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      25 years? I can't even begin to imagine that. 

      thanks though.

      I've given up alcohol (my hobby is home brewing kidding) and caffeine. not sure if it helps but I'm sure they would make things worse, and an easy sacrifice!

      Relaxing - read there's a positive correlation between stress and symptoms. Makes sense but easier said than done. Will avoid valium for the time being at least while I'm on the zopiclone! Maybe one for the future if I can't calm down.

      Ejaculation is a worry. Last time that happened everything got a lot worse. Suppose it's gonna happen one way or another! 

      How long do your flare ups last? Currently I can't work or even muster the willpower to leave the house after lunchtime.

      appreciate the help!

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    A flare up for me can last a day or weeks. It’s really up to me. I force myself to relax, interrmitent fast and drink tons of water.  As far as the Valium, a 2mg Valium split half is basically just enough to take the edge other side effects. Of course I only take for a few days. Perhaps you can find something else that accomplish the same thing. 
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    I am on month 4 of an antibiotic resistant mycoplasma hominis I picked up from a massage chick BJ with no condom (stupid). On doxycycline right now to keep symptoms at a bearable state and just wrapping up several weeks of Cirpo (which has not done my body any good). I am going to just go for the Doxy for a few more weeks then switch to an antibiotic called minocycline which is the one AB that still works on it...I hope. 

    Right now I am taking Turmeric supplement and something called "AlphaRise" from Amazon which seems to have great reviews. No coffee, no alcohol, and I have replaced those with pomegranate juice. Also, I am taking a probiotic supplement to make sure I don't destroy my stomach and intestines with all of these antibiotics.

    I am also taking someone's advice here and 30 minutes after taking my ABs I rub one out to flush the prostate 2x a week. Not sure if it helps or not.  

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      Sounds rough.

      I’ve ordered some quercetin and saw palmetto from amazon. Everything seems to get good reviews on there though so I am sceptical! Probably not the right frame of mind but I will give them a go.

      What’s alpha rise? Do you have a link?

      Could find it by searching on the app.

      I thought about turmeric but figured there’s only so much you try at once, I can always give it a go later.



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    Hi Gareth, I sympathise fully with how you're feeling mentally. I've had prostatitis  - see - and I too had need to urinate urgently. My uro never found any bacteria, but he thought that urine getting forced in the prostate due to a tight bladder neck might be the cause of my problems.

    I found rest is essential in dealing with prostatitis. The relaxation CD I mention in the link above did help a lot and I often fell asleep using it! Another thing I found helpful was keeping a diary of how I felt each day, scoring the pain between 1 and 10. In my case, I realised that whilst I did have really bad days, some days were better and others even good. It I hadn't have done that, I'd just have felt as if I was plagued with the problem 24/7. It just gave me some cause for optimism and hope!

    You're not alone, as you will have realised trawling through this site, but many get better. Sadly, those stories aren't always reported as men are just glad to see the back of it! However, I've got better from prostatitis twice. My uro told me to keep ejaculating (2-3 times a week) which made sense (though my wife thought I was making that up!), and I just tried to eat well and keep off meds where possible - hoping the body would heal itself eventually. 

    Your problems with urinating frequently was also a big problem for me last year, but the bladder neck op I had thankfully sorted that out, albeit it took 3 months to fully recover after the op.

    Not sure if this has been much help, but I wish you luck in getting things sorted.

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    A lot or your present symptoms may actually be caused by the Cipro.  If you read the packet leaflet you'll see that insomnia and anxiety are listed as side effects.  This may well be why your mental health has taken a battering.

    It will also have a bad effect on your gut as it kills off all the good bacteria that you need as well as the bad ones in your prostate.  Take extra probiotics while you're taking any antibiotics and for some weeks after.

    You say the Cipro didn't work anyway and you're now on Trimethoprim.  Just be aware that the Cipro can cause delayed reactions and if you feel any aches or pains in your joints or legs in the next few months do take care.  I'm not kidding, some people have had a lot of problems start months after they finished the Cipro - it's powerful stuff. 

    Also beware of taking Ibuprofen or other NSAIDs or steroids for a few months - these can make the delayed reactions start up.  Check out the fluoroquinolone discussions on this site for more information.

    The main thing is to keep positive as stress makes any inflammation worse.  Also check out some probiotics -your gut will thank you.


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      Hi Miriam

      I've noticed some pain in my right hand abdomen. not sure what's causing this but given I'm taking NSAIDs, antibiotics, sleeping pills and solfinacin, it's perhaps not surprising.  any particular probiotics you would suggest?



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    I am taking a probiotic that has to be refrigerated. Not sure if it is better than the dry-store ones but why muck about. Also, Green Tea. I find it really does help.

    Also, while not for everyone, my personal sordid affair has brought me back to the bible from a medical perspective. It's very interesting, but I have a theory that Job may have been afflicted with prostatitis: " He cleaveth my reins asunder, and doth not spare;he poureth out my gall upon the ground," and most certainly King David was as Psalm 38 talks about it: "For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease: and there is no soundness in my flesh.

    I am feeble and sore broken: I have roared by reason of the disquietness of my heart."

    (King David and Job both fully recovered, so we have that going for us.)

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      Certainly sounds like it!

      I'm not agree tea fan, though thanks for the tip. It'll definitely still go on the list of stuff to try out - probably toward the end of the list!

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    Hi Gareth,

    There are no particular tips for probiotics.  If you go down the yoghurt route remember it has to be live (many flavoured ones are pasteurised) so check the label.  Organics and rachels and yeo are live, I'm not much into danone especially low or no fat as I think they put 'stuff' in them!  There is also kefir, which is like a yoghurt drink (and had different bugs) and also sauerkraut is good, we use it like a chutney!  These are best kept in the fridge of course. 

    The capsules from health food shops are also good - look for ones with a good variety of bugs, you're looking to improve the diversity in your gut.  Not much will have survived the Cipro (and other ABs) and a healthy gut needs a good selection of flora - so maybe mix and match!

    I am no fan of green tea as I find it very bitter.  The trick apparently is to make it at 80 degrees rather than boiling and only let it brew for a couple of minutes. Some of the ones with added stuff are quite nice (I can just about manage it with lemon!).

    I don't know what the pain in your right flank is caused by but I know of others who are badly affected by Cipro complaining of the same thing.  It might be your liver having a struggle as it will be under a great deal of stress trying to deal with the toxins while at the same time it may be slowed down by the toxins (a double whammy).  It's wise to give your liver as little to do as possible for a few weeks so stay away from alcohol and anything else that might be bothersome such as food with chemicals and preservatives (i.e. junk food!).  Try to eat as cleanly and healthily as possible - and cut out sugary food while you're at it as sugar is technically a poison that needs to be dealt with.  It's worth bearing in mind that things like chicken, pork and farmed fish and prawns may have been treated with Cipro or other quinolones so perhaps avoid things like this (clean and healthy!).

    Sorry if this all seems a bit prescriptive.  It is only guidance and I'm not a doctor - but, sadly, not many doctors know much about how Cipro etc. can affect people.  There are many on the prostate threads who wish they'd never taken it and many, many more on the fluoroquinolone pages. 

    Take care.

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      Thanks again. I love the internet for forums like this. God knows what people did before them!

      I got some acidophilus yesterday from H&B. No idea if that's the right sort of thing but the shop assistant recommended it. 3Bn cells per pill.

      Off to tesco for some yoghurt (and a leg stretch). I have no appetite through anxiety but weirdly I quite fancy some live yoghurt, which is odd as i normally hate it.

      off the cipro now, so what's done is done there.

      I had a two hour session yesterday 6-8pm where i was almost symptom free. it was bliss and my spirits lifted immeasurably.  had to pee then it all came back...

      I had eaten turmeric in my dinner but the symptoms had eased before I'd even finished the meal so I'm doubtful that's what caused it, but am going to try a little more in water today.

      Onward and hopefully upward.


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