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Pradaxa, the new age blood thinners and k2

I am on Pradaxa for blood clots. My hip broke due to osteoporosis, was given a new hip and developed blood clots. There seems to be some confusion a out taking k2 with Pradaxa. Has anyone got any reliable information. My doctor days all k vitamins are toxic. Pharmacist was unsure. He says definitely no k1 or dark leafy green vegetables. He also said there is no answer as Pradaxa is too new

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  • jan88879

    The Pradaxa website says there are no dietary restrictions as there are with warfarin.  Vitamin K is what they specifically mention as with warfarin you may have to limit the amount of leafy greens you eat, plus K is even used as the antidote to warfarin if bleeding problems occur. This is not true of Pradaxa.  Vitamin K, according the web md website, doesn't interfere with the action of Pradaxa, If you are still concerned about taking a supplement, look for a bones supplement which includes a smaller amount of K2 than you might find in a stand alone supplement, or take the K2 supplement every second day.  I think even with warfarin Vitamin K2 is not as much of an issue as K1.

  • jan88879

    Why would a necessary vitamin be considered toxic?  As far as I know there is no toxicity associated with Vitamin K and I would be interested to know why your doctor thinks this.

    • Anhaga

      Hi Anhaga

      I think my doctor was put under pressure by me. I had just told him that I was reacting to the meds and was asking specific questions. He was running out of time for me and was not happy that I chose not to take the meds. I am still trying to get my head round it all. So much information to take in. It would be useful to have a information sheet showing the way forward. I am not in a good place. When I broke my hip and had to have a replacement, I did not receive the correct treatment and developed pulmonary embolisms, despite telling the doctors I had a high risk. My subsequent treatment was also a nightmare. I was administered wrong meds. Had 4 different diagnoses none included pulmonary embolisms even though I kept telling them. There many problems including allergic reactions again I had told them I had. I was sent home with the wrong meds and so it went on with many other problems with the same hospital I am now having tests for my heart and lungs for possible damage. Needless to say at a different hospital. My head is all over the place and trying to sort out where to go with the osteoporosis is adding to it. I fear most doctors want to prescribe meds and nothing else. I am normally a strong person but the combination of all the events have really had an effect.

    • jan88879

      Oh Jan, what a horrible journey you've been on.  I do hope that things are turning around and that you will be on the road to a real recovery soon.  I understand why you would be wary of medications after your experience. I'm wary of them anyway and I haven't had to face such problems.  


    • jan88879

      Further reading about Vitamin K2 convinces me you aren't likely to overdose on it any time soon.  The supplements are measured as mcg, which is a very small measure compared with the mg of some other micronutrients we take.  There are 1000 mcg in a mg. People eat natto in Japan which provides many more times the amount of K2 you will get from a standardized supplement, without ill effects. The only caution really is for the interference with older generation blood thinning medications.  

  • jan88879

    HI Jan. Because all K vitamins are stored in the liver, they can be “toxic” All fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver so, we have to be carefull not to overdose. Water soluble ones,  are excreted by the body and not stored. This is why VitC needs to be taken daily but not vitA. Also, K2 does have a thinning effect on the blood so I would be careful if thaking any blood thinners with K2

    • alison28608

      Hi Alison thanks for that. I am on blood thinners but they are the new type called Pradaxa. There are no restrictions on food with these but there seems to be various opinions on k2, unlike warfarin.

    • jan88879

      I agree. Even food containing K2 can be a problem if taken with some blood thinners. I am not familiar with the new types, as I stopped nursing many years ago, but I am sure your GP could advise you if he/she prescribed them. Meantime, stay well.

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