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Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

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  • eric82661 1

    DEXA scan and t score, when is low way too low ?

    I´m new to this forum. Male, 47 years old. No ´complaints´ related to osteoporosis, although I do have lots of health problems. Recently I had a DEXA scan to test my body composition. This specific scan setup was not designed to test for osteoporosis, but I got a T score of  -3.0 and was advised

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  • Prohow 2

    Headaches adding drug

    When I add the Tramadol with Tylenol it generates major headaches . What do I do? I already take 5mg oxycodone 2x a day . The Tramadol is taken 3x a day  

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  • diana57263 2

    Osteoporosis [DEXA] result!

    hello - this is the first time I've  posted on this forum since my recent DEXA result that reveals I have osteoporosis.   On looking through the medication options, there seems to  none that are safe in relation to their side effects namely, Bisphosphonates which I'm not inclined to take as I've

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  • jane86878 2

    Alendronic Acid side effects

    I have been on alendronic acid (aa) for about 10 weeks now and started to feel ill but only on and off. Also my ears have started to have waves of pain. I visited my GP today (the one who prescriped aa) and she didnt seem to think that either of these problems were due to aa. However, when she

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  • jane52658 2

    Osteoporosis and hrt treatment ??

    I am 57 and diagnosed with osteoporosis in Dec 2016- 2 fractures in last 3 yrs. I had early menopause at 44 and did not take hrt . I would like to avoid AA but taking supplements Vit d, mag and calc . I am keen to have hrt now for a few years and just wondering if anyone is doing this ? Would love

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  • vickie47755 2

    Osteoporosis diagnosis What to do?

    Ive just been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Im not sure the exact numbers but my gp wants me to start with a biphosphonate drug. A little 56 and have had 2 fall in 2 years. First one, fell on ice and fractured vertebrae at T12 and broke both wrists. Last one, last fall my ankle went

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  • shirley 1955193 1

    I think my ribs have fallen

    in September I had a total break of my lumbar all of them broke. One in June just thought I had a sore back I'm getting old (61) another in August. I ignored this my daughter was getting married. September the rest went and I was in the hospital for a month.  I have a walker to help around the

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  • Anhaga 6

    Vitamin K2

    There's been some discussion about Vitamin K2 dosages.  I found this article.  About halfway down it talks specifically about osteoporosis and Vitamin K2.  Unfortunately much of the rest of the article doesn't always distinguish the various forms of K, although it does point out that a synthetic form,...

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  • Anhaga 6

    Treating osteopenia and osteoporosis

    The more reading I have done lately the more concerned I am that people are starting their treatment for bone thinning with very dangerous medications rather than first trying the natural methods.  I'd like to hear from people who have tried natural methods to improve their bone health and whether

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  • Freedom 77 2

    Correct dosage for supplements??

    Hi, I'm a New member ... Just wanted to ask about which vitamin supplements I should take (I've been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, been taking Adcal and AA for nearly 2 yrs BUT want to stop AA and use supplements instead)... What should I take and what strenghts of the following:- Calcium

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  • michele 48562 2

    Scared osteoporosis diagnosis

    Lumbar -4.5, hips and femur-2.7 Just found out yesterday after a scan. Gp just read result and handed me a prescription for alendronic acid and told me to take with water but not about side effects. I haven't taken it because I have read about terrible side effects and am scared stiff! Is this

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  • jane86878 2

    T Score and how bad is it

    I am just 60 years old and my T score (just diagnosed) is Lumbar Spine -1.9  Total Hip -2.4 and my Femoral Neck is -2.8 Are these scores very bad for my age and is there any way i can reduce them and build some bone back up.

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  • Gary3000 2

    Why Osteoporosis ?

     I'm 46 and have had osteoporosis for 15 years t score -5 in the spine and -2.5 in the hip, the condition drives me crazy as I feel like I'm waiting for a fracture to happen everyday! I had my second IV of Zod Acid last month, since the last infusion I have started sertraline for anxciaty. No

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  • Juno-Irl-Dub 5

    Bone Density vs Bone Quality

    I found a paper recently that contained some insights that might be worth thinking about." Studies of Osteoporosis (OP) and drug treatments have challenged the concept that denser bone means stronger bone. Bone strength, or resistance to fracture, is not easily measured by routine DXA as it is a

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  • ittiandro 2
  • jane86878 2

    Calcium intake

    Hi, I am new to this site. 2 years ago i was diagnosed with osteopenia and not given any medication. I have had another scan and am now in full osteoparosis. My GP said i had a lot of bone loss for my age (just 60) and it was probably due to starting the menopause at 42 and having last period at

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  • jennifer54532 2
  • Prohow 2
  • Scotia 64 1

    Just Diagnosed

    I went to the Dr last week who then sent me to A&E for an xray.  I had broken a bone in my foot.  They told me at the hospital it's very likely I have Osteoporosis.  As there was lots of white around my ankles.  I am going back to see my GP on the 24th of this month.  My main concern is that I have

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  • diana62138 2

    Anyone used Prolia? For severe OP?

    i have gone through the lot- HRT, Fosamax, Actonel, Zometa, Forteo for 2 and a half years and according to my doc the only treatment available for me now is Prolia. I don't like the sound of the side effects at all! Anyone been on Prolia and can tell me about their experiences?

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  • kathleen65757 6
  • melissa91009 4
  • annieh56 1

    daily injection

    I have been diagnosised with -3 -4 osteoperosis and have mutiple fractures in my spine. I am in constant pain and now I am been put on a daily injection called Forteo. I have been doing alot of interent research on this drug and there are indications on every sight that it can be linked with

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  • kristin20459 2

    Alcohol & Osteoporosis

    I originally posted this in the Alcohol Consumption group, but this is probably a better forum for this question: I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis at 27 years old. My numbers were actually in the mild osteopenia range, but I have stress fractures so the endocrinologist said that it's

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  • maria475 2

    22 year old female with osteoporosis, don't have a lot of support

    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to get some advice about my situation. Earlier this year I found out I have osteoporosis and low bone density. I think the worst results are from a part of my spine (-2.6) and femoral neck (-2.4). However, my hip is -0.6 and other results are in the osteopenia range. ...

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  • pinkcat10 2

    Possible Osteoporosis?

    HI Have recently had a fracture to my wrist but after a fall.  Also had a fractured coccyx several years ago that is still hurting. Am worried about osteoporosis? Can I request a bone scan? Also had IBS since 18 and told to avoid dairy but given no calcium supplements.  Have always had a smalll

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  • rosalind50429 2

    I'm 60 and suffered a spontaneous fracture

    Hi I'm 60 and suffered a spontaneous fracture at T10. Since been diagnosed as advanced OS in my spine, hips not so bad. Haven't coped well with the alendronic acid so my consultant says I can have an annual injection instead. I just wondered if any one has this injection and if it makes you feel

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  • karen80910 1

    weight walking will help strengthen bones

    Since I had been diagnosed with osteopenia two years ago  my physician wants to put me on biophosphate drugs to help build bone I actually did some research of my own and decided to try to do it the natural I had read it can be done -n without got an osteoporosisvest started to

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  • mary42336 2


    I have osteoporosis and osteopenia. I was prescribed forteo and had to get off it as it lowered my blood pressure and experienced dizziness. Now I am supposed to start prolia and the side effects freighten me. What do other use to strengthen bones?  

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  • Prohow 2

    Pain relief for lumbar fracture L1L2

    I did PT! Water therapy and doctor says no operation and that you will have to live with pain . I want a solution so I just finished acupuncture 10 treatments no relief . I'm starting Tens unit . Who has done pain relief ex lidocaine injection? Who has done something else? I had fractured L1l2

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  • autumn38272 2

    How fast can osteoporosis develop?

    I had a bilateral orchiectomy, and cannot be on hormone replacement therapy, so I have no sex hormones at all right now in my body and being on them is not an option. I guess I'm just wondering, How quickly can osteoporosis potentially develop?

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  • rosalind50429 2


    Just been released from hospital where after further extensive tests it was revealed that my original diagnosis of advanced osteoporosis was wrong and that I have multiple myeloma. Having now suffered five spinal fractures in less than a year and was getting worse week on week rather than improving,...

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  • noa1212 1
  • sammhope92 2


    I was told at the age of 20 I had osteopenia and had a dexa scan done. I'm only 23 and I have been on Adcal calcium tablets ever since and will be for the foreseeable. I am in daily discomfort and pain but don't want to hassle Just assuming they have done all they can. Feeling so

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  • Hayley Rabbit 2

    Forteo concerns

    I'm 30 and have had a bad reaction to Forteo(rash and sore throat) but i'm try to wean onto it anyway because i feel i have no choice, as i have severe pain, multiple fractures, -5.9 DXA.  i don't know what to do, dr says they've never seen these side effects before.  I'm in constant pain in hips, feet,...

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