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Prednisolone and Calcium Tablets Query

I've just read this in an oldish thread

"I think the only important point which is missing is I still didn't know not to take pred and calcium together.  That information probably arrived a month or so later.  I've recently looked at the information sheets which came with my first pred prescription, and it does not mention the possibility of a pred/calcium interaction"

Husband was discharged from Assessment unit with supply of Pred and Calcichew.

No instructions not to take the two at same time and nothing to this effect on instuction leaflet in the respective boxes.

It's far easier for him to take all his tablets at same time.

Any further info anywhere please?

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  • jones10939

    dont take Prednisolone and calcioum together, because Prednisolone impedes calcium absorption. Also if he did not get prescription for vitamine D3 and K2, please add those to his list. Without D3/K2 calcioum will not go to rebuild bones and will end up as deposits on blood vessels instead.

  • jones10939

     For eight years I was prescribed Prednisolone and Calceos ( Calcium and Vit.D supplement. ) The only instructions were to take once a day with a drink. Towards the end of that time I had a total hip replacement which five years on has never given me so much as a twinge. If there were any interactions I didn't notice them and the scans showed good bone density. ( " Amazing" was the surgeon's word )

    I wonder here the information came from?

    • BettyE

      I had a note on the box of vit D and calcium from the pharmacy not to take with pred. I believe there are several tablets that should not be taken at the same time as calcium as it can block the effect. I have good bone density and have had a hip replacement

  • jones10939

    wow that's good to know because these idiots up at the VA didn't even tell me that good thing I'm not on calcium I'm on everything else and they're telling me that there's nothing left for them to do for me this is ridiculous

    • april 76349

      Calcium and Vitamin D are prescribed as a matter of course in the UK, if you're on pred, and my doctor, in Canada, also told me to take both, although here they are not covered by our insurance.  I later added Vitamin K2, and I think that has made all the difference.  If you want to read about my experience google healthunlocked my osteoporosis journey.  It's worked for me, and I think others are finding similar efforts also are helpful.

  • jones10939

    I had to stop the calcium quite early on because it was causing heart rhythm problems. I have tripped and twisted my ankle and also had a heavy item dropped on my foot and to date have had no broken bones. The heavy item may have broken a little bone in my foot but they don't Xray now so I don't know for certain. I eat enough calcium and greens etc in my diet so I just have to hope. As I am now on 2mgs I guess any further problems will have diminished. 

  • jones10939

    Prednisone actually changes the way the body metabolizes calcium.  Some people are lucky and never have a problem, others do, I think I was one of them.  But I no longer take pred and calcium together in the morning, after finding out after my first three months on pred.  The other thing is calcium is wonderful at blocking the action of other things, and I have read somewhere although i can never find the reference, that calcium can interfere with the action of prednisone.  So it really is best to avoid taking them together.  Prednisone for breakfast, calcium, in smallish doses, for lunch and supper, or bedtime - but always with a little food.  

  • jones10939

    You will find info in various places - whether it is easier or not isn't much to do with the reality I'm afraid. Taking them together may mean a poorer effect for the calcium dose. Pred is to be taken in the morning, taking one calcium/vit D tablet with lunch and one with tea/dinner will improve the absorption of calcium markedly.

    You won't get K2 prescribed - but I have never taken any and it doesn't seem to have made much difference. As the others have said - for some people it won't make much difference. The trouble is - you can't know which group you are in.

    • SectionedThrice

      Dietary calcium is not felt to make as much difference as supplemental calcium - it would be unusual to take 500mg of calcium in one go with dietary calcium except, as you say, with almond milk which has a high supplemented content. Cow milk has about half that - and is felt to be an acceptable drink with which to take pred tablets.

      I don't really know - somehow too much almond milk along with your pred tablets doesn't sound a good idea - simply because it is added calcium and not natural. The other cups won't matter, just that one with the Medrol. Is there not a non-dairy milk with a lower calcium content you could use for breakfast? Or maybe use less at the time and drink the other half glass a couple of hours before or after?

  • jones10939

    I didn't understand. I took it to mean that if on pred. you should not take calcium. I now realise that it meant not to take them at the same time. Please ignore my recent post.  I was taking my Pred. at night ( GP's suggestion which worked for me ). I was taking my Pred. at breakfast time. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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