Pregabalin Withdrawal Timescale and Symptoms

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I have been on 600mg Pregabalin for 2 years for muscle spasms in the back as a result of the muscles in the left lumbar region apparently distrophying.  

I have been warned about hyperalgesia syndrome and have been trying to self withdraw from the drug.  300mg per day to start with and achieved with fairly severe side effects but were alleviated within three weeks.  And now I have gone cold turkey for two of the most physically horrible weeks possible - intense pain, nausia, lethargy and foggyness, sickness and depression.  

Im sticking at it as it has to be worth it - has anyone else done similar with same quantities?

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    Hope you're feeling better by now...wasn't your weaning off a bit drastic? My doctor has said to wean of 25MG a day.   My best to you...
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      This was useful. I've been reducing by 25mg a day and wasn't sure if that was right. Getting hold of a doctor atm is not easy.

      I've got no issue with pregabalin, it's made my live much better, but I've changed a couple of other things in my lifestyle and need to check if I still need it or if I'm just taking it for the sake of it

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    Hello Paula, I only wish I could have got off the pregabalin myself earlier so I could have answered your question in better time. I hope you managed to get off the drug and are feeling much better for it.

    I was taking the full dose of this awful drug for years, along with naproxen and tramadol. Years passed, doctors seemed happy to keep on prescribing and only pharmacists questioned me being on so much.  This was when I questioned it too.

    I have disc bulges in my neck, one impinges on the C7 nerve root, this is the cause of a lot of pain, muscle spasms and numbness. Consultants say it isn't an emergency situation, therefore they do not offer surgery. Whether I want surgery is another story.

    Anyway, I thought it was time to try and go drug free to make sure I knew how much pain I was really in and whether the meds were as necessary as I thought they were, and indeed doctors thought they were.

    I had many side effects with pregabalin, including dizziness, drowsiness, being off-balanced, blurred vision, leg swelling, finger swelling, and most irritating of all not being able to form proper sentences.

    So on a whim I started my yoga again, bought lots of vitamin supplements, changed my diet, cut out caffeine and went cold turkey off the lot!

    It was weird, so much more pain at first than I expected, I felt close to giving up, but I am strong so stuck with it. I questioned whether I was in pain because the drugs were wearing off and they perhaps were making life more bearable. And now I wasn't taking anything my life was going to be unbearable....but that was not true.

    It got better, but after quite a few weeks. I went through severe itching, pain all over, foggy headed, confused (although the pills did that anyway), I felt detached, and I felt very low.

    After a few weeks on my new healthy lifestyle I started to notice a difference, the pain wasn't as bad as it was before I started all the pills, and I feel more positive, I think more clearly. My eye sight seems better, my thoughts are more positive, and although I still have pain, I find I can tolerate it more now…who would have thought?

    I even think that due to my stress levels and anxiety over my sudden deteriorating health a few years back, the pain was worse because of my state of mind. I think I must have been too frightened to stop taking these drugs before, addicted I am not sure. If you get addicted to these drugs, it is more about the anxiety of being in the awful pain again. But I am no expert so couldn't say for sure.

    One thing is for sure, after taking pills for a long period of time you need to take a break to see if your condition has in fact improved, I believe after time our bodies can fight pain more effectively without the crutch of pills, of course not for everyone, but a lot of people can find relief through other means. Try yoga, relaxation, massage, walking, laughter therapy, tens machine, heat/ice when pain is bad. But pills become a real problem when we come to rely on them as our bodies are not naturally fighting the pain as they should, we just rely on the pills, until we don't even know if we are in pain because of our condition, or the pills are making us ache all over as a side effect. It is well documented that the human body is amazing and can get over some pretty debilitating conditions, or at least find ways to live with them a little better.

    I am not in as much pain, I took a risk going cold turkey, but it paid off. I went through hell, but it made me stronger. Now I am going to try with every ounce of my being to live with this condition, kick it into touch with positive thinking and a healthy fun lifestyle.

    I really would advise anyone on this drug to try weaning off it, you never know, you might feel a lot better. Just like with everything in life, give it a little time. Don't panic if you get symptoms, just know it really does get easier. Keep in touch with other people in the same boat, even if it is a few lines on forums like this, with a little support and positive thinking anything is possible.

    I wish you and other sufferers of pain all the best of luck with your journey through this wonderful life.

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      Hi Sally,

      I found your advice very helpful thank you. I have also withdrawn from Pregabalin 600mg over a significant period of time, down to 100mg which I decided to stop over Xmas. I am also suffering many of the side effects you described (and more) and was wondering what supplements you took to help you?

      Many thanks


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      Hello Emma.

      Firstly well done with you battle with this medication .

      I will quickly run thru what i came off and what i have done to put things right after having my personality stripped by drugs.

      425ml pregab

      40ml Martizapine

      100 Quertapine

      8 .30/500 co.codamol

      7.5 zimmervane.

      All the above per day for 4years.

      I am an all or nothing person with a additive personality Bipolar basically.So i am in no way saying that stopping dead with medication is a good sensible idea i say this before the screams and rants flood in from other patients .The point i am trying to make is withdrawal is a very personal thing and self absorbing it can become bigger than you and the amount of thought put into whats down to withdrawal and whats down to your illness become blurred. I stopped everything well over 50 days ago and channel my thoughts into reconnecting pathways in my brain and reignited my passion for life.Diet herbs excercise have become my obsession not giving myself anytime time to dwell on how dreadful i feel.

      Just the loss of weight has been inspiring enough but on top of that seeing situations clearly for what they are is of great benefit if the darkness starts to creep in.I wont go into all the brain food am having .But something has to be said for flushing your system out as quickly as possible sooner all that nastiness is out my system the better and alot can be done without pharmaceutical intervention (IN MY CASE)

      You take good care an there is alot of good to come when your totally off it

      Cheers Paul

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      I was just wondering how things are going? Are you still off all your meds?

      I am completely off the Pregablin and quetiapine but am taking sertraline and have recently started taking mitrazapine 30mg at night. 

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      I have been off the agomelatine for 6 months now, I have my dips still, but no worse than when I was on the anti depressants, I have stayed out of hospital, which is positive.

      This is another reason to be going ahead with the pregabalin stoppage, I have to question the depression side effect of it. 

      I will still be on tramadol, quintiapine and thyroxine though. The plan is to come off one by one and monitor the change.

      if there was a non drug treatment recognised/offered I would be trying it because I have been physically worsening since starting the meds.

      the last theory thrown at me by neuro was my depression/anxiety was causing all the neuropathic pain symptoms, weight gain and thyroid problems. Which to me is saying the medication for depression/anxiety (agomelitine and pregabalin) was not doing what it is supposed to do.  

      So I guess i’m about to find out 🙂

      I have my last pregabalin tomorrow night. 

      It’s good to know others have come off it, I have heard nothing but bad stories on its addiction.

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      Hi there,. i'm new to this. i àm trying to come off pregabalin, never realised it could be such a problem to withdraw from. i went on it 17 months ago for extreme anxiety. i was going through a divorce at the time and developed kidney disease, was trying to move house, and had to come off Lithium cos of my kidneys, so i guess it was no surprise i was so anxious. All i remember is shaking uncontrollably and being so scared just to get through the day.

      pregabalin solved that for me but i have since found out it is also bad for my kidneys,which are pretty bad now,

      so i made decision to start discontinuing pregabalin. i was on 150 mg and am on 75mg. in a few weeks i shall go down to 50mg

      to be honest im quite scatred of going through this as side effects sound really bad. its so hard to speak to gp with lockdown going on as you cant get in to see them and when i phone early am im always bottom of the queue.

      can you give me any advice please.

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      hello thank you very much for sharing really helpfull can u please tell me the brain foods bcz im going through the pregabolin withdrawals and want to also stop the weed im smoking 5 g a day im lost in a big cloud now so anything good foods for brain or anything that can help me sleep i respect and see youve been through nightmares and stress

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      Hi sally

      I was very interested to hear how you got on with Pregabalin.

      I was only on it for a month, taking 3 x 50mg a day. But after a week a noticed I was tripping up on my words. So after taking for a 3 weeks, I got so fed up with difficutly speaking I stopped them and went cold turkey. I got headaches, nausea and dodgy stomach. So my doctor suggested i go back on them and for a few days wean myself off them. I last one that I took was 6 days ago.

      When did your speech come back? I am still finding it tricky to speak. Not as bad. But still noticable and tiring to talk.

      Apart from that, Pregabalin was okay for me, and it took my nerve pain away and I slept through the night!

      But it was not being able to talk was awful. It gave me a stutter, and what my brain was wanting to say, i couldnt get out of my mouth.

      So I appreciate it, if you had the time to reply and you remember - the time frame of when your talking came back!!Many thanks

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      Hi Kim

      How are you getting on? I have MS too and I've reduced my pregabalin dose from 600mg to 200mg. The weight gain I had has completely reversed and I'm feeling much better.

      I hope you are feeling better and I thought I'd send you a message to ask how you're doing.

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    Dear Paula

    When i read yours and other peoples experience of coming off this awful drug I was so relieved to hear these were the result of withdrawal because i have been thinking i was seriously ill.  Terrible pain, awful nausea, dizziness and complete loss of appetitie.I really think it is worth staying off. I have heard so many bad reports of this drug including from Doctors and chemists. I am going to write to my Doctor who prescribed it and suggest they look at this site.

    I have had some terrible days but they are getting less. I drink plenty of water and exercise and eat sensibly. Dont know if it helps but i feel i am doing something to help myself. i would never under any circumstances take this drug again.

    All the best


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    I know it's a year later, I was on 600mg this time last year, and starting a taper of a starting cut of 5mg a day, as I hadn't been on 600mg long. I was only onn 275-450, taking recreatinally, but when I split the dose into four, it had horrible wds, so i gently nudged it up until I felt bearable, not well, but bearable, and started my taper. As the dose got lower, I had to reduce my cuts, and im on 3mg 0.8mg cuts, off in a few days, the physical withdrawals went very soon after I started daily cuts, but the  mental emotional side of it is terrible, and I had multiple drug addictions and drink issues but I gave all up barring valium which I am titrating downwards daily, nice and smooth until I slide off at 0mg with daily cuts.

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