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  • kim13481 1

    pregabalin withdrawal

    Hi there I am looking for some advice on stopping pregabalin cold turkey. I was admitted to hospital 24 days ago with severe vomitting and a few other symptoms. I was in hospital for almost a week and in that time I was unable to keep down my two daily 300mg doses at all. I was in a bad way when I came...

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  • Charlied660 1

    Changed from Lyrica to Rewisca brand of Pregablin

    Hi, I have been taking Lyrica Pregablin for a year, slowly upping dosage from 25mg twice a day, to then 50mg twice daily. This is for the pain from Guillain Barre syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I have had no side effects and decent pain relief. But when I was put onto my 75mg twice daily, the Gp told me...

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  • linda96368 1

    stopping pregablin

    i have been on Pregablin for 6 years  now. I'm an amputee and suffer badly with phantom pains. I want to stop taking them but fear not only the phantom pains becoming unbearable but also how I may react on other levels. I take 600mg daily. My memory has been badly affected as well as my concentration...

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  • liann61371 2
  • sam59632 1

    Pregublin withdrawal

    Do not suddenly stop taking pregublin believe me! I was stopped 75 mg which I was on for 5 years I was happy to stop it but the withdrawals are hell ! Knots and pains in your muscles worse than any flu severe insomnia anxiety headache woozy head absolute hell I ended up on the phone to nhs direct where...

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  • Frinsey 2
  • jasper66 2


    I have been given 150 pregabalin 3 times daily for severe anxiety along with fluoextine for depression. I was waking at 4 every morning before taking  pregabalin and anxiety kept me from sleeping etc. Started 150 yesterday, took one when I went to bed and slept till 9am, then fell asleep again till 1pm....

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  • sendas 2

    50 mg Pregabaline + 100 surmontil + 20 mg escitalopram

    Hi I've been to my psychiatric last tuesday, and he prescribed be this: In the morning:  50 mg Pregabaline + 20 mg escitalopram in the afternoon: 50 mg Pregabaline Before going to bed: 50 mg Pregabaline + 100 surmontil Since then I've been feeling like a zombie; my face and lips are numb and...

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  • mark04913 2

    Need some advice urgently please

    I have recently went on these pills and not sure if it's causing this or not but really need to know. I'm getting really sore stomach and extreme tenderness on my left side intenstine and it's sore to press. I've only been on these pills for 2 weeks at 75mg. Any advice would be great please.

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  • neurojohn 3
  • brenda46141 1
  • Bogmonster 3


    Hi, I'm just about to start on Regabalin - 150mg for GAD. I also take Venlafaxine - 300mg (anti-depressant), Amisulpride - 200mg (anti-psychotic), Lacosamide (anti-epileptic) - 200mg. I also suffer from a mood disorder, Peronality disorder, intrussive thoughts, epilepsy and ME. Anyway, given the cocktail...

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  • helena04973 2

    Just prescribed

    I have just been prescribed lyrics for pain in my knees. My kneecaps rub against the cartilage I am worried about starting it after reading reviews. I am on Warfarin so a lot of drugs are not suitable for me. Is anyone else taking lyrica for knee pain?

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  • debbie666 1

    how do i ween off 75mg lyrica please

    hello ive only been on lyrica for 6 days now .Im finding the 75mg dose to strong 1 a day is what i am takeing.I was wondering if the capsule can be split in half so i take half of that per day .then was wondering how long does it take to ween off compleatly if i decide to come off compleatly off the...

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  • Soxy 3

    Lyrica tabkets

    I have been on these tablets now for 6 weeks for sciatic nerve pain.  They are having some effect so I'm keeping on with them for the time being.  I take 400mg per day.  Unfortunately the worst side effect seems to be chronic constipation.  Anyone else found this to be the case? 

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  • kirstie 92875 3

    Pregabalin rewisca and gad

    Hello I was diagnosed of generalised anxiety disorder and emotional dysregulation on 28th Feb and my psychiatric put me on pregabalin 25mg twice a day for a week then 59mg for a week but I cudnt cope with the 50 as made me have bad sleepless nights and made me feel worse so I've stuck to the 25mg for...

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  • suzanne94613 1
  • kirstie 92875 3


    Hello I was placed on 0.5mg of risparidone yesterday I was diagnosed of emotional regulation and gad and all I had last night was severe nightmares so I didn't take it the next day and I've felt so ill and down.. I don't want to take this drug but before that I was on rewisca pregabalin which helped...

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  • lisa45755 1

    New to pregablin

    Hi looking for a wee bit advice please... I suffer from depression and anxiety ... About a year ago I was put on 150mg quetiapine and 45mg of mirtazapine.. Has a bit of a relapse in the last couple of weeks and my psychiatrist has put me on 75mg of pregablin starting tomorrow... Just curious as to anybody's...

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  • Jennyann 3


    I have been prescribed Alzain for nerve pain. I am now suffering with anxiety. I have been on this medication for 7 days now, can anyone tell me how long thes symptoms will last.

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  • john 28234 2

    Off label uses?

    I have recently been pescribed Pregabalin for RLS and insomnia by my neurologist. This is because I have developed a high tolerance to the z-drugs I have been taking for many years and are not working anymore. I was initially given 75mg to be taken once at night. But I have since realised that it can...

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  • chris04199 2

    Rewisca or pregabalin For Depression

    I have been on Rewisca 50 mg three times a day for 3 weeks, and this was prescribed by my GP for nerve pain in my middle and lower back. I quit smoking 5 weeks ago after almost 40 years of a pack a day, and that is when the pain and chronic fatigue began. This pain is now becoming less and less with...

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  • Soxy 3

    Pregabalin question

    Have just started this drug for sciatic nerve pain (constant) and back problems, all of which started after a hip replacement.  Have been taking it now for 4 days (50mg twice a day). So far no side effects but no relief from pain either.  I have been told by doctor that it takes 7 to 10 days to kick...

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  • kirstie89 3

    Anxiety and pregabalin

    Hello I have bin suffering anxiety for 15 years I'm 28 now I've just bin diagnosed of generalised anxiety disorder and was given pregabalin as my medication as last resort.. well I've taken my 1st one today and I felt so calm but then I felt badly dizzy which isn't major as I constant feel dizzy anyway..but...

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  • samantha16978 1
  • sarahtilly74 1

    Pregablin dosages

    Hi started taking 2 pills a day a couple of weeks ago but the side effects are making me very dizzy/drunk like.1 in the morning and 1 before bed. Would it be harmful if I took 1 at say 6pm then 1 at bedtime?Can anyone help ??

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  • Annonymouss 3

    pregabalin or anxiety making me stupid? brain not working

    so i'm on 450mg of pregabalin as i suffer with very severe disabling GAD  i have become stupid, my mind doesn't work properly, i can't focus, i can't read, i can't structure sentances properly i can't think of the right words to use, i struggle to keep up with and understand text and conversations,...

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  • zoe49797 1

    Pregabalin..........good results only please

    Iam asking for people with good results on this drug for anxiety, sick of reading horror stories which actually help no one, especially people with anxiety. So it would be nice to discuss with others there experience so far. am on 75mg aday due to increase to 100mg, which i gather is a low dose. yes...

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  • UKSteve 2

    Generic Pregabalin Reviews

    Looking for people's experiences with generic pregabalin as opposed to Pfizer brand Lyrica. Having tried two differ ent generic versions ( Teva & Actavis ) my view is that they were totally ineffective and had nasty side effects As a result I will now only accept the Lyrica brand manufacturered in...

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  • rebecca62574 1

    Lyrica for anxiety 75mg twice a day

    Started on the above 10 days ago. First capsule i took i was asleep not long after, woke up feeling in a daze, doctor advised me to have one a day for few days. I have been taking two a day for 8 days. In this time, i have fell downstairs twice, developed a rash, past two days have had an intense pain...

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  • rosemary62797 3

    pregabalin withdrawal

    has anyone successfully withdrawn from pregabalin using valium as a substute. I have asked my doc to substitue but she is not willing to do this, as I am already addicted to valium it would only be one addiction to deal with,  pregab acts in a diff way to valium and I think it might be easier to withdraw...

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  • chooch 1


    Can I take 2 tablets of Cocodamal at night, if I am taking 2 tablets of Pregabilin in themorning and again at lunchtime?

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  • bobcrachet 4

    Unusual side effects of Pregabalin

    Hello there, Look, I am going to describe this in the most tactful way I am able but I do need to describe this to you in an accurate way. I was prescribed Pregabalin several years ago now for diabetic neuropathy. It has always worked very well and gives me a great nights sleep. For the last 6 months...

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  • alfahiz48773 1

    Dont know what to do

    I have been using pregabalin for two years.. i dint had any spinal or nerve problems .actually i started doing pregabalin as a drug which is given by one of my friend saying that its a drug which makes u high.. during my first stages i was not at all addictive actually we used 450 mg per day which makes...

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  • Zerodark 3

    Progablin 300 to 400 mg can't deal with fog

    Been on 200mg evenings for six weeks or so when dose was doubled to 400mg the brain fog set in and even simple questions are impossible and seems to make me sleepy. I am only 9 stone, even splitting doses during the day doesn't seem to help. When I was on 200 the fog used to go but not on 300 or 400

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