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Looking for people's experiences with generic pregabalin as opposed to Pfizer brand Lyrica.

Having tried two differ ent generic versions ( Teva & Actavis ) my view is that they were totally ineffective and had nasty side effects

As a result I will now only accept the Lyrica brand manufacturered in a Pfizer unit.

Anyone had a similar problem?

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    Hi UKSteve.

    It doesn't matter what brand or version you take, you will still have nasty side effects.

    This is a horrible "medication" and causes many problems.

    Research it before you decide to take it. I also hear there's a pregabalin survivor page on facebook that a lot of people visit.

    All the best

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      I tried Lyrica for many months, it worked fo a while, in that it improved my mood and reduced stiffness. After a while even the pfizer brand became less effective. Came off it and i then had pain that I never had before I'm sure this medication may make your pain

      worse. But some people still seem to find it useful.

      I still have a prescription but I rarely fill it .

      occasionally try it again to see if it starts working but no , just got awful dizziness confusion & migraines.

      The search continues for something to get relief 😣

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    ​Whatever version of Lyrica, whether generic or not, this drug is never to be taken lightly. It may appear to work initially and then it stops, so Doc ups the dose. Eventually you are on the highest dose and it still does not work as it first did. Then you face the withdrawals coming off....and if you thought the side effects of being on it were bad wait til you try to stop taking it! Please research this fully before you either stay on it or wish to stop. There most certainly is a support group on FB for people trying to come off this drug, Lyrica Survivors, and if you find it just message the Administrator with your reason (just as you posted above) for wanting to join. There is so much information on the site it will answer all your questions. Hope this is helpful to you.

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    I've been on lyrics for over a year and helped greatly with my spinal pain and sciatic nerve problem. In July was told nhs would not prescribe lyrics as was too expensive. Have been given what you have same dose as lyrica and I was in agony with my back. Rang doctor who insisted they are the same and put my dose up. Still not working will have to ring again and if they put my dose up again I get swollen ankles. So depressed with this situation but doctor won't give me lyrica

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    My pharmacist has just changed my medication from Lyrica to Lecaent pregabalin.  Since taking it for the last 2 weeks, I have had really bad pain in my calves. I could hardly walk.  Have changed back to Lyrica as I had some of the original capsules still left and the pain has gone.  Miracle!

    Will now go back to my pharmacist to tell her side effects.

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    I had Pregabalin Teva for quite some time and it seemed to work. But recently the pharmacies are not supplying it and I have been given Zentiva, another generic. That really doesn't seem to be working. Asked hospital pharmacist and she said Teva might be more expensive and the pharmacies might be supplying a cheaper one. I don't know how I can get back to Teva or if there is another generic that works better.

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      It was the same for me and a few months ago I was given Zentiva instead of Teva. I had a bad reaction to it and also another generic, Mylan. My Chemist said that he always asked for Teva but had to give out what he was sent and Teva was too expensive. I think the fillers could be to blame in the cheaper ones, more talc and gritty stuff. I am now thankfully off this medication because 3 years of Brain Fog, memory loss, digestive issues etc. caused me to learn how to slowly taper down and off it. I feel far better off than I ever did on Pregabalin.

      If you wish to stay on this drug, talk to your Doctor about the Zentiva because I know there have been a lot of complaints about it and 'sensitivities' to it. Mylan was little better though. Why drug companies use Talc, a known cause of Cancer, as a filler in powder capsules is quite beyond me! I hope you can get something sorted out soon.

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    Dear UKSteve

    You can try generic pregaba from sun pharmaceutical brand name Maxgalin its very economical and effective

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    I was just prescribed the generic version of LYRICA and my pain has skyrocketed and about an hour before my next dose I start to notice withdraw symptoms (I take it every 12 hrs). I am hoping I will be able to get my doctor to switch me back. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    My doctor prescribed Lyrica for my fibromyalgia pain two years ago and it had been working perfectly. My insurance decided that they would no longer cover Lyrica and approved Pregabalin instead. After taking Pregabalin for a day in the same dose as Lyrica my nerve pain skyrocketed and my extreme exhaustion came back with a vengeance. I feel so bad I can't get out of bed. I'm not sure who flubbed the studies for pregabalin to be approved for nerve pain but someone is reaping the benefits and it sure isn't the patients.

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      i have been on lyrica for about 8 years with good results. they put me on the pregabalin and over the past few month's i am in all the pain i was in before and now sure why that is. thank you for your review.

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    Been on LYRICA for many years for trigeminal neuralgia

    It has kept the nerve pain under control along with TEGRETOL XR so well

    I was able to receive it from PFIZER

    Now i have to go on this new generic pregabalin through my mailorder and I'm having terrible breakthrough pain.

    It makes me have dull headaches and gives me an extremely tired feeling as in it's hard to stay awake. It's so hard waking up in the morning! AND NOT CONTROLLING PAIN

    Would like to know the ingredients!!

    It's manufactured by Amneal PHARMACY In INDIA

    Never had I ever had any side effects from the name brand LYRICA.

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    I am on Pregabalin from Torrent Pharma, 150mg a day, been on it for just over a month for suspected Fibromyalgia (to be confirmed by Neurology Nov 2019), so far I have had no side effects at all, my symptoms have improved, though if that is down to losing weight / healthy eating or exercise, rather than the Pregabalin, I don't know, though the heightened nerve sensitivity has not lessened and I am considering upping to 300mg, to see if that helps.

    This drug has had recorded side effects etc, but not apparent in all and the people who it have had very bad reactions tend to be people who have had previous record of depression, but it has helped a lot of people in the process as well.

    However, I do acknowledge this drug is now firmly in my central nervous system and if / when I have to come off it; then my troubles may or not prevail.

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    I've been on name brand Lyrica for Fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain for years now with great results. Since I've been taking generic though, my pain is exponential! I have arthritis pain that Lyrica obviously doesn't do much for, but my muscular and nerve pain are near to crippling. I feel as though I've been benchpressing a ton and running for days because my neck & shoulders and calves & thighs are so sore and tight. My foot neuropathy pain and post-op spinal fusion back spasms have increased as well. #genericLyricablows #namebrandonlyplease

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    i have been on Lyrica since Jan 2005 along with a mixture of other drugs for my trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia and migraines. Through these years, I have tried many other drugs for the horrific pain from these conditions, but, Lyrica has been most effective.

    I was thrilled when it finally became generic here in the USA. After a week on pregablin by Riser mfgt it was clear it was not effective for me. The insurance co allowed me to try another generic by Novadoz. It too was not effective. I am now back to brand name Lyric which cost me $440 the other day merely because the insurance company doesnt want people on brand name when generic is available. I am so disappointed the generic doesn't work. Apparently the inactive ingredients are the problem which I understand are the binding ingredients and they don't interact well with my system. i wonder how many people are experiencing this problem.

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      I experienced the same problem and my doc is trying to get the insurance company to allow an exception. Its looking good so far. Oddly enough it was my insurance company that first suggested the problem i was having was the generic. I couldn't figure out what was going on cause to my knowledge I had never had a problem with generics. I actually thought my intrathecal pump was the issue. Hope it all works out good for you, good luck!

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      i've had the same problem i've be taking lyric for 13 yrs finally got the nerve pain under control was oain free for 6 yrs they changed me to the gentric an now my pain it back

      were you able to get the insurance company to pay for the brand lyrica

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