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Looking for people's experiences with generic pregabalin as opposed to Pfizer brand Lyrica.

Having tried two differ ent generic versions ( Teva & Actavis ) my view is that they were totally ineffective and had nasty side effects

As a result I will now only accept the Lyrica brand manufacturered in a Pfizer unit.

Anyone had a similar problem?

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    After being on Phizer's (real) Lyrica for 12 years, I switched to the generic made by Novadoz. My pain has shot through the roof. My nerves feel like they are either on fire, or every that ever nerve ending has electricity shooting through it . Whoever approved this should be criminally charged.

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      the same thing has happened to me

      have you figured how to get back on the brand lyrica?

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      sorry it took so long to get back to you. I don't know if you have gotten it cleared but I purchased some without insurance immediately which showed them, I guess that I wasn't messing around and then my doctor sent letter(s). I had been taking it for at least 15 years and since I had tried everything else, they really had no choice. But it still costs me a lot. It's funny it would have taken me a while to figure out what was going on if it weren't for my insurance company concierge who asked how it was going on the generic as I had been taking for a little less than a week and had been feeling awful but i have never had a problem with generics before so I didn't even go there. Good luck to you! If you have other questions let me know. I will try to answer faster next time.

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      i have been on lyrica for about 8 years with good results. they put me on the pregabalin and over the past few month's i am in all the pain i was in before and now sure why that is. thank you for your review.

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      Oh my gosh I totally agree with you! I have been in agony for 2 weeks being on this generic!

      I have had other generics that have worked well but this is a disgrace! Like taking a placebo!

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    I am so glad to find that I am not alone! I've been on Lyrics for @ least 10 yrs for my fibro & nerve pain issues in my back. From day 1 it was a miracle but I've noticed my pain has been worse the past yr(around the time the generic became available here). It wasn't until I was speaking to an ARNP friend that I even considered generic lyrica could be the issue. She asked how the generic worked & said that generics only have to be 85% of the same medicine & how important that other 15% could be to some. I'm on the max dosage so a dose increase is not an option for me. In addition to the pain increasing I have had the pin pricking & heat sensations return. I've also been noticing it doesn't last as long. Within 8 hrs I start to feel the symptoms of physical withdrawal. Symptoms that in the past only appeared if I'd forgotten a dose at the 16+ hr mark. Has anyone else noticed the generic not lasting as long?

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    ? how much is it costing you for the brand name. this product is horrible. ALL MY PAIN IS RETURNING AND I AM GETTING VERY TIRED AND NOW I AM GETTING ANGRY WITCH DOES NOT HELP

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    yes..I have been taking the generic brand for 20 months and DID not realize until recently that this generic brand was ineffective and does not even compare to Lyrica. I had been thinking that my health has gone down and that I was just getting worse nerve problems...but I realize now that it may be the generic lyrica is not working

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    I found lyrica absolutely amazing for pain relief for a crushed nerve. just been given mylan and my pain is as though im not on meds at all.

    Really hope my gp will specify the more expensive version as this is my only hope of delaying a really unpleasant op. They may be cheap but if they dont work its just money down the drain.

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    I've been on lyrica pfizer for 10 years now for muscle spasms and GAD,. I'm now on 300mgs at night and 300mgs in morning, I've been really OK with it, helps with my anxiety really well bit of brain fog but don't mind as it helps me better than any other drug I've been given over the last 40 years, . I've tried generic pregabalin on more than a few occasions as pharmacy hadn't got any pfizer lyrica. Ive only ever managed a day with generic,! It gives me a horrible physical agitated fear type feeling in my chest and I'm all shaky, and no way could I function like that for long!

    All has been well for this past year until today I've nearly run out and went to get my monthly prescription and Boots pharmacy gave me generic again as no pfizer, pharmacist said to ask at my surgery could doctor write on my prescription that I need lyrica please,

    I said my doctor had said No last year, when I asked, and I'd managed to then get a written paper prescription the next day so I could take it to a Boots chemist where they had lyrica 10 miles away, this was last I said,

    So Today I told pharmacist my problem again and gave the 112 tabs back to them, asking if this would be on record that I'd not got any etc, pharmacist gave me a phone number for GMC and told me to ring Monday and make a complaint to them!

    I'm really worried as seeing as how my doctor doesn't believe that they cause me a big problem I'm not sure they will either, seeing as how everywhere online it says that they are exactly the same ingredients!

    I've got a few old generic from last time it happened. I will have to cope till Monday, I'm at wits end not being believed, I know all about the expense to NHS of lyrica generics are way cheaper. and if I could take the generic I would but I really really can't... If my doctor says no again or GMC can't help then my future looks bleak. as you can't just stop this drug obviously.

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    yes, in US. Rheumatology patient with advanced autoimmune arthritis. Generic does not do much of anything. And cannot sleep because of a recent flare. I only take Lyrica when i need it and this generic is not working after not taking any for literally months. Just tried the generic three doses in and barely any relief, if any and my pain is becoming unbearable as I wait on a surgical nerve ablation for long term relief. Thank you for the forum to share. I have yet to notice side effects. Manufacturer of my generic pregabalin is Novadoz.

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    Reading the reviews it seems there is a big difference between Lyrica and generic pregabalin. I suffered with intense anxiety and depression for over a year before I finally persuaded my GP to prescribe Lyrica. The change was immediate and incredible. Anxiety gone and so everything else improved too. It eventually lost the first effect and with the side effects - sleepiness, memory loss etc. after a year it was time to get off it. Surprisingly I didn't have any trouble with that. That was several years ago. I took it time to time again for a very short periods but it never seemed to have the same effect as the first time. I am not sure if I was given Lyrica all the time or generic. I am taking Pregabalin Teva now, not regularly but only on days when I feel I can't cope. It is sort of working this way. It gives me a boost when I need it. It seems, my body gets used to pregabalin when taken every day and then it stops working and I am left just with the side effects. I just wonder if I had Lyrica if the results would be significantly better.

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    I realise this post is 5 years old, but this is exactly what I'm finding too. Lyrica worked well for my neuropathic pain, but having taken the generic ones for a few weeks, I have virtually no pain relief at all, despite doubling the dose, and am now experiencing side effects, such as dizziness, irritability and burning in my feet.. I will be switching straight back.

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