Premenopause Symptoms

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I'm 50 years old and for the last 3 years I have been having terrible symptoms 2 weeks out of every month... I feel as if my body is not my own. I feel so tired it comes out of no where, heart burn which makes the top of my chest feel like it's burning, dizzyness sometimes, anxiety on 10, and about 4 years ago I was this energetic on the go always busy type of mom.....I still push myself even when I don't feel like it because that just who I am.....but can any one tell me your symptoms, other than the night sweats and brain fog ...

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    a list of mine however peri not confirmed:

    racing heart


    muscle twitching

    muscle weakness


    longer and shorter cycles

    decreased symptons of ovulation or discharge

    pins n needles

    jittery and anxious

    internal tremor feeling


    stiffness in morning

    dry mouth at times

    frequent urination seems to be random days though

    think thats me but probably missed a few.

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      Wow serena11274, I have everthing you listed. I did go in to my doctor last year June 2019, and explained it all to my doctor. She checked my hormone levels at her own request after explaining my symptoms to her, and test came back hormone levels were all on the very low side of normal. Doctor stated that yes this is why your feeling all these different feeling , my age which I'm 50 now , it's all premenopause maybe you should request a hormone level blood count. And some of these symptoms will make you think something else is going on, hard to know which is hormone or should you see a doctor because its something else.....Good Luck, hope you get the hormone blood work done.....thanks for responding because I thought the posts I was reading were from years ago, and didn't think any one would respond !!!!

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      im new to this group, ive had hormone tests done recently and in past year, they coming back as normal, ive had everything else checked, i have hashimotis diagnosed 2006, but even with that have never had symptons like these.

      seeking help atm from a menopause assoc as doctors seem to dismiss and yeah offer antidepressant.

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      well I think it's premenopause, menopause is when you go with out a period for 12 consecutive months straight, And periods completely stop. And premenopause is the years leading up to do some reasearch on the premenopause symptoms which are many, and maybe find you a woman doctor that's in her 50's early 60's that can relate.

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      random popping type feelings under skin , i can actually see the muscles moving then they will just stop, it doesnt hurt or tense up just twitches for few seconds or so then stops, i get them all over then somedays none

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    i just turned 50 and my symptoms started 3 years ago with that burning in my chest that turned out to be terrible acid reflux. i have also had joint pain, headaches, palpatations that feel like my heart is skipping beats, dry mouth, and for the past year and a half constant ear ringing. i also had terrible anxiety. i havent experienced hot flashes. i have not had these all at the same. i spent about 2 years running to the dr whenever a new symptom appeared. Thank the good Lord Jesus everything was good. at this point i feel better. symptoms come and go, except the ear ringing 😟 i found that drs know nothing about menopause and just want to give you anti depressants and send you on your way. hugs to you!!

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    You are describing me. i have everything especially the uncommon ones. i have seen countless of specialist & every results came back normal. All doctors think I need psychiatric help & prescribed me with anti anxiety medicines.

    I have concluded the only person who can help you is yourself. Tell yourself there is nothing wrong with you. The body is just undergoing another phase in life. Learn to manage stress, sleep & eat well. Talk to positive people , exchange information with one another, in forum like this where you get very strong support. You will definitely feel much better. Good luck!

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      Hi Kylie,

      They are internal tremors/shaking, chest tightness, imbalance especially when walking or standing, joints pain, fainting spells, eyeballs burning sensation & extreme tension around the neck, jaw & shoulders area, very dry blurry eyes & chronic fatigue.

      These symptoms sometimes occur all at the same time but sometimes come & go. i have very good days and very bad days. More bad days than good days ever since i started perimenopause 4 years ago.

      Hope you have better luck than me. Stay strong & positive.

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      I have good days and bad days also. I have just got home from the ER as I had severe abdominal pain. It eased while I was there so going for scans tomorrow. Dr said could be hormone surges playing havoc on digestive system. Thankyou for replying x

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