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Zibbyl Zibbyl

Premique low dose - pharmacies which CAN supply it

Premique (both strengths) was out of production for up to a year, and then Pfizer (the manufacturer) announced they were no longer producing the higher strength.  The Low Dose (LD) came back into production in February 2017 but in another forum here it has become very apparent that both GPs and pharmacies widely believe, incorrectly, that even the LD is no longer available.


It would appear that different pharmacies (including different locations of the same chain) use different distributors, and not all of the distributors are sourcing Premique.  This means that one branch of Boots may be able to obtain it for you, and another may not.  I've started this thread so that anyone who has had successes or failures in getting Premique LD can post the details here, in order to benefit others.  So I'll start the ball rolling:

YES - Boots in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

NO - Boots in Brandon, Suffolk

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  • bellav bellav Zibbyl

    Prrmique is definately not available in the Manchester area. My GP had confirmed that the low dose is no longer available . I have had to switch to a different one... Start tomorrow and hopefully there will be no problems. fingers crossed

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl bellav

      Bella your GP is probably relying on what they've been told by the pharmacy they use for most of their prescriptions - he/she is WRONG!  Premique low dose IS available again and has been since February this year.  If you phone around the pharmacies in your area sooner or later you will find one whose distributor has access.

      Please try - and don't be fobbed off by your GP - they're human and can (and do!) make mistakes.

    • bellav bellav Zibbyl

      I did the phoning round and Boos contacted the supplier who confirmed that it had been discontinued. Which low dose are you referring to? I was in 0.5/0.625

    • bellav bellav

      It was in fact me who told the GP that it was no longer available and when he checked he confirmed Ptzifer were no longer supplying

    • Simba3142 Simba3142 bellav

      That is Premique LD. Prescribed to me today and after phoning 3 pharmacies I found one who has got it. My Dr originally said it wasn't available after being told that by the chemist next door to the Dr's surgery. What Zibbyl has written in her reply to you is correct. 

    • bellav bellav Simba3142

      Sorry but it's not correct. I spent 4 weeks before going to discuss with my GP ringing chemist ms I'm my locality and surrounding area and none had it in stock ( this was after waiting 5 months for Boots to try and obtain for me). Boots eventually spoke directly to the supplier and Ptzifer confirmed it had been discontinued. My GP then also checked with the supplier and again it was confirmed. Some chemists may still have some stock but eventually these will run out.

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl bellav

      Bella you're not talking about Premique Low Dose, it's the higher dose alternative which I can confirm has been discontinued. 

      Premique Low Dose is 0.3mg/1.5mg, and it IS available, as you can see from those who've posted details of their successes.

  • jayne47834 jayne47834 Zibbyl

    So sorry, I have started joined the discussion.

    Which medication for HOT are we discussing?

    Needing to learn!


  • trish22961 trish22961 Zibbyl

    brill i have some left back to the docs when i come back from hols in may thank you every one for all your help,this is what i like about the web every one helping each other keep fit ladies

  • Sophie1953 Sophie1953 Zibbyl

    Hello all

    found your site whilst looking for pharmacies who can supply Premique LD - Lloyd’s in Newcastle upon Tyne say suppliers ‘should send stocks’ by 16th Feb 2018. Boots don’t have any either. Has anyone else experienced difficulty, or know where to find it, please? (I’m in Leeds on Wed 7 th Feb if available there also). Thanks. 

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl Sophie1953

      Hi Sophie,

      Yes, production issues yet again - really frustrating that pharmacies don't bother telling their regulars as soon as they find out that it won't be available for a while.

      Lloyds in Thetford told me it would be back in stock in January, now they're saying February.  I eked my remaining supply out by taking every other day but it was unsatisfactory as I'm having hot flushes & night sweats again sad

      I've phoned around my local pharmacies (only Boots & Lloyds within 10 miles) and none of their distributors has supplies at the moment.  I imagine there will be a much larger selection of pharmacies in Leeds, so you might strike lucky if you phone around. 

      Otherwise, it's just a matter of waiting (or going to your GP and trying something else)... sorry I don't have better news!

  • Sophie1953 Sophie1953 Zibbyl

    Thanks your prompt reply Zibbyl. I was thinking of trying the every other day strategy too - but maybe not!  So frustrating though. I used to take the higher dose Premique but LD suited me too. Have tried quite a few other HRT brands but none suitable. Hope it’s not back to the drawing board. Will post if/when I find Premique LD, and will definitely look in Leeds.

  • Bellamo50 Bellamo50 Zibbyl

    Hope you don't mind me messaging but was wondering..  can you help !!!??? I've nearly ran out of Premique low dose and was wondering if anybody has been prescribed a good close like for like ?? 

    After having a horrific 2years of becoming allergic to most Toiletries Cosmetics and  Cleaning Products and looking like a monster, this small tablet has been like a miracle.. ( along with finding paraben and fragrance free products ) I'm terrified of getting ill again ! 


    • Zibbyl Zibbyl Bellamo50

      According to Pfizer it should have been back in production last month and available in pharmacies, then they said this month... we've seen it all before!

      From my research, Premarin contains the same conjugated oestrogens as Premique, but lacks the other ingredient. 

      If you can, try stretching your remaining supply by taking every other day, hopefully whatever the problem is will be resolved very soon.

    • Bellamo50 Bellamo50 Zibbyl

      Thanks for your reply Zibbyl just come from the Drs .. Primique apparently has been discontinued!!! My pharmacist had recommend two tablets I could take together Premarin (the one you have mentioned ) and Provera ... but the Dr wouldn't give me this on prescription as it’s not a patented tablet! I’ve been given a prescription for Indivina now so Im hoping it will be okay fingers cross 🤞🏼


      Thanks so much 

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl Bellamo50

      Premique high dose was discontinued last year, but Pfizer (the manufacturer) told me that the low dose was still being manufactured, so I'm not sure your GP has the right information. 

      There was a lot of incorrect information being circulated a year ago when Pfizer moved the manufacturing to a new location, and it would sadly appear the same is happening again.

    • Bellamo50 Bellamo50 Zibbyl

      Oh okay thanks for that information Zibbyl ! Very interesting , good that it might be available again .. It’s just so annoying that no accurate date can be given and hard when your tablets have nearly all gone ! 

  • ramona95264 ramona95264 Zibbyl

    My pharmacist thought it had been discontinued but that is wrong.  I just called Tracy at the Pfizer Customer Contact Centre and she told me there have been delays on deliveries and she expects deliveries to start next week.  I explained that lots of GPs, and pharmacies are under the impression that Premique has been discontinued, and Tracy confirmed this is wrong.  I also made Tracy aware that lots of women are being prescribed alternative treatments because of the belief that Premique has been discontinued.  Tracy offered to call me with an update on deliveries so I will update this thread once I find out.

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl ramona95264

      Oh well done!  You obviously spoke with someone more helpful than I found, fingers crossed they start deliveries again next week. 

      Bear in mind everyone, that not all distributors will have access to supplies, and that means different branches of the same chain (e.g. Boots, Lloyds, etc.) which have different distributors will have different information.

    • ramona95264 ramona95264 trish22961

      Hi Trish, maybe you could call Pfizer - they may not be aware how much we rely on their unique but patented product.  Maybe we should start a campaign.  Why should these mega-companies have monopoly over our health?

  • lavinia67510 lavinia67510 Zibbyl

    I used Premique Low Dose for a 3-month period - an excellent product which sorted all my symptoms with no side-effects  When I came to renew the prescription, I couldn't find a single pharmacy near me which could supply it, even some of the online ones.  My GP then prescribed Kliovance but after only 2 weeks I had bloating and painfully swollen breasts and very sore nipples.  I stopped the tablets and after 3 weeks, my breasts were back to normal.  The GP then switched me to Femoston conti, but the same thing has happened again.  I am trying to take just one tablet every 3 days, but that has not actually sorted the problem.  Either I react badly to estradiol, or to the different progesterone types - MPA seems OK for me.  My GP confirms that she is hearing the same story over and over again from women who have used Premique happily, in some cases for years.  I intend to talk to Pfizer tomorrow and will let you all know what I hear.

    • pat11500 pat11500 lavinia67510

      Having heard good things about Premique, I am interested to find out if it is still being supplied. I was on Evorel Conti but it caused me many problems even though I cut the patch in half..I spotted every couple of weeks, I am seeing my GP tomorrow to see if I can get Premique (hopefully). Please let us know what the outcome of your conversation with Pfizer is. 

    • Bellamo50 Bellamo50 lavinia67510

      It’s so upsetting that although this company has made a good product that really helps  a lot of women , they can’t seem to supply it on a regular basis ! I’ve had problems for the whole 3years of being on  primique , having to ring around many chemists myself ! I’ve now being given Indovina so I’m hoping it will go well ! I’ll be very interested to hear what the outcome of your conversation is too 

  • lavinia67510 lavinia67510 Zibbyl

    I rang Pfizer this afternoon on their UK number 01304 616161 and spoke to Christine on their Customer Services team.  She said that hey have been having "severe distribution problems" with Premique Low Dose.  She confirmed that it has NOT been discontinued.  She said that they were hoping to have an update on the current distribution situation "within a day or two" and took my phone number, promising to ring me back.  She seemed very familiar with women complaining about the difficulty of obtaining this product - I guess a lot of people have done just what I have done.  Anyway, either I am being fobbed off or Pfizer are genuinely onto this and there should be some news within a couple of days.  I'll write again if I do get a call back.

    • bellav bellav ramona95264

      my local Boots rand Pfizer yesterday.  Automated response said it had been discontinued but she then spoke to an adviser at Pfizer who said not discontinued but still no date for when it will be back in stock.   ive had the well meaning advise from so many Chemists ..." You'll have to go back to your GP and get a different one"!!! If only it were that simple!! Fingers crossed ladies 

  • lavinia67510 lavinia67510 Zibbyl

    Pfizer rang me today.  Unfortunately, I was out but they left an answerphone message (I had not given them my mobile number).  The same Christine to whom I spoke a few days ago now says that pharmacies will be able to order Premique Low Dose as from TOMORROW, if you take your prescription in.  She did not indicate how long it might take to get the pills, but it seems that it is now back in production and available for distribution.  I will make an appointment to see my GP ad get a prescription and report back.  Here's hoping.......... 

  • sue86304 sue86304 Zibbyl

    I've been able to get my local Boots to order Premique LD today. Like lots of others I was told to go back to my GP to get an alternative. I was given Elleste Duet and was told this was the same but a slightly higher dose, which I wasn't especially happy with in any case. So having forked out my £17.20 (because there are two different coloured tablets in the same blister pack - what a rip-off) I went home and read the leaflet. I have no idea in what way my GP thought it was the same. According to the leaflet "YOU WILL" get a monthly bleed on Elleste Duet because it is not continuous combined HRT. Well, I haven't had periods for about 10 years and I'm not about to start again now. Rang Boots (because I'd read the posts above which said Premique LD is available again - thanks ladies!) and they ordered it for me, back to GP to get another prescription which won't be ready for another two days, but at least Boots have my name on the order so fingers crossed. However this whole fiasco means I have thrown away £17.20. Not a happy bunny in that respect.

    • ramona95264 ramona95264 sue86304

      This exact same thing happened to me - paid for two Elleste Duet prescriptions, only to find I'd be getting periods again!  No thanks!  I'm so relieved Premique is back and I can't wait to pick up my supply.  I've been spreading out my few remaining pills - taking half dose - and getting hot flushes and feeling horrible again.  At least we now know if supplies stop again, we should phone Pfizer direct and let them know what we're going through.

    • sue86304 sue86304 Zibbyl

      It is at the moment fortunately, but thank you. I’ve asked my GP to prescribe 6 months instead of 3, mainly to save the hassle all over again in 3 months, but I guess that’ll save me money too. I guess I’ll wait and see what happens when I go and collect the prescription 

    • Zibbyl Zibbyl sue86304

      I've been to my Lloyds and they hadn't been checking availability, but have placed an order for me today to collect tomorrow - relieved!  This will be to fulfil my December order, so my next order is due later this month.  So I'm hoping I can place another order in a couple of week's time, keeping 3 months in reserve for the future.  Fingers crossed!


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