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Prescribed Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid combo...

Been prescribed Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid to treat light to middling bleeding and period-like abdo / pelvic pain after having Implanon (contraceptive implant) put in 6 weeks ago, I know the bleeding and pain is due to a temporary Hormonal imbalance after having the implant so it seems odd to chuck such a large quantity of drugs at the situation.

Anyone else had the same prescription???

And looking at some of the other posts on here, does it even work???

Any advice will be gratefully received by a very confused patient!

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    Hi I am 49 and also taking tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid tablets. My problems started about two years ago when i came on a period and about ten days later was still on this period and started flooding badly with large clots. It was so bad that i couldnt get out of the shower to get dressed for work. Went to doctor who prescribed tranexamic acid took it and the period went in two days. Same thing happened every time i came on i had to take tablets to stop bleeding. No pain but a dragging feeling before a clot came out.

    I came on 5 months ago (still on now) took tablets but they havent stopped the bleeding only slowed it to like a normal period but constant for five months. My consultant at hospital has put me on mefenanic acid as well even though im not in any pain. I had an ultra sound and pelvic examination 6 weeks ago and am seeing consultant to find out whats going on on monday 6th june. 6 weeks to have scan.13 week wait to see consultant. Nice to talk to people in same position as me.

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    Very similar experience to you, Karendavo - I'm 47, always had heavy periods, clots, can't get out of the shower sort of stuff - far worse since the beginning of this year and bleeding now hasn't stopped for 9 weeks. Doctor prescribed tranexamic acid - I'm taking 2, 3 times a day and although it slows the bleeding, it hasn't stopped (I also have a haemoglobin level of 8 so am eating iron tablets like they're going out of fashion!) I am just absolutely exhausted, trying to hold down demanding job, maintain a busy teenage family and have some sort of normal sex life with my husband. He's great, incredibly supportive, so I'm not complaining! My doctor has said he doesn't see the need for further investigation, just puts it down to my age (he should be female and in his forties, just for a day!).

    QUESTION: He says if the bleeding slows for long enough, I should have an intrauterine device (IUS) called a 'Mirena' fitted, which he thinks might help. Has anyone else had this done?

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    I'm almost 45, have had irregular periods for 12 years, on & off a variety of pills, but nothing worked . I got remarried last July & stayed on the pill in the hope that I would be 'free' on the wedding day (yeah! right!).

    Had loads of tests before Xmas to rule out anything sinister (long story), but all came back clear, so they suggested the mirena coil. They tried to fit one before Christmas, but it didn't work - I was quite uncomfortable for the rest of the day (cramping pain & nausea). I finally had one fitted last Friday, not easy, everything internally objected - I spent the afternoon writhing in pain, unable to walk or string a sentence together. It was like a permanent contraction and the pain was acute, usual painkillers didn't touch it. Been prescribed tranexamic acid & mefenamic acid today - the bleeding is worse (have only had one week's break since 4th December). I hope they work, otherwise I will get the mirena removed a.s.a.p.!

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    Im 43 and have been having heavy periods for longer than I care to remember, the hospital have done a scan and I have fibroids. Instantly the 'H' word was mentioned but theres absolutely no way I will have surgery. Dont get me wrong I would love to be post hysterectomy but there is nothing in this world that would make me go to theatre, Im absolutely frightened to death of them and would even consider 1000 paracetamol as another option.

    I went to see a gynaecologist at the hospital, not the same one that suggested hysterectomy, and she suggested i have a hysteroscopy, I cant even let her do that. I rang the hospital recently to speak to the secretary and was shaking so badly on the phone that she could tell with my voice. Stupid, I know!!

    Anyway, when they realise you are this scared its amazing what they can suggest, she told me last week that I only need to have 3-4 periods a year. I take Norethisterone which stops bleeding every day for 3 months and then have a break and during the big bleed I will be taking Tranexamic acid, mefenamic acid and Ibuprofen all together. Im hoping this will be a solution. I have been taking norethisterone to stop bleeding for a few months now but still having a break for a period every month or so. When I bleed, I bleed a lot, i will lose clots so big I almost wonder if they had a heart beat, following these clots i sit on the toilet for a long time while blood pours from me, when I get to the stage of dripping I know I can get off the toilet and use a rolled up hand towel for protection, I cant go out for a couple of weeks as sometimes the bleeding will slow down for a day and then will come back with avengeance just when Im not expecting it.

    I got to the stage of not knowing what to do next, I take iron tablets like they are smarties every single day.

    Roll on menopause !!! I cant wait!

  • bhenshaw bhenshaw

    Hi I'm 42 and since the birth of my daughter 5 years ago I have had irregular periods in that they seem ok (every 21 or 22 days) but then 2 or 3 times a year I would miss a period and then the next one would be really heavy, towels and super plus tampons (why dont they sell super super plus!!!) every hour and would go on for over six weeks before I would give in and go to GP who would prescribe tablets to stop bleeding. But because I had missed a period they assume its a miscarriage, even though my husband had had a vasectomy. Eventually referred to cunsultant who did hysteroscopy (this operation was fine very quick and no pain - would recommend this to put mind at rest that nothing sinister going on) all he said he could find was irregular build up of the lining (no endometrial cancer - never heard of that one!!) and did scrape some of this lining away which definitely helped. He told me to go back in 3 months which I did but hardly had any periods in this time, he said see how it goes but would have to consider, mireno coil, endometrial ablasion, hysterectomy or hormone tablets (as if your hormones arent all over the place when you are pre-menopausal). He also prescribed tranexamic acid in case they started heavy again, and guess what completely no periods for next three months and then now period from hell, heavy bleeding for over 10 days, but wanted to look into the tablets before I started them. I want to avoid anything that gives you weight gain as I am classed as 'clinically obese'. Have looked at forum on mireno coil it does sound a bit painful and also weight gain, can anybody tell me any different. Worried at my age that they will say hysterectomy but worried that once the oestrogen stops you are at risk of heart disease which is high in my family history and also with my obesity. .....Its relieving to hear other women of my age are having these periods lastin weeks rather than days as most I have read are about a week to 10 days. .With the tranexamic acid it says be careful if you have irregular periods, well this is exactly what I have got. I wish they would do a test that says this is the start of the menopause or peri-menopuase so at least you can blame it all on that and know it will eventually pass.

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    Hi everybody just came across all your posts. I too had really heavy periods for several years and was prescribed Tranexamic Acid and mefenamic acid for the heavy bleeding and to take paracetamol and ibuprofen at the prescribed intervals for the pain, along with Iron tablets for the resulting anemia until I finally saw a really understanding doctor. An hysterectomy is out of the question on two levels I am terrified of hospitals and I am classed as morbidly obese but this Doctor told me about the Mirena coil and it has transformed my life. No more worrying if there will be toilets nearby on the occasions I could get out etc.

    It is no more uncomfortable having it fitted than a smear test and the results were felt within a couple of weeks. No weight gain or any other side effects.

    I have been period free now for 3 years I wish I had known about it 6 years ago. I am 50 now so hopefully this will see me through the menopause.

    Hope this helps some of you

  • Guest Guest

    Hi everyone

    I've had heavy periods since I started many years ago. I'm 37 now and was given tranexamic acid to help the blood flow which in turn helps with the pain, as the clots are broken down my body isn't going into contraction mode. However last January (2009) I had a prolonged period that lasted over 8 weeks and was presribed norethisterone which actually stopped my period with a couple of days of beginning to take it. I've also been prescribed mefenamic acid for the pain. Everything seemed to regulate itself until Christmas just gone, we had a load of stress after losing our business in the previous January and from January this year my periods have been all over the place even with the drugs. Hysterectomy is out of the question for many reasons including the fact that my husband and I don't yet have children. I was also encouraged to go to the local hospital for an ultrasound but when I got the letter was told that I would be at the hospital for nearly two hours as they would give me an internal examination and as it was a teaching hospital there would probably be students there too. I know it may sound stupid but I didn't go as I felt ill prepared and pressured into something that I wasn't sure about plus I work at the university that teaches these students. This mirena coil seems interesting though, have many have had bad experiences with this? I assume its a contraceptive device too?

  • Guest Guest

    yes it is a contraceptive device that lasts up to five years and you have a yearly check up. I wished I had known about it sooner it has made my life a lot better.

  • roxie1 roxie1

    Hi everyone, I can see that these posts are quite old and was wondering if there were any updates on your experiences? I got sterilised when i was 27 whilst having my 3rd C section and, as my mother warned me, it made my periods so heavy i couldnt leave the house for a week so i went back on the contraceptive pill which was perfect. This was until i turned 40 and as i am a smoker (although not heavy) the doctor took me off the pill.

    My horrendous periods returned so after a stint on tranexamic acid they fitted the marina coil under anesthetic as apparently i have a very small cervix! this sort of settled things down, it was much lighter but some months i came on twice. after nealy a year of having it in i awoke 5 weeks ago in excruciating pain (like labour) and covered in blood. i am still bleeding 5 weeks later, the coil has been expelled with all the blood and i am due for an ultrasound scan next week.

    I am 42 now and am wondering is it worth considering a hysterectomy although my gut instinct is to put this off for as long as possible!

    Surely we cannot just take the tranexamic acid indefinately?

  • Tash Tash

    Hi everyone, I am 37. As far back as I can remember I have had heavy painful periods and was told that it was a "family thing". My mum and aunt also suffer with the same thing. I know that I have a number of

    fibroids and this increases blood flow.

    I have been taking tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid for three months now. It has

    helped, the blood flow is far less than it was (period is now 7 days instead of two weeks) but I too am

    concerned by how long you should take them for.

    I have also noticed that I am seeing far more blood clots than before (they are also larger) and I have

    gained about 8 lbs in 3 months. As someone who previously did not put on weight (please don't tut, I do have other issues!) this is quite distressing.

    I also noticed last month that I generally felt unwell when I took the tablets (shortness of breath, pains in my arms and legs). I stopped taking them straight away.

    I am off to the doctor's tomorrow to discuss:

    1. how long it is safe to take these tablets for?

    2. the weight gain

    3. feeling unwell

    4. increased blood clots

    I will let everyone know what they suggest.

  • bhenshaw bhenshaw

    Update from my previous posting. Tranexamic acid didn't work for me (didn't give it much of a chance thought to be fair. Norithesterone defo stopped the bleeding but my GP told me I couldn't take this for more than 10 days as it was dangerous (not sure in what way) so this panicked me. The heavy irregular periods carried on so went back to the consultant (who had left open appointment). Had another hysteroscopy but couldn't find anything, but again the heavy periods stopped again for a year. Cam back much heavier and more often so went back to consultanct again and said I wanted the 'endometrial ablasion'. Didn't want mirena coil has I had no need for contraceptive and read a lot of horror stories about it. Didn't want hysterectomy as I felt the need to hang on for as long as I could to my womb!! Had this done 8 months ago and touch wood periods been fine since, still irregular may be get one every couple of months but very very light, just need a refgular tampon for a couple of days at most. My consultant said it should stay like this but there is a chance they may come back and my only option then is an hysterctomy. the operation was quick and I was pain free after it as well, wouldn't know I had it done, in fact walked round city centre next day (even though I had general anaesthetic.

  • Sel38 Sel38

    Hi all,

    I have just tried tranexamic acid this month. I experienced similar symptoms to Tash i.e. Feeling unwell, larger blood clots but also a cramping type pain around my stomach, hips and tops of thighs. On the third day I started having pains in my arms and legs mainly around the joints. I stopped taking the tablets and being a bit of a worrier rang nhs direct who suggested that i ring the out of hours surgery. The lovely nurse I spoke to reassured me that the symptoms would probably go as I had stopped taking the tablets (which they did). She also advised me to make another appointment with the g.p.

    I'm Feeling a little less anxious now I know that someone else has reacted in a similar way (which is the reason i have posted this reply). Maybe these tablets do not suit everyone.

    My gp has already suggested the coil but after reading some of the posts I am a little wary of this option.

  • charlie65 charlie65

    Hi everyone,

    Background history: I'm 47 - I Started having irregular (fairly continuous) periods after the birth of my second son 16 years ago. I had a hysterscopy early on - all fine. Just got on with life & the inconvenience. Divorced, remarried - wanted to sort things out, having bled through the wedding, the honeymoon, the family holiday - I thought enough was enough.

    I subsequently tried Tranxemic & Mefenamic - they worked for a while. I had loads of blood tests, then they suggested the mirena coil. The first one broke during the procedure & was removed immediately (I spent the afternoon doubled up in pain). I experienced the same pain after the procedure was repeated & to be honest, it didn't make much difference.

    Then I had an endometrial ablation & a further hysteroscopy - the pain following this procedure can only be described as 7 days of intense labour!! However, for a year, my periods subsequently reduced to one a month and was light.

    Last December, things started to become irregular again, and I've been re-referred to the hospital and the choice was another ablation or hysterectomy. Following a negative blood test to check whether my hormone levels were indicating the menopause and long discussions at home, I decided not to do anything, but didn't take my name of the waiting list. I was 'on' for 25 days between 1st May to 10th June & came back 'on' on the 20th June. I'm exhausted & emotionally drained. We're about to go away on holiday and I have an appointment to see the consultant the day after we return. I have to make a decision.

  • Chloë Chloë

    Hi, I have just turned 15 and I have now suffered from a disease called con willebrand (which is a bleeding disorder) for two and a half years it does mean that when I have periods my blood does not clot causing it just pour out and not stop I there for have to take a huge amount of these tablets plus many more stuff due to how serious my bleeding disorder is but when I was first getting diagnosed with it I was only living on tranexamic and mefenamic tablets they worked a star I was having them both 3 times daily taking 2 tablets each time smile and if it wasn't for them at the time due to the amount of blood I lost the doctors said they saved my life !!

    • jada191213 jada191213 Chloë

      Hi Chloe, sorry I had only just seen your experience with the heavy bleeding. Your post seems a little more relateable as I am 18years old. From the age of 14, I have been suffering from extreme period pains, however, they have always been irregular and light. Only recently (17 years old), I have been experiencing heavy, prolonged periods. Feb 2nd 2015, my period lasted up until May 3rd 2015. I have been bombarded with scans,,which show I have an pollysistic ovary; it has been suggested for me to get an hysteroscopy, but after reading experiences, I'm not too sure I want ro go ahead with that. I'm currently on my 2nd day of using Tranexamic Acid, I was wondering if using that has helped you significantly? And if you don't mind telling me your experience after you stopped using it or reduced your doses? Also whether using mefanamic acid contributes to a greater recocery, in terms of reduced or stopped bleeding? Sorry to load off all these questions, I just want this nightmare over with

      Thank you

  • tracy1 tracy1

    Hi my daughter is 14 and has just been in hospital for a blood transfushion due to having such heavy and big clot periods, she was given tranexamic acid tablets which did help but was only allowed to take for

    7 days, she has never stopped bleeding spotting type, she has now come on again, but the period is getting heavier and clotting again, she has not even managed to return to school from xmas. Any help would be

    good, she is also on warfrain due to having a heart op two years ago x

  • jaygirl jaygirl

    Hi everyone, I've also been through similar experiences with drugs that don't seem to work very well and being anti-drug and operative procedures probably doesn't help either. After bleeding for full months heavily I tried raspberry leaf from the health shop and stopped in two days. This reduces the flow. I started using it in my late thirties when menopausal symptoms started and always had light periods but couldnt get it for a while. Its now in Barretts. They also recommended 5HTL, a mood lifter which is good for pain. Finally, do not take iron tablets as they build up in your system and cause constipation leading to weight gain - use Spatone, a water based iron. I take three sachets three times daily during a period, availabe from leading chemists. Probably the most effective treatment I have had is reiki but just cant afford it at the moment because its £50 per session but when I did it I felt the healthiest I've ever been as I also have ME and Fibromyalgia. I would love to hear if any of these things work for anyone else. It is ongoing and isn't an overnight quick fix. The menopause goes on for years, is extremely debilitating and painful. Even to get momentary relief is a bonus so hope someone will benefit from my post. I wish you all health and happiness x.

  • nettie2 nettie2

    i have been on tranexamic/ mefenamic combo for a number of years now . i have had a heavy period lasting for 7 days since i first ever had periods before my 11th birthday .. they didnt reduce the blood flow but they helped with the pain and to make it more manageable by clotting even though i use super plus tampons and a pad for my own security of leaks ..... in april this year i had my normal period lasting 7 days then nothing till mid june when i had a week of on off spotting before the flood gates opened and i have been heavy bleeding ever since the tranexamics/ mefenamics are not helping so today i went to see my gp he has now prescribed norethisterone to stop the bleeding so they can investigate ( can't do vag ex whilst bleeding ) also organised blood tests to check for aneamia hormone levels etc .. i have had polyps in the past ......... heres hoping the norethisterone works

  • Tash Tash

    Since my last post in 2012 my problems increased rapidly. My periods started to last for 3-4 weeks with very heavy bleeding and blood clots. I became very anemic and was taking very strong iron tablets which was not good for my bowels. After numerous check ups with consultants they discovered that I had too many fibroids to count, endometriosis and a cyst on one ovary. I was given all of the options but

    ultimately it would lead to some sort of surgery.

    I have only one child but I opted for a hysterectomy. I am now 3 weeks post surgery and it is the best

    thing that I have done. I am no longer anemic, I can move around but of course I am not able to lift

    anything yet.

    But, I can already see light at the end of the tunnel. I can see a day when I will not be bleeding heavily

    and I can have a better quality of life with my family.

    My advice to all of you is not to suffer in silence. Research all of your options (there are many) and get a

    second opinion. If you need to have surgery look at the options. It can work, it just depends on your state of mind.

    Lastly, you will not be the only person going through this type of thing. Talk to family and friends as much as you can as this will give you reassurance.

  • LiaP LiaP


    I had the Tranexamic acid Mefenamic Acid combo for about 18 months - then insisted that the GP addressed the cause of the heavy bleeding (by this stage I was losing about a litre of blood every 3-4 weeks) rather than just sorting my anaemia. The drugs to to stop bleeding worked so well I also got DVT - so do be careful of taking them long term.

    Once referred to gynae consultants, lots of large fibroids, and thickened womb lining diagnosed resulted in recommendation of a hysterectomy, which I really wanted to avoid. While undergoing diagnostic stuff I was prescribed oral Northisterone; this did cause migraines extremely high blood pressure, but eventually the scariest blood loss that ended up with being admitted to hospital (the consultant advised it was probably shedding of the too thick womb lining).

    In the end I was fitted with a Mirena coil - delivers synthetic progestogen locally, so tons fewer side effects compared to Northisterone. That was about 18 months ago; I still have the fibroids, and have put on weight since the mirena was fitted, but I'm absolutely fine now, no bleeding, and without the hysterectomy that several consultants said was unavoidable.

    One tip I'd recommend to anyone with exceptionally heavy blood loss is using a menstrual cup rather than pads/tampons (or use it with pads if bleeding is so heavy you're worried about overflow). Aside from holding with higher volumes of blood, it makes it lots easier to calculate the actual volume - which I found was key to getting both my GP and the consultants take the blood loss more seriously compared to when I was just saying that I had heavy periods.

    • terrell69155 terrell69155 LiaP

      Hi Liap

      Could I ask how long you were on the combo before you got DVT please as I have been taking Tranexamic and Mef Acid continously plus Norethisterone for over 3 months now. I am waiting for a hysterectomy so hopefully won't be on the for muchildren longer but have been concerned about the length I've been taking them for.

      Hope you are well now


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