Pressure all on right side for months. Ear infection?

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For id say 6+ months my right ear has always felt a little more clogged. Some days it's worse than others. I can remedy this by holding my nose and left ear, then blowing out. I feel the ear open up. I have also had this weird top of the head sensation on the same side that comes and goes on a daily/weekly basis. Sometimes the scalp is sore to the touch in generally the same area. I would also sometimes get an aching gland on the same right side. No swelling from what I could ever tell though.

The last few days I feel all these things have escalated. sometimes the ear will ache for a few moments, sometimes my right temple will throb for a short amount of time. And my gland on that same side feels stiff. Also I have a weird pressure at the top of my head on the same side.

Is this an ear infection? I never associated the top of my head pain/pressure with the ear issue, I just thought it was stress. Doctor said in March that my ear looked fine and sporadic top of head pressure was stress.

I don't have any severe pain anywhere, it's more just pressure and weird sensations all on the right side (right throat, right temple, right top of head, and inner ear).

I put a call into my doctor to see an ENT. Anyone know what this is? 34 year old male in good health.

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    Hi, I saw a man yesterday who had similar symptoms and his ear was completely full of wax. His GP had told him it was clear!!!! I removed as much wax as I could and the symptoms immediately resolved. If I were you, I would book in to see an audiologist for a hearing test and get a second opinion on whether there is ear wax. They will do a tympanogram which will tell you what is going on with your middle ears. This could be the reason you need to pop your ears. They will also perform a hearing test which will tell you if anything else is happening. If that is normal it would be worth seeing a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) specialist. Google this to find the closest person. Grinding at night or other jaw disorders can cause some of the symptoms you describe. Please let me know what you find out. Good luck!!!
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    Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I saw an ENT yesterday and she cleared out some wax buildup in the ear which made it feel about better at first. At the time it felt a good 90% better, but today the ear still feels clogged as if theres something deep in. If I hold my nose and blow out, the ear seems to open up a bit, but then over time it closes back up. 

    Any idea why this would be?

    I also got a hearing test and my hearing is close to perfect.

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      Hi. So, I think last week when I had my ENT visit and hearing test, they did a tympanogram. They put things similar to ear plugs in my ears that sore of expanded for a second. The ENT then said later the middle ear pressure looked fine I believe.

      But here's the thing. This past Friday, both my glands/neck were a bit stiff, throat was scratchy and my right ear (the one with the issues) was back to feeling slightly full.  I attested this to just maybe I was getting sick?

      Saturday came and I felt great! No issues, glands werent bothing me, ear felt ok.

      Sunday night, which was last night, I started to get the feelings again. Right gland in throat felt irritated, throat feeling scratchy, and above all, the ear felt clogged and has slight pressure inside. And a NEW feeling is, the inside of the ear feels like as if a menthol feeling or something. I also got an itchy feeling a few times. I slept on it, woke up, and it's still the same this morning. 

      If I push my neck, right below my ear by my glands, I can feel the inner ear (where the pressure/blockage is) move. 

      This whole situation is getting REALLY frustrating. Im gonna continue taking allergy meds to see if that helps. But the ENT mentioned possibly putting a camera in my ear if things didn't get better. What is the procedure for this exactly??? Freaks me a out a bit.

      Thanks rolleyes

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      The camera is just so they can have a better look. It's nothing to worry about and may give them more answers.

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      Let me also note that I do have psoriasis. Though not too bad (just mainly on my elbows) I do always have dry inner ears. Lots of skin flakes. I remedy this by putting lotion on the inside ear when needed. Probably about once a week.

      Since my reply to your post this morning about an hour ago, the inside of the ear has been a little itchy and still has that menthol/cold type feeling. I can also sort of feel things settling, or maybe thats just the itchiness thats making it feel that way? 

      It's a strange sensation, almost like theres water in there, but the doctor said it was ok and there was no irritation which is what really baffles me the most. Another strange thing is, currently it doesnt feel "blocked" or nearly as bad as when I first woke up this morning. I was able to sort of pop it a few times very lightly and it doesnt feel clogged. Though, it still has the itchy/cold feeling.



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